Debates, New Job, Parents, Misc & Lonely?

So I watched the debates last night via Fox News’ [L=,2933,134152,00.html]streaming video[/L] and it turned out exactly how I didn’t want it to turn out: Bush, though maintaining his position doggedly, was doing a fair amount of stumbling. I was hoping that he would have been a better speaker. Kerry, although a good speaker, still has his flip-flopness hanging over his shoulder, and looks menacing. I was really hoping that he would stop the smear campaign and instead focus on what -his- plans are, but I don’t get everything I want in life. [L=,2933,134263,00.html]John Gibson’s article[/L] kinda hits it on the nose for me. When the intelligence and decision went to congress, Kerry was as pro-war as everybody else, and now it’s this huge debacle and he’s anti-war. Is he anti-war because it’s not a sterile operation, but instead a bloody one? WOw, I figured with him being this hardcore vet that he would understand that war is never pretty and that extremely difficult decisions have to be made and cannot wait for the polls. Granted Bush has his follies, and I was glad that he addressed some of them and admitted where mistakes were made — yet always maintained his non-waivering stance of finishing the job and keeping the vile people of the planet on their toes. I put in my two weeks notice to my day job yesterday at 5:00pm. I have been hired on at a colocation facility called [L=]Optimum Network Services[/L]. So, if you ever need some cheapo bandwidth, a managed facility, or somebody to be a kickass admin for your box, is the place to be. I haven’t spoken to my parents in ages – almost 4 months. Ack, how can I do that when they live less than 20 miles away? I’m going to schedule some family time with them next Sunday to talk about all the many things that have been going on as of late. I think it will be a good time 🙂 A couple other interesting things of note. I signed up for a Whole Life Insurance plan through Guardian Financial. I had never really heard about whole life insurance, but it’s dividends & returns are good (6-10%/yr), it has a very liberal liquidation policy and has total indemnity against life-altering things. Oh, and anonymous. It’s great, and I think it was a good idea to let somebody who knows a lot about money manage my funds, instead of me, joe-sixpack consumer. Also, I’m considering buying a house. No, not a grandiose, 3000sqft monster, but something small and kinda homey. Maybe something I can fixup then resell, dunno. I’m pretty sure I’m going to pay off a large chunk of my debt before I move forward on it, though. Regardless, pissing away the blingbling on rent is not the way to be doing things if I’m going to become financially secure. Been feeling kind of alone lately. It’s great having some super guy friends who I can talk about things with, but it’s nothing like having a warm-smell-good girl around to talk to and confide in. Aww, bachelorhood.

2004-10-02 22:12:08 – pinky
did kerry ever say he was anti-war? no. he said the war is stupid and admitted that he was fooled by the intelligence when he voted for it and that he would stay in iraq to get the job done and work with other countries rather than acting like an arrogant douchebag like shrub has. you see, the president is supposed to defend his decisions, he’s the incumbent. kerry offered more solutions than bush did, but to say kerry was running a smear campaign on his opponent (when he had more facts and ideas and shit during the debate) is ridiculous. has anyone forgotten the swiftboat liars for truth? that was a bush smear campaign. making fun of kerry’s service is a bush smear campaign. what smear campaign has the kerry/edwards campaign run except to say that they think they can run the country better (which is what an opponent is supposed to do). I think kerry did a good job of making the president look like an imbecile and arrogant and stupid, which is what he is…wooooo john kerry.
2004-10-03 09:20:38 – Netheus
I went to Rocky Horror last night and I got to play Riff Raff on stage 🙂 Congratulations on the new job Randal. Laura- I agree with you, but I still think that Kerry is the lesser of two evils, and in a trully fair democracy, I could actually vote my conscience instead of my fear.
2004-10-03 14:41:03 – Master Ha-reed
I like the Kerry impersonation on SNL that was on last night: "I haven’t been a flip flopper. When I’m talking to a pro-war crowd, I’ve consistently been pro-war. When I’m talking to an anti-war crowd, I’ve consistently been anti-war. That’s not flip-flopping, that’s pandering"
2004-10-03 18:30:52 – pinky
christina, i entirely agree that kerry is the lesser of the two evils. however, i also believe that the way our constitution and our concept of democracy (and mostly voting systems) are set up will always lead two a two party system. i think if we had instant runoff voting, it would be more effective, but i’m not even sure if that would be able to ensure the viability of third party candidates, but would just give people the illusion of a real choice.
2004-10-04 14:37:26 – Netheus
The guy who impersonates Jefferson says that Jefferson thought there shoud be a new Constitution drafted about every 20-30 years because of the changes that take place in that time period, which I’m not sure if that is what is construed as revolution, or if he also suggested bloody rebellion style revolution, but damnit, something needs to change. Really, in my mind, the biggest thing Kerry has going for him in my mind right now is that he is against the Patriot Act. But will that change if he gets elected? I also want to start a betting pool as to what day this month they will "find" Osama (in a prison in Afghastan), and favor will tip toward Bush. I say that it’s going to be before the last debate by 2-3 days, but up to a week before hand.
2004-10-04 14:39:27 – rand0m
I’m still rooting for Bush to plant … er … find WMD in Iraq right before the elections.
2004-10-04 16:11:53 – Master Ha-reed
I think the "change the Constitution" bit was one area Jefferson was very wrong. Can you imagine what the Constitution would be like if we rewrote it today? About 10,000 pages long with so many contradictions that the Supreme Court could say anything is true to the Constitution. I don’t think the "Osama popping up October 30th" thing would be a good bet for Bush – simply because I can’t imagine how people wouldn’t see through it. "Oh look – we found Osama three days before the election. WHAT a COINCIDENCE"
2004-10-04 17:59:05 – nick
re: the last part of Master Ha-reed’s comment: I dunno, people are pretty fucking stupid.
2004-10-05 10:14:08 – Netheus
What if Bush orders the invasion of Syria or Iran between now and then, thereby f*cking Kerry, in both support of a war president and, if elected, keeping him from tackling any domestic issues in the first year *at least*.
2004-10-05 15:24:25 – Hellbent Rob
Bush wouldn’t declare another war before the election, he’d just give us another tax cut, oh wait he just did that. I’m not against keeping more of my money but even basic Keysian economics says that the trickle-down theory is a bunch of B.S. and instead of saving to recoup the economy, people just blow it and restimulate it that way. The Gov. is actually much more effective at stimulating the economy through strategic spending… But, spending in Iraq ain’t bringing home the bacon if you know what I mean. You have to admit both Bush and Kerry are completely full of B.S. and they’ve both contradicted themselves so many times it’s unreal. Take Kerry’s stand that he wants a coalition in Iraq but only wants bilateral talks with N. Korea, yet Bush wants a coalition to talk to N. Korea and only recently has made minimal efforts for a renewed coalition in Iraq. Go figure. Anyhow, Hi Randal long time no talk. Congrats on the new job! Consolidate your debt into a mortgage for a really low APR, and then stay the heck outta debt, and the mortgage is tax deductible which fundamentally mitigates the interest, and real estate typically appreciates. (BTW, there’s no better chick magnet than a dude with a nice house, just prep. the nup. cont.).
2004-10-06 23:43:58 – GrooveMan
I’m Voting for Bush and you can’t stop me 😛
2004-10-07 17:22:12 – Netheus
at least you’re voting.