Partay Notice

Party – Weber House – Saturday, 01/31 – 9pm
423 N. Weber – 719-201-1104 for details

The Party Spread

Other than that, I really don’t have anything. Cheers!

2004-01-27 05:52:16 – Betty
YAY! A party! So much fun!
2004-01-27 06:56:16 – Manny
Damnit!, I gotta miss another one of your kickin’ parties. Take pictures.
2004-01-27 09:30:36 – Netheus
yay!!! A party I can go to *&* drink at wooooo!!!!!!!!
2004-01-27 09:52:55 – BIGBROTHER
Yea haaw!!!! I would come but that is an awful long way to drive. Plus I have forgoten how to drive in snow. I see thee picture and I must comment that there dod not apears like der is enough d’ alcohole. Id that justes for one?
2004-01-27 11:14:20 – .
mmmmm ac-holic bevrages!!!! yummy too bad i cant go, meh 🙁
2004-01-27 12:36:21 – Paulie
God….somethings just don’t change….they just become legal…
2004-01-27 13:11:00 – Manny
Damn straight. It’s all good till the cops show up. Or dad wants to meet you.
2004-01-27 17:41:35 – keener2u
W00t I can make 453 drinks with that spread. Would anyone like to try….each…
2004-01-27 22:35:45 – Paulie
Matt drop me an e-mail. Need to discuss some things with you about my getting back and of course Vegas…..
2004-01-27 23:07:17 – unknown
Hey I am comp issues so am unable to email you hope to fix soon yes I live here and I think that as long as you are honest it all works out.
2004-01-28 10:28:02 – rand0m
Just for clarification, ‘unknown’ said earlier that the friends w/ bennies thing is very workable. And I, being the smacktard that I am, composed an email saying that I didn’t agree and wondering if she lives here in the springs. There was also a sly wink that might have slipped into the email. 😉
2004-01-28 11:20:10 – wc
rand0m: rofl party: i can’t come 🙁 .. grr for living in denver.. grrr!!!
2004-01-29 15:26:23 – The Disco Nova
Randalll=p1//pz0r Is unknown coming to the party?
2004-01-29 21:20:05 – unknown
I just might not really sure yet I am a busy girl 😉
2004-01-30 07:15:57 – T
So – weird thing happened while at work…I got incredibly bored and decided to take a quick break and do some surfing. Anyways, I came up on this site, and thought…hmmm, these names sound familiar. Small world, ey? Anyways, drop me a line. You got my email… -toufan
2004-01-30 09:17:23 – realbighead
I’d like to be the first to say OMFG.
2004-01-30 10:04:43 – rand0m
OMFG is that Toufan Rahimpour (sp?)!?!?!?
2004-01-30 10:11:01 – realbighead
is there any other kind of foutan that we’d know?
2004-01-30 11:35:05 – T
You got a point Randal – how many other Toufan’s do you all know…? Yes, yes it is TR. How y’all doin?! Who is realbighead?
2004-01-30 11:35:52 – T
And nice job with the spelling – you got it spot on.
2004-01-30 12:45:48 – rand0m
realbighead is Tore Eschliman (sorry to steal yer thunder, bro;-) ) So Touf, What’ve you been up to in the past several years?
2004-01-30 13:58:36 – T
Gee, the last few years have been hectic; Let’s see…After I dropped out of PHS back in ’99, I went to USC in Los Angeles for the next four years. Somewhere in the middle of those years, I managed to go to Australia for about six months. I graduated back in May ’03 with a BS in Aerospace Engr. I then got a job working for Northrop Grumman, Space Technology division. I now am based in Redondo Beach, CA, but am currently on a [6 month] business trip in Cocoa Beach, FL supporting DSP (Defense Support Program) launch operations. As I said, hectic. But, in all honesty, life is good. How have you folks been? All I have really heard is little bits here and there from when I last talked with Noelle. If any of you want to email me, that works too. You can just use the link on my name. Cheers, -TR
2004-01-30 14:54:53 – realbighead
steal my thunder? oh no, you ruined my dramatic moment. you bastard.
2004-01-30 19:18:58 – pinky
Dude, wierd. Hey FOUTAN!
2004-01-30 21:49:04 – T
who is pinky?
2004-01-30 22:51:03 – pinky
dude, it’s laura reinsch. hehehe. you sound like you’ve done something with your life. therefore, i despise you 😉
2004-01-31 20:17:28 – Netheus
Tofu!!!! I haven’t seen you since the bus!!! (Christina Salisbury) and hey, James, how is zer0?
2004-01-31 20:53:38 – The Disco Nova
Sleeping. Come over and see her.
2004-02-02 09:05:11 – BB
holy cow! the patriots won. how did that happen? P.S. what about the chocolate malt-o-meal?
2004-02-02 12:49:56 – B.B.
Dear rand0m: Have you ever thought about all the kinds of SHIT there are? Some so closely resemble chocolate malt-o-meal that its not funny, kind of in that ‘hey I recognize that’ sort of way. Makes you go Hmmmmm…. This started me to think of all the other forms of SHIT in the world. I find there are several catagories ranging from the screaming ball smacker to the deceptivly innocent where did it go shit. Let me define. 1.) The ball smacker–The type of SHIT that gently taps your balls on the way out. 2.) The screaming ball smacker–The type of shit that whackes your balls on the wayout, usually combined with the explosive decompression of the bowl syndrom. Not only will your guts hurt afterward but your nuts are bruised too! 3.)The new Klingon shit equiped with a cloaking device SHIT–It used to just be that klingons were the hairy little bastards that needed several wipes to pull them from the orbit of your anus, but these new ones when wiped at only offer you a clean shit free wipe. Thus after you pull up your pants you still feel them and wonder if you really wiped them all out. 4.)The atomic bomb SHIT– Every body knows this one, the one where you shit so hard that you crack the porciline and render the whole bathroom uninhabitable for years to come. 5.)The holy SHIT–The kind of shit that makes you scream at the top of your lungs "HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!" 6.)The hurricane SHIT– The type of shit were you blow so much wind out of your ass that the water in the bowl starts to swerl even though you didn’t flush yet. 7.)The glad thats over SHIT– The type of turd that takes so much effort to shove out your ass that as you leave the bath room you wipe sweat from your brow and think "damn glad thats over." 8.)The exhaustion SHIT–same as seven except your too tired to even flush afterwards. 9.)The alien baby SHIT– This is where you give birth to a huge ass spliting black glowing turd of unnatural shape and smell. 10.)The commando SHIT– After you attend one of rand0ms drinking binge partys and consumed god knows what the next day you will have this shit. This is identified by the fact that it will hide under cover in your asshole, only momentarily sticking its head out. Then when the timing is just right it will fight it’s way out by blasting another hole in your ass. After the battle is over, you examine this turd and notice the difrent green, black and brown colors aid it in its attempts at camoflage it’s self. Also noted for its ability to valiantly resist all efforts to flush the bastard. 11.) The battle ship Bismark SHIT– This is a monsterouse turd with buoyant properties. This preditor of the shipping lanes will happily float in your bowl picking off other turds as it comes across them. Now when you try to flush this bugger is where you get a feel for it’s real power. It simply won’t go down! Eventualy you have to call in the royal plunger (excaliber) and try to punch holes in it below the water line. If this doesn’t work then you have to turn around and bomb and straff it into submission. If all else fails, do what the Brittish did. Leave it till the next day and when you next have to shit again, go in there and torpeado the fucker!! 12.)The little kid SHIT– Isn’t it amazing how you can go in a bathroom after a little kid and they don’t ever flush. And the turd sort of looks like an eggplant too?! 13.)The machine gun SHIT– This one is just a gut full of little pellets that blast out of your ass and hit the water with a stacatto poping noise. plopploploplploplop plopplop. 14.)The exorcist SHIT– "OH DEAR GOD IT HURTS, OH PLEASE FATHER, SAVE ME !!! OH FUCK IT’S COMING OUT SIDE WAYS!!" At this point your head will spin around and you will hurl pea soup. 15.)The mother SHIT–This is the end all deluxe, cadillack of all shits. This mother is so huge and so smelly that you think you are giving birth to a russian typhoon balistic missle submarine. You feel like you are going to release weapons of mass destruction on your toilet bowl and the smell is so rank that the paint peals off the walls. It is so bad that you actually will gag yourself before you can get out. DEATH is probably preferable to suffering one of these!!!
2004-02-02 15:00:17 – WC
HAHA random, but funny non-the-less.
2004-02-03 10:50:09 – JoeY
randal, when is ur next laundry post? yay for laundry
2004-02-03 21:28:57 – nice girl
the world is crazy and random. toufan’s name definitely came up less than a month ago when my sister and i were debating whether iranian men are hot. then again, our toufan data was based on fourteen-year-old toufan, so god only knows if it was accurate. i would like to take this time to examine my life and decide that i definitely fall somewhere in between people who accomplish a lot in the science world and people who spend hours analyzing their own poop. then again, i’m an english major. so i guess i spend hours analyzing other people’s shit.
2004-02-03 22:25:00 –
yay for alcohol!
2004-02-04 08:47:07 – Netheus
Sammi, I have to say that there are hot guys of every racial type. but above all, Johnny Depp is by far the hottest piece of ass out there, not only because he’s "cute," but because he’s smart too. Like q-ball off the wall for the side pocket win smart.
2004-02-04 13:17:09 –
Whoa – posting without a name works now? You been slacking off Randal?
2004-02-04 15:15:05 – rand0m
fixified – yay for sanity checking. I overlooked using just a space or an unreadable character … it checks those now too 😉
2004-02-04 23:25:55 – Enigma
aww shit, no more mystery?
2004-02-06 13:56:06 – T
Iranian men are definitely hot. Nuff said. Who is nice girl aka prettysammi? Sorry that I keep asking about who everyone is, but not having talked to any of you for the past five or so years…