I actually went out!

Okay, so last night was the 2nd [L=http://cos.everlan.com]EverLAN Gaming Center[/L] Lockin. It was packed before it even started. Unfortunately, there was a lot of tension amongst a lot of people, named [SOB] (which is comprised of my good friend steve and a bunch of denver pals 🙁 ), team [RP] and and a whole shitload of regulars who did not prepay. It’s a shame that we can only let 23 people in to the lockin – if we could have 40 PCs, I’m sure we would have filled them all. It’s not viable to pick up 20 more computers though – that’s a lot of bucks. So because of that, a lot of good guys and good friends got the shaft. That sucks. On the other hand, we made enough money to pay for rent. That’s good. Tough trade off. Corey offered to work the lockin last night and I totally obliged – I needed a night off! Ian was in from Alamosa, along with Ben from Denver. Those two, plus myself, Keen and for a little bit Tony, all went out and had some brews. First stop was Old Chicago, where I finally broke 20 beers and got my 10% off deal (w0ot), then it was off to Jack Quinn’s for a Hefe and some hot-chick-watching. That was good, minus the one chick who had the thousand-mile-stare and ended up puking on the sidewalk behind us. We then headed over to a freezing cold 15C and enjoyed some yummylicious martinis. They have the best martinis in town — but I have a really narrow scope of where to get martinis, so please advise if you know of anywhere else. Then we went home and passed out. Blessed sleep. Speaking of sleep, I slept like a baby and woke up refreshed! That’s happened twice in the past week! “WHAT!?” You say? “Randal is not tired 100% of the time!?” I know, I can see the disbelief. The store has totally turned a corner and we are absolutely ramping up — we can almost pay the bills! Because of this, I sleep better. Like, 5-7 hours a night, very little of which is filled with fretful, stress-induced tossing, turning and general unrest. It’s great waking up and not feeling really tired. For breakfast, Ian and Ben wanted to go out … it seems like they conned EDub into it too, and I followed suit shortly thereafter. We went over to King’s Chef, which is the best damn breakfast place / greasy spoon in Colorado Springs, bar none. It was super. And yummy. And filling. And just right. And then Ben, Ian and edub went home, because the weekend is nearly over. It was good seeing those guys again 🙂 So here I am at work, typing away. I have some PC heat issues to fix, along with stupid Steam to deal with. POS. argh. Oh, and this is totally a side note to Sammi, right on the front page 😉 I think you’re super, although wildly unattainable. You live like 27,000 miles away, how do I deal with that!? I can’t! You’re also a lot smarter than the average bear, and hence and have hundreds of highly intelligent, going-places and doing-things men clawing over each other to pour your coffee! I can’t compete with that! So, I’ll continue to dream and look for alternatives. You can still come here and read my drivel if you want, even if it’s under the guise of “missing home”. Ha! We all know it’s just pity – you know, like the King/Queen taking time out of their oh-so-busy schedules of golf, brunch and high-falutent conversation to address the unwashed masses 😉

2003-11-16 15:54:06 – WC
1) I feel bad I couldn’t make it up to see Ian. :-/ Ohh well. 2) King Chef == the win! 3) Overcrowded Lockin and friends getting the shaft == bad 4) Paying the bills because of it == good (people should prepay and garauntee a seat (you need a page on cos.everlan to do this)) 5) I am glad you are sleeping better randal, cuz there for awhile when the store first opened you looked like shit(tm). 6) Media Play has a sale that ends today with certain DVDs 2 for $20 bux. I picked up Ronin, Sniper, and Predator 1 & 2. Seemed like a good deal but I dunno with Meda Plays jacked up prices its hard to swallow. 7) ./whois edub? 8) Racheal is sick. I feel bad for her. She has to work and goto school all the time and that doesn’t make her feel better about being sick, and that sucks because I can’t do anything except just "be there". 9) wo0t! Another post!
2003-11-16 16:31:30 – Master Ha-reed
Where is King’s Chef?
2003-11-16 17:07:14 – rand0m
A prepay online thingydoo is sorta en route. Having a problem with it, as we don’t have any really good options: Paypal is hella expensive (like 10% or something), and we do not want to foot the bill for our bank to do online CC transactions … so we sort of up a creek without a paddle. Edub is Ian’s friend from Alamosa – he participated in the whatever-event they were here for w/ Ian. King’s Chef is located between Nevada and Tejon on Costilla, just a hair south of downtown. Their QwestDex entry lists them as being in Mobile, Alabama? Odd. But the food is super if you’re into gut-wrenching, hangover-curing stuff.
2003-11-17 00:30:32 – pinky
wow. i come to the site and there’s two new updates for me to read. yay! bye.
2003-11-17 09:27:07 – rand0m
That’s what you get for not being faithful 😉
2003-11-17 19:30:05 – pinky
first he bitches that we come to his site too much and now that i’m not being faithful. i’m so confused 🙂
2003-11-19 08:45:10 – Netheus
I wish I knew how to play computer games….
2003-11-21 10:05:39 – WC
… me too …