Yea, feeling a little weird.

I don’t know why, but I’m just feeling weird today. Like, not weird “oh my god I’m growing a tail” weird, just … a little off. My pool playing was off last night. Started out good, but I just couldn’t hold it together. Finally got really irritated at like 10pm and called it quits. That might have been a precursor to today? I was supposed to meet Qwest out in Falcon today at noon to discuss our T1 and it’s lack of being buried. So I showed up, but Qwest did not. I’m fucking pissed. Not only did they waste my time, they wasted my coworker’s time as well. Fuckers. I’m done dealing with Qwest. I wish they would just burn in hell. ICG is a nice, friendly company … but Qwest. Man. They should sell out to someone who doesn’t fucking suck. I’ve got it now, about how I feel. I feel like I’m in the doghouse, even though I don’t have a girlfriend. How the fuck does that happen? Maybe I’m trying to fake like somebody likes me. Heh. Maybe it has something to do with how I continually fuck things up. God that sucks. Store is slow. No good news, only more near-showstoppers. FUCKING A. And fuck you all for not commenting on the last post. Blah blah blah, I want more content, blah blah blah. STFU.

2003-08-26 16:15:01 – tony
Sounds like you’ve got a case of the mondays! I’m busy working on the site and forum for the uccs club. But i’m gonna try to swing in a triple play and scan in pics from randal’s birthday party, latest house party, and jumps and drops from durango nationals.
2003-08-26 23:53:51 – Siaokh
That seriously sucks dude… but you KNOW that qworst sucks… so it shouldnt be anything surprising. In your contract with qwest does it say anything about your cable being burried? If so, cancel the contract and sue them into oblivion for not holding up their end. 🙂 It’s the American way! Post up some pics of the store man… i’m way curious as to how everything is coming together. For the Grand Opening at the CompUSSR out here… they were giving away SHITTONS of stuff… Laptops, Desktops, Scanners, Cameras, etc, etc. Maybe you should incorporate some sort of giveaways for your store. I got a free 128meg thumb-drive. This thing absolutly ROCKS. it’s like the new floppy! (josie&pussycats, eat your heart out). I was playing with one of the ipods on display too… omg, those things are super l33t… the psudo-jog-dial things is so sweet. Concerning not commenting on your last post, i think you pretty much closed up any open holes which could be commented upon. Sorry, but it’s true. -Tim
2003-08-27 19:13:53 – fourdegrees
Wow, that sounded like a fun day. Sorry for not reading/commenting, but I just started school so life is quite hectic. Not to mention I just moved into a new apartment and have a girlfriend that I am (as of late) not in the doghouse with… Don’t worry Randal, even thought we’re not always interactive, we still love you. /ego petting