How to dump a girl, and wow, Friday.

Man, today is Friday. It has already been nothing short of good. I went and got my 21 year old license because my previous license actually expired August 5th. Oops. The picture isn’t too bad — I did shave off the goatee for it. I can’t believe I’ll have this peice of plastic for 10 years. Wow. I was interviewed by the Colorado Springs Independent and, despite their rampant misspelling of my name and creative license they used with my words, they put me in their latest issue – [L=][/L] Keen bought a new car yesterday. It’s a 2003 Hyundai Tiburon … normally I’m a total anti Hyundai person, but as of 2002, they’re rated equal to Honda on initial quality … I think the best thing about his new purchase is the warranty — 5yr/60k bumper to bumper, 10yr/100k drivetrain. He’ll never, ever have to worry about his car breaking down. Man, what I’d give to not have to worry about my pos dying on me and for a hot new sports coupe. Okay, so this has been nagging me. I know a person who is dating this girl. Let’s call him [b]M[/b]ichael and her [b]W[/b]hitney. Michael has been seeing Whitney for a while, and all of a sudden, Michael is no longer interested. Whitney is madly in love with Michael. Instead of Michael doing the right thing and telling Whitney “hey, I don’t like you anymore, sod off”, Michael has been steadily ignoring her, sort of. Not even a good, total ice wall of ignoring, just a soft, sort of patronizing wall of ignoring. This has led Whitney on and on and on, to the point of near mental breakdown … Michael knows all this, yet still does not have the nuts to tell Whitney that it’s over. I think Michael needs a good kick in the rear, but I’m not going to give it to him.

2003-08-08 12:10:12 – Master Ha-reed
So how does one pronounce "Kohuetk"?
2003-08-08 13:24:06 – The Disco Nova
I will, from now on, be calling Rand0m "Randy Ray". When’s the next partay?
2003-08-08 13:57:18 – rand0m
you can call me randy, you can call me randal ray, but "randy ray" is just painful on the ears. and … soon? ask tony and [b]M[/b]att.
2003-08-08 14:25:23 – The Disco Nova
Sigh, another Tony Sausage fest? I’ll make jello shots
2003-08-08 15:39:06 – Master Ha-reed
Reeeallll subtle there Mr. Kohuetk I vote that Kohuetk replaces Randalll
2003-08-08 15:41:55 – tony
Michael shouldn’t break up with Whitney by email, that is the gayest form of communication for personal issues I can think of. Anyone that would break up with a girlfriend by email is retarde… oops
2003-08-08 21:02:25 – Chester
Tony’s right, email breakups suck. As for me, I prefer the "Let’s move to another state and vanish without a trace method" As for Michael, for a beer and a shot, I’ll kick his ass for you.
2003-08-08 22:13:48 – WC
PARRRTY AT RANDY RAY KOHUETK’s HOUZZOUSE!!! wo0t wo0t!! Hmm, damn it I don’t think Rachael can come unless there is a freak miracle where she gets it off work. But I’ll be there wo00o!!! ^w THIS!
2003-08-09 13:02:35 – Whitney
hahaha oh god i hate my life, oh and btw i already had the mental breakdown and i am now moving on, theres plenty of fish in the sea, and i have a bucketful right here….lol whitney….thats good….