Odd Energy, *sigh*, Hike, Party

You ever have one of those days where you are like really not so happy, and things aren’t going well, and then you finally go home and all you want to do is like some laundry and watch some tv or read and then pass out? But then you get like this sick nervous energy that you can’t shake? Even with warm milk? That was me today. So out of the blue at 10:30pm I get up, go to the perk, get an iced mocha, drive around for an hour, have a smoke, drive around, sit on the porch and wring my hands. I have no idea why. Except for maybe Becky. Becky is leaving for Oklahoma, permanente. Sunday or Monday. So Soon. Maybe I’m stressed about that, hence the odd energy/whackiness. I don’t know. I’m gonna miss her though :-/ Monday is Memorial Day, and Tony is thinking about doing a morning hike up Barr Trail to like Barr Camp. Not all the way up Pikes Peak (because I’m out of shape and would die on the ascent), just a morning little hike thingy. If you are interested, please comment below. We are throwing a Beginning of Summer Party sometime soon. Probably early/mid June. It will be good. *BUT* I need your input: should we have a go-to-the-mountains party where everyone drives to some remote location and gets shit faced around a fire and then participates in a wild tent-orgy, or a run of the mill house party? Again, please comment below with availability and your opinion. Thanks!

2003-05-23 09:41:13 – Netheus
Well, I would like to come to your party, therefore I would prefer very much if you had it at your house instead of up in the hills. And I can buy Alcohol for the party this time!!! More importantly- you can go and get smashed in the hills and have a tent orgy anytime you want. My/ our parents used to do it all the time. I don’t know how many of you qualify under the "our" in that last sentence, but I mean my mom and aunts and uncles and dad, and stepdad, and all their siblings, and their spawning partners, and their friends, etc, etc,. My 16th birthday party was like that. We had it at the pavilion thingie at Palmer Park, and slowly the stoners took off for the under brush to take part in their hobby. I wish we could have one like we did that one year at Bear Creek Park. That was fun.