okay, 11:54pm and I’m trashed

It’s 11:54pm, not even moidnight and ai I am dso blitzed I dont’e ve know wher I am It’s tpretty sad HAHHAHA> Tony justac kaem is and laffed. All I have to say is that 4x RUM AND COKME and 4 BEERS makes ofr a pretty rippe dradnal. BEcky i ssuper. Althoug, you nmow, when trashed, it’s stough to tell if things are going well. Peopel here are great. There’s lots of strashed people. Like 20. IT’s cool. ROse sayds “we love to get drunk”…. rock! Andr3a says “rock on!” that’s a pretty good quote. We support the toorpps in more tways than one. HAHA. ROCK! OKay, I’m done. NO, I’m not done. Wait. Rasperbby vodka is good with select Soda, llke saeway select. HOOOWAAAA. Luverly! [b]UPDATE[/b] – OI am sto strasjed I don’t neve know. LIke, 4 more shots of TEUQILA and a shot jareger and two more sokes, and I am totaly smiashe.d I’m gonna say ‘night to beacky and pass out and hoempe someboy get me HOME LOLROFLAMOU! [b]UPADATE #2[/b] TYHIS UPDatea IS ACOURATESY of randal. Ijust have to say that james’ partires are way fun. And that Becky is the greatest. Luverly! Okay hereis Tohy!” [b]UPDATE ##{3[/b] – Here’s the skinny. I am going riding for 3 hours on the bike at 10, so volunteered to be the DD for the party. Had a blast with Lyle, Andrea, Rose, Collean, these 4 hot gurls. Collean had turned to James and told him that she thought I was hot. Highlights of the party, How is a gynecologist like a pizza delivery guy. They can both smell but they can’t eat. What do you call an open tuna fish can on a dresser drawer? Lesbian potpourri. Played a lot of this game called 3-man. Randal was grillmaster. It was good.

2003-05-11 03:32:25 – keener2u
K….so I am all nicely nuzzled in bed when I here these two come in and say they should jump on me. Randal kinda sounded like Mandark from Dexter’s Laboratory. He had this nice little ha ha ha [pause] hahahahaha laugh going. To which everytime he laughed he kinda looked like [L=http://offcentre.net/mandark/multi/dextersrival08t.gif]this[/L] and sounded like [L=http://www.rand0m.org/temp/rand0mDrunk.wav]this[/L].
2003-05-11 03:49:33 – keener2u
The [L=http://www.rand0m.org/temp/rand0mAsleep.jpg]aftermath[/L]
2003-05-11 10:02:37 – rand0m
LOL … those are hilarious
2003-05-11 11:27:01 – Netheus
Ha ha. While you guys were getting smashed down there, I was detting fuzzy up here, in Cripple Creek. Then I went gambling, to no avail. And here in a bit, we are all going to see this lady who impersonates Marilyn Monroe to the hilt (I wonders if she ever slept with a Kennedy?). Anyway, i had fun. I like it here. YAY!!!
2003-05-11 12:14:30 – keener2u
BTW happy birthday and anniversary netheus:-D
2003-05-12 16:52:38 – WC
ROFL KEEN THAT IS AWSOME!!! lol Sounded like you guys had a fun weekend.
2003-05-12 17:35:10 – Netheus
Thank you Matt. 🙂
2003-05-13 23:10:17 – tony
Talking to some people, and their are some big parties lined up this summer. I mean fucking huge! Don’t know whether to throw a shindig down for late May, early June yet. Might figure out some place to throw a field party with a keg. Do it old school Kentucky style.
2003-05-14 02:01:49 – WC
B33R & PHAT BEATSSZZZ!!! I LIKE! All that is missing are gratuitous hot chicks. I’ll bring mine if you’ll bring yours. 😀
2003-05-14 08:42:34 – rand0m
LOL … 8:45am and I’m already laughing 😀 thanks craig 😉