Okay, so I’m going to update

Because honestly, there isn’t really anything else to do. So I thought I’d post some highlights and lowlights of life recently. [b]Highlight[/b]: HPI isn’t sucking as much. I flipped out on some coworkers and brought some things up that needed to be changed / addressed and it looks like it sort of worked. At least I’m happy again. [b]Lowlight[/b]: I haven’t seen or heard from Tore in a while 🙁 [b]Highlight[/b]: The CyberCafe is coming along nicely. We’re thinking of calling it Llama Gaming or EverLAN. The second already belongs to somebody, so we’re thinking of some sort of partnership and whatnot — meeting with the owner on Tuesday for lunch. We switched our first choice location, and are in negotiations right now. Hot hot hot. [b]Lowlight[/b]: Jared’s site sucks. [b]Highlight[/b]: Girls! Things are going well on the girl front, but I’m sorta hesitant … because it’s relationship like … and that’s something I’m afraid of. But she’s great 😀 [b]Lowlight[/b]: Truck needs a valve job, but runs great. There went 4 hours. [b]Highlight[/b]: I saw [L=http://pinklaura.blogspot.com]Laura[/L] for the first time in a long while. It was nice. Although the party we went to sucked. Good to see her again. [b]Lowlight[/b]: Paulie is in Iraq. *sniffle* [b]Highlight[/b]: I’ve still got my Lucky Sac. I talked to Janelle today, and she brought it up, and you know, I’ve still got it, and it’s still lucky, and I don’t go anywhere without it. That’s all, carry on. 🙂

2003-05-04 23:10:03 – Master Ha-reed
Hey there buddy – I have warned all visitors to my site many a time of the idiots who post there. Don’t get pissed at me because you can’t take the heat.
2003-05-04 23:21:58 – rand0m
I can take the heat; just that when it devolves to serious personal attacks, I’m out. Besides, wtf am I going to win? Your site already took up too much of my time, which I why I’m not reading it 😉
2003-05-04 23:23:32 – rand0m
Also, when it becomes TheWorld vs. Me, I’m out, because again, it’s a waste of time/energy.
2003-05-05 09:19:24 – Netheus
Laibach wasn’t on the Lost Highway soundtrack. They are just scary. For instance, they remade the Beatles Let it Be, but in evil. So imagine I ME Mine, but in block harmony scary Eastern European Industrial. Scary….. Randal- You got a girlie?
2003-05-05 11:39:09 – realbighead
Tore got a girlie. and he’s gonna skip seminar tonight to write papers, and randal has his phone #, and after 8 it’s free, so… let’s see whether randal’s arithmetic is still up to snuff. 2+2?
2003-05-05 12:18:19 – rand0m
22? no, 6. no wait, 12! Huzzah! You’ll be hearing from me sometime soon (maybe not tonight, have plans) to discuss this "girlie" thing. 😉
2003-05-05 13:26:39 – pinky
Me and myself are rejoicing for Tore. woot woot. He got a significant other before I did, who knew?
2003-05-05 15:02:38 – God
I did.
2003-05-06 12:45:40 – tony
In the words of the SNL Church Lady: So Tore, is this girl… MORMON???
2003-05-06 14:10:32 – Netheus
tore and Randal have girlies…… is this a sign of the apocalypse? Well, the third sign would have to be if Mike got a girl that was older than he was.
2003-05-06 15:05:32 – you know who this is
not man enough to handle the truth huh? the peoples voice will not be silenced!
2003-05-06 22:14:18 – tony
It sucks that we have to wait a week to see Equilibrium.
2003-05-06 22:15:24 – tony
Netheus, I think that Mike’s girlfriend is older than him.
2003-05-07 09:16:47 – Netheus
Ya know, I hate today. I have always hated today. May 7th is the worst day of the year. Why? you may ask. BECAUSE IT’S THE DOG MNAD DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY!!! this year it especially sucks because a> It’s my 21st birthday, b> the last day of school and finals are tomorrow,aka, my birthday, and c> I have like 5 papers left to write. Not to mention my 1st anniversary is on Sunday. It also happens to be mother’s day. SO SEND YOUR MOM A CARD AND TAKE HER OUT FOR DINNER/LUNCH you lazy rat bastard!
2003-05-07 11:41:36 – Logan
Dude I can’t believe you haven’t seen Equilibrium. It’s absolutely incredible. The 13th can’t come too soon.
2003-05-07 13:39:25 – rand0m
w3rd. Equilibrium rocks the hizzy.
2003-05-07 13:42:55 – keener2u
mmmmm hizzy rockin:)
2003-05-07 16:49:06 – The Disco Nova
The rips are already out on Kazaa. If you are coming to my party this weekend I’ll burn it for you.
2003-05-07 23:03:01 – Netheus
It’s an hour til my birthday!!!! Anyway, have you ever worn your clothes for so long, without changing them, they seem like they are permanently attached? I just realized I have been wearing my shoes continuously for 14 hours. I didn’t even take them off at school!
2003-05-07 23:42:06 – rand0m
Regarding your post up above Neth, I guess Tore and I both are working the honies, [b]*AND*[/b] Mike *IS* dating a girl who is older than him. Who is not anorexic, ta boot! NOOO, TEH APOCOLYPSE IS KNOCKING ON TEH DOOR NOO!
2003-05-08 00:09:33 – Mr Mountains
I have been wearing the same underware for 3 and a half days, and I just won a 900 dollar pot, and I am on my way to getting drunk. I win!!!
2003-05-08 00:31:17 – The Disco Nova
Dices’s Post reminds me of a joke I heard recently. The problem with getting the gold in the Special Olympics is that you are still retarded.
2003-05-08 00:50:00 – tony
I was at the checkout line for groceries yesterday when I realized I didn’t have my wallet with me. Just about to walk outside when I saw a 5 spot laying in the aisle. Picked it up, paid for my food, and still had a penny for change. Karma. It’s that good.
2003-05-08 02:09:15 – Netheus
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear meee, happy birthday to me!! 😀
2003-05-08 17:18:29 – WC
Happy Birthday Neth Go get drunk. Find some guy then get in your birthday suit. 🙂 Happy Times are Good Birthday … or something like that.
2003-05-09 10:30:48 – WC
Too good *not* to be shared Not really work safe http://www.eastcoastsurf.com/misc/reefcomp/index.html This is the reef girl competetion. w3rd.
2003-05-09 11:44:37 – Netheus
I went out to Mackenzies steak and chop house…. It was so good, and i had a glass of wine with dinner- LEGALLY!!!! It was so great… and then, hey had tiramsu!!! Better than birthday cake. I was great, and WC I did find a guy. He was with me the whole entire time… when you marry them they tend to stick around for a while.
2003-05-09 16:29:40 – The Disco Nova
House warming party at my new place. We are grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and then drinking. Show up anytime after Noon. Bring soda or chips or something. http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?savedMap=1052519214 If the gate is closed, enter "0166" on the keypad there and wait for me to let you in. It’s Apt R207.
2003-05-09 16:31:04 – The Disco Nova
Happy B-Day Neth. Remember it’s not how long you have lived, It’s that you have lived while you have been alive.
2003-05-09 16:35:00 – The DIsco Nova
BTW, my new number is 448-0166