Bye Paulie :-(

Yesterday morning Matt and I woke up … well, I woke up and then hassled him until he got up … and went over to Paulie’s place to load up his stuff so he could get to Ft. Carson so he could get deployed to Iraq. First off, I’d like to say that his ruck sack weighed entirely too much 😉 Went out and got some breakfast first, chit chatted and tried to keep things light. Got to Ft. Carson, dropped off his gear and then went to the Arms Building (where everyone gets their weapons) … Paulie got his M16 … we took some pictures, hugged and shook his hand and left. I didn’t have much emotion right then, saying goodbye to a good friend for 6-12 months, but while I’m writing this, I’m holding back the tears. I’m not sad at all that Paulie in particular has to go — that’s his job, and both all of us are proud of him for doing it — it’s the fact that such a situation (war) exists at all. Granted, I believe that in this case it is justified (as does Paulie), but you know, it just sucks to see someone have to go. When he gets back, though, we’re going to Vegas, so I guess it all balances out. We love you Paulie! Went out with Alicia, Amanda, Becky and Matt the other night. I took everyone out to Old Chicago and then went over to Play By Play to get in some pool. Well, Keen and I smoked the girls 3-0. Why? Because we fucked with their heads all night by distracting them mercilessly? No! It was because of our badass pool-playing skills. Although the distracting part was fun, what with rubbing them up and down with pool cues, blowing in their ears, etc., we’re really just better at pool than they are. Suckahs. Heh. Speaking of that, Becky called last night at 1:30am … you know what? 1:30am is late. Like *Late*. I was dozing nicely and she called me up to talk about her day. I sure sign, IMO 😀

2003-04-10 16:36:46 – Master Ha-reed
You know Randal, calling 1:30 am "late" does not help you out in the trying-to-look/act-younger-than-35 department.
2003-04-10 16:51:38 – rand0m
Well, after doing 4-5 hours of sleep a night for a week+, last night was my "sleep" night. I was asleep at like 6:15pm, woke up at 10:30p, went back to sleep at 12:30a and woke up to talk to Becky at 1:30 … when trying to recover, 1:30 is late 😉
2003-04-11 00:19:07 – Netheus
In 19 hours, I will be at the theater to watch House of 1000 Corpses, a film scheduled for release over 2 years ago, with some other choice individuals. Whilst at the theater, I plan on seeing all the sheep going to the new Adam Sandler/ Jack Nicholson flick, and in opposition, all the freaks- old horro/B movie lovers to out and out Satanists, to the random fucked up individual. But i drank one of Mike’s liquid crack coffees, so I prolly won’t sleep between now and then. Ya know Randal- I know how you feel. It would suck serious ass to have to send your close friend over seas to a military installment in hostile territory, knowing you won’t see them for a year. i.e., remember when Carolyn left for Japan? ergh…
2003-04-11 08:53:29 – realbighead
I think jared’s got a point… being a 20-year-old guy gives you certain privileges, like staying up till 4AM for 2 weeks straight while still functioning (at least, I think I’m still functioning. Let me get back to you on that.) I would also like to state, off the record, that pretty girls rock the "hizzay", as you ghetto homeboys would refer to it. mad shout-outs to paulie while we’re at it. much love, brutha! w00t w00t! yeah… I think that functioning is just a hallucination at this point. I’m going to go to class now.