General Update

Hell, I don’t even know what I’m writing anymore. So I’m going to ramble. Yea, Becky is this great girl, and man, I really like her. I don’t think she likes me that much, though. We have a date … going to Mataam Fez (Thanks James!) on Tuesday night … supposed to double date with Keen, but … I don’t know if he’ll have a woman. IM him at keener2u or talk to me if you have a suitable hookup who’d like some free moroccan and a good time. It’s spring break! I have no truck! It’s in the shop! Because parts couldn’t get from Denver to here! Because of the snow storm! So I have no car! For spring break! Yea! I think I’m going to buy a Jeep Cherokee! Yea! I’m so self conscious right now. I feel like a loser. An almost middle aged, balding, fat, gap-toothed freak of nature. And boy, does that make me feel like shit! Janelle is in town for break. She called. I think I was sort of gruff. I’m not sure. But boy, do I feel terrible after having talked to her. I’m such a fucking loser. No, you don’t understand; let me explain. I am over her, no problem. She’s 18, has her own thing, I have mine, yada yada. No, it’s not her I miss. It’s the nice, loverly feeling that you get to enjoy when you’re in a comfortable, long term relationship. Boy do I miss that. Talking to her doesn’t really resurrect feelings for her in particular, just for a relationship in general. Sort of abstracted from Janelle specifically to Girl, more general, you know? Tore is coming in to town. And Sammi is already here. I need to see both of them sometime this week. I have no time! I work! And I drink! WTF am I going to do!? Gaah! And boy, Sammi sure is great. She’s so nice. And smart. She just makes me feel all warm inside. It’s crazy how she does it. Anyway, yes, I have to see them sometime. And that is all I have to ramble about, so good night 😀

2003-03-24 02:25:25 – The Disco Nova
A tip: There are belly dancers there sometimes. It is EXPECTED for you to tip them. You should prolly explain this to your date if she gives you a dirty look like some of mine have. Just hold a couple of bucks in your hand, and when she is ready she will come over and hold open her waistband for you to stick the bills in. For fun you could suggest that your date be the one who tips her. And make sure she doesn’t order the rabbit 🙂
2003-03-24 10:54:39 – WC
Hey Jenna from Blockbuster (my old manager) is a belly dancer that works at Mataam Fez. If you see her would you do me a favor and tell her Craig says hi!
2003-03-24 10:59:07 – Livia
"almost middle aged" WTF??
2003-03-24 15:19:17 – Netheus
Yeah, *almost* middle aged? I can see your point, you are WAY past that…. you should look into collecting your Social Security Retirement before your parents get to it. ;-P
2003-03-24 15:46:38 – Siaokh
Mid-life crisis at 20? This has got to be a new world record. Dude… everyone gets those feelings concerning past long-term romantic interests… Just have to look past that stuff into the future. Which i’m sure you have done, but you constantly jump back and dwell on it. Just move on to bigger and better things! To be cliche… more fish in the sea. You’ve got the bait. Just let it set out, you’ll get a nibble to two. You’re quite successfull with your work endeavors… just chill man. Concerning your truck… I’m sorry that it’s dead, dont pour more money into it… If you figure you’re gonna drop a grand or so into it, just sell the truck and drop that money + the grand into something else…. Sporty maybe to match your mid-life crisis vibe -Tim
2003-03-24 22:59:49 – Master Ha-reed
I propose that Randal turn on the webcam again so that we can all get a good look at this "middle aged, balding, fat, gap-toothed freak of nature" 😉
2003-03-25 18:52:15 – tony
I don’t think Randal is as bad off as he might think he is. This is an easy statement based upon some individuals I have known over the last few years. In that respect, I’d say Randal has it going pretty good. I just got back from 4 days of snowboarding in Winter Park with some other boarders from school. We all stayed at this swank ass hostel for 22$ a night. Our grocery bill for all 4 of us for 4 days ended up being 90$. I can’t recommend this idea enough to anybody without spring break plans.