Truck sadness.

My truck is fatale. It’s supposed to have ~150psi in each cylinder, and mine has 125/135/15/0 psi in cylinders 1/2/3/4, respectively. That essentially means my truck is dead. Guess I’ll start shopping around for another vehicle soon. *sigh* Anybody have any recommendations on what to do with a dead truck? It has a bunch of good parts, but does not run. *watches money flush down the drain* [b]Update[/b] – Anybody know of a place to pick up a semi-manly vehicle on the cheap? I’m lookin 😉 [b]Update[/b] – It’s Ash Wednesday. Which means that yesterday was Mardi Gras. I missed it. I didn’t even get trashed. *hrmph*

2003-03-05 23:27:49 – WC
I hear you can get a fairly good car/truck at auto auctions. Might be worth a trip to Denver for the Denver auto auction. I think they might have a website, I’ll look tomarrow. There is also this place called Automotive Avenues worth checking into. My parents bought a year old lexus for 20k cheaper than what is was suppose to sell for.
2003-03-06 02:36:26 – pinky
how about you just get something reliable rather than "manly" and no, i don’t know anywhere
2003-03-06 03:35:34 – The Disco Nova
Hey Laura, why don’t you get something manly, instead of those hippies you got up there.
2003-03-06 09:03:53 – tony
That… is… funny. If I had to, I mean HAD to, get a new vehicle, I would probably get another civic.
2003-03-06 22:05:57 – Netheus
just get a car that is good on gas, and can start after sitting for several days at a time. For instance, don’t get a Hummer, or a Roach.
2003-03-07 00:44:58 – tony
After living in a place for a certain period of time, you reach a point, where you have a base of friends, associates, whatever… It gets dull. And then you find yourself meeting a whole new group of people, and you remember how small you are and how big the world is.
2003-03-07 01:43:47 – Siaokh
VOLVO POWAH! whatever fits in your budget man… used cars can be pretty damn cheap if you scour the newspapers, and possibly ebay auto auctions. (just make sure the coolant is filled with antifreeze, and not water). I’m not sure how this sort of thing goes with your income taxes (you might be able to use it next year) but if you donate a car to a charitable organization i think you can get some sort of credit… i have no clue though. -Tim T-dawg, sounds like you need to move back out to Dallas.
2003-03-07 21:11:08 – nice girl
i don’t care what kind of vehicle you get, but when you do, i think you should name it alonzo.
2003-03-08 01:37:12 – Dice
You posted the same lame thing on two different sites, Tony? you must have been really proud of it. No wonder you want to fight me. This is going to be great!
2003-03-08 02:00:02 – tony
Andrew Stolzmann, I checked your stats out. You think that you’re able to kick anyone’s ass because you’re on a college wrestling team? You’ve won 1 match out of 5 your two years as a college wrestler. Improve your wrestling before you come to my house with your bullshit.
2003-03-08 05:10:32 – The Disco Nova
Yes Dice, come to Tony’s house with four people who will defend him. And a dozen more a phone call away. Grow up. Intelligent people stopped fighting after middle school.
2003-03-08 08:56:36 – rand0m
mmm, not so sure about that Disco … I’d be up for an old-fashioned beat down. 😉 Sammi, you’re great 😀
2003-03-08 10:10:32 – WC
Wo0! Whats tomarrow? Ohh yeah! My 21st birthday wo0o0!!! If you live close to Denver or whatever, and wanna hang with someone "cool" shoot me an email, and I’ll hook you up with directions. I really don’t know what I am doing tomarrow other than going to breakfast with my parents, and then waiting for Rachael to get off work @ 5:30. TONY! YOU NEED TO COME TO DENVER! — you too randal. and whoever else.
2003-03-08 12:48:06 – Dice
Ok guys, my record is wrong on that site. I’m 3-9 or something. In high school, however, I hold the rocord for most wins in school history. To that other person, I’m not the one who suggested this whole thing. In was tony who felt the need to request a fight. But yeah, I kind of thought that if I showed up to his house, nothing would happen because he would have people there to prevent him from getting hurt (lame). Still want this, tony? It’s your call! Haha.
2003-03-08 14:32:13 – GrooveMan
Don’t feel to bad Randy, my Bronco has been dead for about 3 months. However… I’m rebuilding the engine, man it going to scream when I’m done. 😉 I’m getting headers, a new intake, w/ a new 4 barrel carb, forged pistons, and I had it bored out 6 cubic inches. Man its going to be nice… eheh just had to tell you. 😉
2003-03-08 18:06:22 – Netheus
Anybody know where I can get an out-door tent for cheap? Lindsey’s birthday is in six days, and I wanted to get her one.
2003-03-09 00:39:41 – The Disco Nova
Tony is allowed to be childish, he is our friend, you are not, go away.
2003-03-09 04:08:59 – Dice
Fuck you disco
2003-03-09 04:26:36 – The Disco Nova
Awww, that is about the level of intelligence I would expect from a meathead wrestler. If you are gonna be a meathead, at least be good at that and win some matches. Or do you like being the submissive one when rolling around with a sweaty guy?
2003-03-09 09:45:43 – Siaokh
Can’t forget the ever sexy unitard *BARF*. -Tim
2003-03-09 16:21:13 – Dice
The post "fuck you Disco" pretty much said all that needed to be said. My pals would probably be rolling on the floor to hear someone called me a meathead. Did you get picked on a lot when you were little? Seem pretty phobic toward the physically gifted. What can I say, I’m a bad ass. Not everyone can have it. To quote the D, if I knew the formula, I’d funnel it up, and give it out for free! As for the singlets, you wouldn’t dislike them as much if you saw me in it. I’m totally fuckin hot! And its clear you are a gay homophobe, so I’m sure you could enjoy it. To sum up: fuck you disco!
2003-03-09 19:26:53 – Master Ha-reed
Anyone noticing how when news is supposedly slow that the amount of comments go way up? Oh wait… this is because somehow I unleashed the bane of my website onto Randal’s. Sorry all.
2003-03-09 23:56:05 – The Disco Nova
The fact that I’m a small person has nothing to do with this. It was people like you that shoved me into lockers because I was smaller than them.
2003-03-10 00:21:53 – Siaokh
Yes dice.. you are SO unbelieably hot in your singlet… Take me now or lose me forever! ROFL. -Tim
2003-03-10 01:36:32 – Dice
Disco: I never shoved anyone into anything. Sorry about your tragic past. If its still happening, maybe you can hire me or something. (It’s not like i’m exceptionally big. In fact, im very skinny) Tim: Sorry guy, I’m spoken for. That, and I’m just too much man for ya.
2003-03-10 13:13:57 – Netheus
If there is a fight, can we do it pay-per-view style? You can make a mint off those things!
2003-03-16 18:51:33 – WC
Awesome party guys. Randal I hope to see a post soon with those crazy pics. Well worth the drive from Denver – and the long nap afterwards. I got home and just fell over. Until next time be ->chill<-
2003-03-16 21:42:28 – Netheus
I was at my little sister’s birthday party, watching them. 8 14 year olds. They didn’t sleep. All nite. Not a moment. So I didn’t sleep. And then I went to work. Wish I was at your party.