this is unexpected

I’m sitting in my office drinking beer and eating cake. How’s that for a cush job? Went and looked at motorcycles today. Mmmm, motorcycles. They really have a catch-22 on these bad boys. You can’t ride a motorcycle without a Motorcycle License. You can’t get a Motorcycle License without having a bike and knowing how to ride it. You can’t test-drive a motorcycle unless you have a Motorcycle License. So do you buy a motorcycle on blind faith, ride it home illegally, and then attempt to get the license? Or … spend $150 and take a class. Tough situation. And another thing. The Discover Channel, err … the “Science Channel”, in all of it’s wonderous incarnations is amazing. They’ve got planes, and travelling, and nuclear stuff, and how things just work, and animals and everything. Simply incredible. I can literally watch that set of stations for 6 hours, with absolutely no problem. So interesting. Kevin D. Mitnick’s [i]The Art of Deception[/i] is rather good. I was expecting an almost manual-esque romp through how to secure your organization. Instead, I was pleasured to read real-life and fictional situations, how they worked and how to avoid these things. More of a “what if … and how” thing instead of a dry technical analysis. Although extremely unsettling, it is very good.

2003-02-19 15:18:26 – WC
I hate you. You have cake. Bastard.
2003-02-19 23:11:28 – Siaokh
A drivers liscense for a car is the same way… you just had parents or friends that owned such vehicles to teach you how to drive one. I believe you can get a Motorcycle learners permit just like you can for a car. I know that there are private companies (i even remember there being one in the chappel hills mall before i left) companies that will train you on how to ride a motorcycle and not kill yourself… and they give you the test to receive the motorcycle rating on your drivers liscense. I just enabled cleartext on this monitor… omg EVERYTHING is so much clearer. -Tim