Back in town, ready for new leaf

I am back in town after going to Utah. (applause) Thank you, thank you. It was a pretty good trip. Had a nice and pleasant 9 1/2 hour drive with my Dad (who is awesome) on Friday, and then some yummy eating that night (enchiladas — which all came home and are in the freezer. yumm). Then Saturday came, and boy was it long. Went over to the church at 8:30am and saw my Uncle Eldred. Honestly, he was the best looking corpse I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a bunch. Then everyone else came in, and it was not pleasant. They had the final viewing at 11:30am, and up until that point I had been okay. But watching them getting ready to close the casket, I just broke and sobbed and sobbed. We all went to the chapel to hear the speakers and the musical things … the congregation all stood up to sing “I Believe In Christ,” which is a very powerful hymn, and I couldn’t sing it because it really touched … I just stood there and cried. The services ended, and we all drove 3 hours up to the grave site, where they had a short ceremony, a song and a prayer, and then we drove back to Salt Lake City. What a sad day. Sunday has not been so sad — more of a white-knuckle-don’t-want-to-die sort of day. Drove across Wyoming with Dad, and the whiteout snow + 70MPH winds made for a harrowing 12 hour trip (remember it took 9 1/2 to get there). I’m still shaking because it was so scary … can’t see anything, just hoping that we don’t run off the road. We must have seen 50 car wrecks. Easily. Everywhere people were off the road, either pulled off because they couldn’t drive in the weather, or because the flew off the road, or because they had wrecked. It was a terrible drive … still gives me the chills when I think that we drove through it. So I am back. It was a pretty decent psuedo-vacation; I didn’t use a computer or worry about work once while I was gone! This new week should start up a bunch of new things … hopefully none of them are like either of the events above 😉 I’ve decided that I’m actually going to get in shape. For real this time. In a handful of ways, now that I think about it. Feel like I’m missing some things in my life, and I’m not really sure what they are, but I have some ideas. I hope everybody had a great weekend.

2003-02-03 10:15:51 – Netheus
Let’s see, my weekend…. 13 year-old’s funeral on Saturday, telling my brother I can’t take care of him and calling DHS on Sunday, feeling like shit because I am essentially selling my brother down the river because none of my reletives are decent or give a flying rats ass and I need to go to school, maintain my marriage, and I don’t have anywhere for him to sleep, no bed for him, etc., so I stayed up most the night sobbing Sunday night. Yes. Great Weekend. I hereby strike January and the begining of Febuary, or, the end of Capricorn, begining of Aquarius from the calendar, and proclaim Saturnalia for that period of time from here on out. Too much bad shit. Way too much. For me, and at least Randal too.
2003-02-03 11:02:41 – WC
At least you can *continue* your education Neth. Enjoy it, you never know what you have until you loose it. /me pounds google and txt files. Self education here I come!
2003-02-04 20:28:55 – tony
Randal, want to join my taekwondo class?
2003-02-06 12:14:53 – realbighead
anyone else think it’s a bad sign when your roommate talks to you by posting on your website?
2003-02-06 14:01:18 – tony
2003-02-06 15:04:14 – rand0m
I have roommates? Wow. I guess that explains the kitchen …
2003-02-06 15:43:47 – tony
The sad thing is, the kitchen would look the same if it was just Randal without any roommates. Randal: "I can be a total slob if I want to"
2003-02-06 16:26:56 – pinky
thankfully, one of my male roommates gets really sick of everything being messy, so he cleans sometimes. woo woo. although, he’s an emotional wreck at the moment, which in turn breeds filth.
2003-02-07 09:09:58 – The Disco Nova
Anyone doing anything tonight? Like LQ perhaps?