Nothing new

I am bored. It’s a combonation of not really being interested in a lot of stuff, and having a routine that is a little too engrained, and the fact that there is little option to break the routine. I am not interested in a lot of things. Maybe it’s because I cannot afford them. Maybe it’s because I am a lazy bum. Maybe it’s because I have a lack of bubble-breaking motivation. I don’t know. I have an engrained routine that is getting tired. There are little discrepancies in my day to day schedule, but generally, it is the same thing all day, every day. Except that I throw parties / drink / lots of people occasionally. Those are nice. But just about everything else is same-o, same-o … not enough variety. Blah blah blah. blah blah blah blah blah. Skip the above, hit the comment button. I know you will. blah blah blah blah blah. Hell, skip the below too, and just hit the comment button. Blah blah blah blah blah. There are few options to snap out of this little sucky state. Please note that I am not depressed or down, just stuck. I am poor. Oh so very poor. College + books + car + rent + insurance + everything else makes for a non-rich me. Sure, enough to get by, but not enough to embark upon interesting things. For example, going to DefCon. A week in Vegas. $65 for the entry fee, plus gas, food, entertainment, etc. It could *easily* cost $250. I don’t have $250 to blow. Because of this serious lack of cash, the number of opportunities that I can grab hold of diminishes quickly. So, it looks like money is the root of all the problems. Well, there’s a slight problem with that, too. I make enough to get by. But what I receive in a non-financial way is worth a lot more — extreme flexibility & knowledge. I can go to school at any time. I can make my schedule change in a heartbeat, and it’s no problem. I also have technology-industry opportunities that few 20 year olds have. But it’s just not enough money. That’s my latest rant. That’s about it … I don’t have much else to say. Another thing … I’m tired of putting my neck out there all the time, be it work, people, girls, whatever, to try and get something started and then continuously getting rebuffed. It sucks. It hurts. It’s a huge demotivator towards doing it again. It’s tiring.

2002-07-26 11:43:00 – tony
So you work a job, pile up credit on a card, but you’re in school so that’s cool. Being in school makes up for not having money because you have college bills. Sounds like you need a new girlfriend mano. Ha! I just tried accessing from the new office and got this "company policy prohibits…" page saying the site was blocked. It took about 5 seconds to terminal service into a home box and read the page. Sucks for the guys at my office who don’t havea fat t1 at home and box to termserve into. What really sucks is that this is the new L-3 corporoate network (fuck my spelling) , right new network firewall, so everyone on this network is fukt. Happy SysAdmin day mofos. BLING BLING!
2002-07-26 12:06:30 – rand0m
[L=][/L] it just made the rounds here at work. heh.
2002-07-26 16:46:49 – Netheus
yep… I just saw Austin Powers… I didn’t stop laughing… The Comedy was highly juevenile, and Byonce wtf ever her name is was kind of a drag, but other than that, it was great….Go See It NOW!
2002-07-27 02:52:18 – Laura
i thought beyonce did really well, actually. i forgot it was her. i’m sure i wouldn’t have felt the same about britney in crossroads. i’m going to go see it again. i know my neck looks like a vagina.
2002-07-28 14:20:54 – Girlie
as directed, im hitting the comment button, although i really have nothing of interest to say. im here.. you’re all there. that is that. yay.
2002-07-28 17:53:32 – realbighead
ten thousand ninja randal is teh fatty-fat click link post comment haiku, muthafuckahs.
2002-07-29 12:42:48 – The Disco X
You spelled combonation wrong Randalll. And Laura, why does your neck look like a vagina? If it functioned like one too you would be a popular girl.
2002-07-29 15:20:39 – The Disco X
So anyone out there ever been pierced "down south"?
2002-07-29 16:10:35 – rand0m
I got kneed in the nuts by my brother one time. Does that count?
2002-07-29 23:22:41 – The Disco X
Not unless his knee had a nail sticking out of it.
2002-07-31 09:09:22 – Betty
Umm…. I don’t know what to say. I’m confused, speechless, and Randal… it will get better. It always does! *BIG HUG FOR RANDAL!*
2002-07-31 10:52:37 – Girlie
piercings of the southern region sound quite uncomfortable and even painful (call me crazy) and i dont think im just being wussy here. i’ve got a few other piercings, but that part of me is just something that should remain untouched by a needle.