Crazy Times

So last night was a party. Started off around 9pm with me feeling completely unprepared — some work related badness kept me there until 7pm. Anyway, got Tore and ran to Safeway and bought a ton of stuff to carry the party along — chips, salsa, soda, cups, the whole shebang, then came back to the house and cleaned everything and moved it all around so shit wouldn’t get broken / stolen / beer spilled on it. Lisel was the first person to show up, followed shortly by Elizabeth and a bunch of Tony’s friends (Nate, Kermit & Foo) … I took a quick shower cuz I was pretty nasty after working all day. Came downstairs and the peepz just kept showing up. Emily, Samantha Garrett and her friend Katy (who are both hottties), James, Amanda, Janelle made a short appearance, Melissa Faranelli, Alicia, Ishhod, Jareen (sp?), Christine, Laura and her four friends (Julia, Kelly, Myra (??), and Casandra (I think?)) and more and more people. Things were pretty bouncing, music was good, food was good, everything was good. Then word got out. The guys from around the corner (David, BJ, Jason and Charlie) showed up with some people (including Wendy and Vanessa, who were both foxes), and we started having a great time. We had a half keg of Nut Brown Ale and a keg of Indian Pale Ale, both from the Warehouse (Locally brewed is best!). People started having kissing lessons and such, and everyone was just going crazy. It was pretty cool making the rounds as a party host, making sure everybody knew where to go or who to talk to if they needed anything. It was fucking nuts, and it was fucking great. Then things kind of turned for the worse … it got later, and everybody who can’t hold their liquor started getting sick, and everybody was completely bombed. A shitload of people who nobody knew just started showing up. I mean *LOADS* of people just started piling into the house. Things got stupid like they do when a huge party just keeps raging. Somewhere along the lines Amanda lost her cell phone — we’re thinking someone ganked it. Anyway, the party just kept raging, and everybody was having a crazy good time. Right around 2:30am, it was time to call it quits. WHen 4/5 of the people don’t know anybody who lives at the house, things are a little out of control. Many, many, many thanks to James, Tore and Shawn for kind of enforcing and kicking people out of the house — sure, it took an hour to get everyone out, but everybody finally left and the house was calm. Sure, the house was almost completely destroyed, but it was calm. *All* the ladies were looking hella fine, and all in all, it was a really great party. Sure, we’re down a phone, but we’re up a house of friends, great memories, and the knowledge that we can throw a rock-the-block party. Update – 12:07p – I have been informed that the Nut Brown Ale is actually made by J.W. Dundee … Also, if anyone else would like to, feel free to post your version of the night 😉

2002-06-08 11:57:03 – tony
🙂 ahhhhh
2002-06-08 11:59:00 – r3v3r3nd
Flop Flop Flop
2002-06-08 15:09:51 – Netheus
yeah, so I left just in time to miss the horribly wretched parts…. "kissing lessons"? great, what a fine way to spread the herpes…. oh, and thanks for putting the web cam on so that I could live vicariously through it… bastards…
2002-06-09 01:44:25 – Girlie
how come i miss all the good shit, ‘eh? i mean damn. but ya know, whatever, i probably would’ve scared everyone away anyway.
2002-06-09 02:05:09 – Disco X
Burnz, I apologize. I didn’t know until tonight that you were dating emily Taken in that context, I said some pretty shitty stuff too you. I’m sorry..
2002-06-09 09:56:14 – rand0m
heh … yes, that’s it, just ‘heh’. Thank you, thank you.