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All right. Because rand0m seems to feel that HPI is more important than you gentle readers, you are getting an update from Burnz. And unfortunately I am between drunks and sitting in a room with people who do not believe in the bangbus. It is appalling to believe there are those so thick as to believe that women would not have random sex with random men on a random bus. Random hippy looking men, kinda grimy and driving a bus. As if there is a fifteen year old girl that doesn’t have a picture of Jerry Garcia in a van over their bed and constantly write “Tim Leary and Sarah 4-ever” on all their notebooks. And tennis shoes. Sunday night, reasonably hoppin’ party going on. Keg. People. Stupid dancing game that Tore is so disturbingly good at that he is making himself gay. Apparently I missed the goodtimes and came in when rand0m was wasted, trying to go to sleep and couldn t because rude fucking people were getting their skromp on in his room — attempting to devirginize his futon, the futon that I had to sleep on might I add. If I were rand0m I would be calling out my crazy redneck uncle that likes to break knees and dynamite stumps to handle liquidating those folks. But it was really good I hear. But just when I get there, the drama comes in like these monkeys are trying to get on broadway. People not happy about women, people on futons, people leaving, people straddling people, people calling people’s girlfriend a bitch. And then, just when I think I am going to have a reasonably fun drunken time shoving a sleeping guy and making him groan, the games start. Now I normally don’t go in on the chicks / women debate. However, sometimes some of you women drop out of mature status and regress into the status of actively trying to jerk you around with their mouth and keep you with their body like a highschooler. This is why you people are crazy. Now I was impressed with the guy that had to deal with this, I think he drank the fuck through it. And from now on, and until I say stop: I want everyone to take a page out of my book and be simple, be direct, and just show a little golden rule “I don’t enjoy your games, you shouldn’t have to tolerate mine.” Compromise. Communicate. Copulate.

2002-05-21 21:40:31 – Siaokh
First Punch.
2002-05-22 20:49:56 – Disco Nova
Who let this whiny fool post? And Randall are you free Friday afternoon? We are trying to have a BBQ when everyone can come.
2002-05-22 21:21:24 – burnz
Big talk from a man that got dumped the night he told her he loved her. How’s that fist fucking going fatass?
2002-05-22 21:55:42 – pinky
hey, randal, you move out yet? i was gonna come see if you needed help, but i had to babysit.
2002-05-22 23:38:41 – b3tti3
If you need help moving just ask, and play nice children.
2002-05-23 02:56:34 – rand0m
Umm, I’m gonna be pretty tired on Friday, cuz I’m taking HouseMatt up to Denver hella early that day. I’ll sleep at work, but I imagine I won’t be 100%. I’ll see what I can do, though. Mind e-mailing or IMing me your home phone? I helped Tony move some stuff, but the only thing of mine over there right now is my unassembled waterbed — that’s what Thursday is going to be for. I don’t think I’ll need much help — two people can move all my stuff in about 20 minutes.
2002-05-23 08:52:07 – Disco Nova
No need to IM, I’m not worried about it. 622 9350. It’s still not set in stone, I haven’t talked to everyone yet… And Burnz, that shot would of hit about 2 years ago. Did you hear that from Randall or Emily? If you heard it from Randall, well, I’ll get over it. If you heard it from Emily, I’m sorry to see that she is losing some of the integrity and moral courage that I loved her for. And the fact that you would whip that out in an otherwise friendly discussion tells me alot about you.
2002-05-23 14:14:26 – realbighead
nice try at being high-minded, but you’re just spouting gibberish… Burnz: 1, Nova: 0
2002-05-23 14:52:01 – Disco X
Wow Tore. You’ve changed.
2002-05-23 14:53:39 – Disco X
Not that I’d actually care to score. Like I said about 2 years ago, that would of hit home and hurt alot. I assume that was his intent. Oh well. Ancient history now. I’m rather more upset by the fact that Tore apparently approves of trying to hurt someone so grievously.
2002-05-23 15:18:39 – realbighead
believe it or not, my intent wasn’t to hurt so grievously… I really really hate pretension, though, especially badly done, and I attempt to crush it when I can. Any emotional component to the whole dealie I laughed off, and really it would be better if everyone did the same. Just keep it to yourself next time and don’t try to sound serious and important; honestly, you’re really really bad at it.
2002-05-23 15:24:34 – Disco X
I think you missed the part about it not really bothering me. I just think it is seriously wrong to try such a low blow.
2002-05-23 15:30:03 – Disco X
Now that I think of it, there is also the fact that someone is apparently telling this little shit about my personal life.
2002-05-23 15:34:29 – realbighead
nevermind… I’ll just concede the match so no one else has to listen… *shriek and thud as the argument falls off the forums to a bloody gruesome death*
2002-05-23 16:47:28 – rand0m
A thank ya … I’m surprised one of you gave in so early. Almost makes me think that realbighead is gay.
2002-05-23 17:28:55 – Burnz
Pathetic is timeless. And that is all I think I have to say. Strange people that get awfully upset about proclaiming to not care….
2002-05-23 18:59:44 – Disco X
When is the last time you had a real relationship with someone burnz? I dated Emily for 9 months before that. Piss off. And it’s not that you have annoyed me by bringing this up, it is your intent by bringing this up. It shows what a bitter, hateful little person you are. Try enjoying life for a change.
2002-05-24 02:38:59 – realbighead
dammit, why is he still talking? As to the allegations of my gayness, I can disprove them with a little bit of the old logic. First: Ben is good at DDR. Second: Ben is not gay. Third: Tore is good at DDR. Therefore, Tore also is not gay. Eat syllogism, mantoy.
2002-05-24 08:19:42 – Disco X
Okay Randall, once again, We are moving the BBQ to next week. Dave got called to work today.
2002-05-24 09:33:42 – rand0m
Disco, that was a bad question — and keep me informed on the BBQ.
2002-05-26 01:38:24 – girl
Hey! Sometimes chicks want both: to be sexually aroused and not have sex. Just because she’s playing with your body and telling you "no" doesn’t mean she’s "playing games" with you. She may be completely confused herself. Looking for something sexual and something more. Or something less. Sometimes the worst thing to do is give in to your sexual desires the first time you feel them. Even if it’s "better" at the moment, what about the future? What about emotions that follow? What about the desire that follows and then the hurt after that? All of these things could be going through her mind…. but… the desire of his body against hers is still strong. So, anyway… girls have conflicting thoughts and conflicting desires… at least some. : )
2002-05-29 12:05:42 – .