fast tuesday, good times

Tuesday went by pretty quickly. That’s good. I didn’t do any community service, though, which is bad. I find out later today whether or not I can count working on the Jim Null election committee as service — if I can, I’ll be done in just a few days. That’ll be good. Otherwise I’ll be putting in 4-6 hours a day for a while … Today was one of those days that kind of just go by. I put the smoove on to this girl named Samantha … she’s one of the receptionists on our floors, and is 20. She’s looks pretty good and isn’t dumb, so I think I might line something up. Tonight was one of those great nights where the desire to just go out and not be home is strong. HouseMatt and I drove around … we visited the hill by Janelle’s house … I don’t know why I decided to go there, but we did — the memories are fond now, and not sad or bitter. I think that’s progress. Ended up at a pool club called “Sticks” where we played 4 games and Matt completely whooped my ass all night. Good fun. Christina Salisbury’s wedding is on Saturday — gotta get her something. And there’s some potential for some pretty important news [for me] coming up, will have more specifics in the morning. Update! – 7:12p – I worked out a thing with Bob today … so the community service is all taken care of. Additionally, I am offically moving — next door. I signed the papers today with Tony, and am moving from 427 to 423 N. Weber on/around the 21st/22nd — I’m taking a one-time assraping for it, but it’s definitely for the better. Probably won’t have a home phone, but we’ll have a T-1 in pretty soon. [fingers crossed]. The hottie mentioned above [samantha] has a kid. Damn. On a separate note, I have decided that this site is Free as in Beer, and Free as in speech as well. Although I may not like that you read it or that you comment on it, you still should have the ability to do such things if you so choose. Thanks to Tony and Tore for the extremely-often dishing out of on-target advice — precisely when it’s needed. Happy Birthday to my Dad! What a great guy 🙂

2002-05-08 02:05:03 – Reverend
Flop Flop Flop
2002-05-08 02:59:18 – pinky
hey, you all should check out the new eminem song…even though randal doesn’t like, i do. and, uh, fuck finals!
2002-05-08 15:33:58 – pinky
I’m fucking done…aww yes bitches!!!! summer!
2002-05-09 00:04:08 – Nethueus
Fuck your dad (nice guy thaough I am sure he is), it’s my BIRTHDAY!!!
2002-05-09 00:04:53 – Netheus
k, so it’s been over for a few minutes…. but stilll May 8th is my birthday!!!
2002-05-09 00:16:23 – rand0m
… I care about my dad’s birthday.
2002-05-09 00:34:46 – pinky
randal, be nice…. 151 is the shit! and…i’m gonna be out of this fucking place in less than 24 hours! wooo!.. also, tore…i didn’t write down your phone number…email it to me sometime today…or i’ll just call your mom and get it.
2002-05-09 10:06:14 – Mathieu
um, er, yay I’m done now too! I was 11 minutes late to my last final! um, er, I didn’t realize that Saturday, as in *this* Saturday was Christina’s wedding. um, er, I’m stuck in Denver and Fort Collins all weekend, I’m really sorry Christina that I won’t be able to be there :- um, er, Dave Matthews Band on Friday! (though, in shitty-ass seats)
2002-05-10 14:33:34 – pinky
in the tradition of people with misguided or ignorant opinions, the rocky mountain news has almost slandered me, saying i’m racist against white people and some other shit…[L=,1299,DRMN_38_1131046,00.html]here’s the link[/L]. sweet!
2002-05-11 05:37:19 – Netheus
I am getting married in a few hours…. oh my fucking god…….I think I might club him over the head, throw him in the truck, and run to vegas….. Carolyn said she would fall over if I did accidently, and I was thinking that if she did, some other people could too, and we could get a thing goin on… Alll the house guests from CA, AZ, etc, went to go watch the sunrise in Garden of the Gods….. crazy tourists!!!! oh my fucking god…. under ten hours…. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2002-05-11 06:22:49 – Disco
Actually Laura, they accusing you of not having the intestinal fortitude or Moral Courage to take a potentialy unpopular stance.
2002-05-11 13:38:11 – Siaokh
Punch. Congrats on the wedding Neth. Although clubbing ppl over the head and dragging them off to vegas would be fun… Just make sure elvis marries you 🙂 -Tim
2002-05-11 14:58:30 – Burnz
Congratulations from here too Netheus. And my sorrows go out to the poor bastard whose real life ends today. We will mourn him.
2002-05-12 22:04:09 – Netheus
Fuck you… his life just started…
2002-05-12 22:04:10 – Netheus
Fuck you… his life just started…
2002-05-12 22:24:36 – realbighead
Twice, apparently.
2002-05-13 00:13:11 – Burnz
Well, life is pain. So yeah, his life has just started…..
2002-05-13 02:42:44 – Netheus
Fuck you Burnz, you’re an asshole. 🙂
2002-05-13 02:43:31 – rand0m
Yup, I’m a happy camper. Rock the fucking hizouse! w0o! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
2002-05-13 02:58:04 – tony
So get this, I’m just back from vegas and a few hundred dollars lighter. I’ve been thinking about seeing attack of the clones for a while, only trouble is, up until a couple of weeks ago, there were only like 18 theaters with Digital Light Projection, the cool new thing lucas filmed the new movies on. Well, I just checked, and there is now a theater in Denver with DLP projector: UA Denver Pavillions Stadium 15 500 16th Street, Suite 310 Denver, Colorado 80202 USA Tel: (303) 454-9086, Express Code: 534 Anyone up for making road trip to denver to catch this movie on friday afternoon, or evening?
2002-05-13 03:49:25 – Burnz
You know I love you neth. Just against marriage. Happy for you though. Wish I could have been there. You did kill a perfectly good guy, You gotta admit that. He done caved in. One step before falling on a sacrificial knife. I would watch him if I were you. Cheers and all that. I give it 2 years before it becomes a nightmare. And don’t be too quick with the procreating. I don’t wanna go to prison for fucking your children.
2002-05-13 20:54:19 – LikwidNyte
Actually, Denver Pavillions has had that for quite some time. I actually randomly went to the first movie they showed with it (Monster’s Inc.) It’s really too beautiful for words. :-p