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I don’t have much to say. I mean, I do, but not here. “oh, come on, put everything on here! please! we know your personal life means nothing, come on!” Yea, fuck you. The reason why is that my personal life is nothing but tortorous misery, 24/7. No, seriously. I’m not joking. Okay, you broke me. Current things of note in personal life:

1. Misc. House issues [chores, bills, who’s coming and going] 2. Chicks. What’s new. And you! yea, fuck you, crazy hag. 3. Women. I Don’t know any really, but I’m sure that they’re better than girls/chicks. 4. Community Service. Don’t have any, looking for an out. Please God Help Me! 5. Clothes. I need some, because I keep destroying mine, either by spilling battery acid on them or by wearing them out.

School’s over, and I don’t know if I’m happy or sad. I’m mostly in the “whoa” phase … I might be taking a summer class or two, depending on my grades. I don’t know how well I did, but I don’t think it’s super-hot. Oh well, that’s how the chips fall. Went to Boulder Street this morning to grab my oh-so-necessary orange juice and ran into Michelle. I don’t know her last name, all I know is that she was/is a friend of Jackie’s/Janelle’s, and she’s a fox. I’d do her in a heartbeat. And she’s not dumb either! Was mildly attracted to her, but there’s no chance with her [or anyone for that matter >-|], so that’s that. But I just might buy some Dr.Martin’s shoes from the store she works at in the mall. So it’s May 1st today, and I’ve decided to clear out my e-mail and such, a monthly thing I do. Inside outlook, I have two main .PST files [or folders to the lay person], one of which is “archive” and the other is “current”. I move all of the stuff older than 30 days from current to archive, then save archive somewhere safe, just in case. This results in a nice, fast outlook, but it also means that archive is 170MB. Anyway, the horrible, terrible part is synching my e-mail between my laptop and my desktop. Goddamn does it suck. Because I have to copy all the files over, delete, import blah blah blah. I sure wish there were an easy, easy way to do it without using an Exchange server. I thought about using IMAP, but that won’t integrate with all my existing e-mail very well. Suggestions? On another note, I have decided that I am wildly ambivilent about airing dirty laundry on my site. I want to, but don’t want to [for fear of what it would do]. And, separate from that, reading some of the Janelle e-mail from forever ago just pulls my heart strings. I’ve been having these weird pangs ever since this bullshit girl situation came up, and even more so once April and I stopped our thing. Hrmm … shouldn’t be dwelling on that, because that’s long dead. On one more note, my dad got a job down here in the springs, so my parents are moving back down here permanently. woo. Update – 10:17p – I sent out an e-mail to a couple people today about exams and finals, and went out on a limb and dropped one off to Janelle. Get this — not only did she respond, but it was actually a pleasant reply. Amazing.

2002-05-01 14:44:04 – pinky
god damnit…women are not crazy and that’s why they won’t date any of you…how’s that for fucking clever 🙂 i have a fucking 20 page paper to write and a test tomorrow…laura= fucked
2002-05-01 16:06:56 – Burnz
Goddamn thing ate my post! If your site were a person, I think I would knock up it’s girlfriend. And women are fucking crazy, and they’ll date me. More evidence to the crazy. I want votes about the dirty laundry issue. I say he should do it and let the chips fall where they may. Burnz:1 vote for dirty laundry. And I found that the heart string pullingness stops when you get better perspective. 😉
2002-05-01 17:48:53 – rand0m
considering the enormous amounts of comments that my site gets, I think the problem is on your end. Are you not the master of fucking up when it comes to submitting something by a webpage, mr. "I deleted a 2 page e-mail through sheer incompetence" ? what do you mean by better persepective? After realizing that all chicks are crazy psycho bitches and writing them all off as nothing more than warm, smell-good things is the best thing I can do?
2002-05-01 19:58:12 – Burnz
Oh, well need I point out that it was your goddamn mail server that ate that fucking e-mail. Does anything over there work? Damn son, I don’t like to use words like donut and lettuce, but I am close, so watch yourself. And perspective I mean that…..well it is a very long discussion, I just mean that your heart strings don’t move when you’re flat broke, working 6 days a week and sweating the law. I prescribe a couple of days without sleep to kinda run your idle down see what comes out. Hard to explain in a little comments box. Just my experience.
2002-05-01 21:44:49 – Master Ha-reed
Her last name is Swanson, in case you cared for fantasizing/jerking off You could try doing the web-mail only route, otherwise IMAP (or some other method that stores mail on the servar) is the route to go w3rd! Randal puts up actual MP3’s!! Does this mean the file server is back up?? P.S. Come to Brighton Beach Memoirs – Thu, Fri, Sat 7:00; Sat 2:00 – PHS
2002-05-01 21:57:48 – rand0m
yea, the mp3otw is up, and yes, the fileserver is back up in all it’s glory. If you’d like a private account, e-mail me the uid/pwd [ha-reed, I’ve got all your stuff still, but need your pwd] and I’ll hook you up: [L=][/L] As for the play … I’m not busy Friday night, so that just might happen. Ahh, a play and a good drunk = great combo. Thanks for the last name … she’s hot enough to approach — is she single 😉 [please note that I do know that high school girls are bad news. as long as there’s an actual relationship, that is. heh. 😉 ]
2002-05-02 03:34:08 – keener2u
After carefull consideration I have decided that chicks sucks ass and that we will never figure out how to get women we will never get women because we are a one or a zero that we are a zero we are binary a one is too much we must be an asshole and will never be that….
2002-05-02 10:24:00 – realbighead
was he drunk when he wrote that, or did someone go and change English without telling me? this distinction between chicks and girls is entirely arbitrary; it’s much easier to just divide the world into "stupid people that suck" and "otherwise", because the phenomenon isn’t limited to women at all. Plus, that way, instead of just coming across as bitter, you turn into a full-on misanthrope. Oh, and if anyone has any acting tips on being a seductive sleazy type (Don Giovanni, specifically), please pony them up quickly, because I have to pretend to be such onstage in under a week.
2002-05-02 11:40:13 – rand0m
Yea, I think he was completely blasted when he wrote that … and there is no distinction between girls/chicks, only between girls/chicks and women. Girls and chicks is an inclusive term for emotionally-whacked out psycho motherfuckers who have no idea where they’re going, what they’re doing or what they want. As for the acting … umm … maybe slicked back hair? On the other hand, IMAP, with some tweaking on my side sounds like a good idea.
2002-05-02 13:05:05 – t
dang matt be umm getting umm too drunk and writing ummm and he ain’t ernest hemingway (sic) you can act sleazy by doing 2 things, completely relax and give not a shit about what you say, and then always be imagining the most vulgar repulsive things to do to people all while smiling in an arrogant fashion…
2002-05-02 19:05:59 – keener2u
Yes I was blasted completely….you know why..because chicks suck …So yeah I go with the scott adams idea…that there are individuals…and there also induhviduals….nice thing about this is that we can call them induhviduals and they won’t even know it…
2002-05-03 10:10:35 – Netheus
Just delete the old god damned e-mail… or make hard copies and put them in a folder. They just make you sad, miserable, etc., and they take up space an time on your computers!!! And I hope you all got laid on the one day of the year which fertility is celebrated around the world. No Wiccan horse shit here— May day makes for great sex!!!!!!!!!
2002-05-03 10:39:28 – Siaokh
Punch. I’m 21 today. Drunken shenanigans may now commence. wwwwooooOOOOOoooOOOOO!!!!!
2002-05-03 13:27:58 – pinky
happy birthday, asshole [said with laura inflectiong :-)]
2002-05-04 03:35:00 – keener2u
ok it is time for matt’s commentary that’s right the time that matt is totally fucked up and really pissed [commentary/]WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH WOMEN they don’t know when something is good for them Like Randal and I. We are good people we are nice and we care but no women only want assholes at this point. People they can use and fuck over completely. Yeah randal and I have good jobs we are nice and would help be nice. That doesn’t matter. Women are massicist all they want are people to fuck them over completely. People that will screw them and not care. You know FUCK YOU FUCK YOU chicks. That is all I have to say. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU. You don’t know how good you have till you are 27 and have baggage. It used to be that women were happy with TLC now all they care about is TLA which is guys that TREAT YOU LIKE ASSHOLES FUCK YOU. You know maybe I will find a women like linux kitty maybe I will be that lucky till then just FUCK YOU[/commentary] there I amd done bitching for the day I am the ASSHOLE everyone look at the ASSHOLE
2002-05-04 03:36:58 – keener2u
2002-05-04 03:42:26 – Burnz
I am a little tired of the asshole talk. Yes, there are lots of crazy women that go for total fucking shitbaggers. But since I am part of the genesis of this whole discussion, I would like to say that being a little aloof isn’t being an asshole. It being prudent so that I don’t run in and get some loony cunt ripping and shredding at me because I made myself available. I find this classification to be wearing thin as it harps and harps and harps. Go hump your fist and quit complaining. You’ll find a warm bed and a Playboy centerfold can beat out lots of women. I don’t see why you are so pissed they don’t want you. It is actually better that way. That is my opinion. I prefer prick to asshole.
2002-05-04 03:52:57 – Burnz
Furthermore, I dislike the implication that the whole appeal of this man is his assholeness. Because let me tell you, brutha, that there might be other fucking reasons besides how nasty he can be to her. Attraction happens with a lot of goddamn variables. And this holier than thou crap is really getting under my (now drunken) skin. This is martyrdome bullshit. It is a reason to hate the "asshole" and rationalize your own lacking by saying you are a nice guy. Nifty, good for you. Some of us play the fucking numbers instead of diving in head first. Try a little distance and rationality instead of the deepened passion you obviously have about the subject. Ok, I am quite done.
2002-05-04 11:16:28 – realbighead
ever think they might be looking for something more than a nice guy with a steady job? one thing I’ve noted (and I ain’t no guru) is that chicks like strong personalities, in general, and being an asshole often gets mistaken for such. and I have to go with burnz on this: trying to blame the lack of women on anyone but yourself is a pretty cheapass excuse. hating assholes for being assholes is no problem; hating women because they like someone else isn’t gonna get you anywhere.
2002-05-04 11:20:51 – realbighead
[wonders how that lost post got submitted before I finished it… continues long tradition of doing 2 posts in a row] I also have to agree with burnz on the rather low percent of women who are worth the effort. While I wouldn’t say that righty (or lefty) and a playboy make a superior substitute, there’s still only a small group of women who are even worth bothering about… if all the others are dating "assholes", who fucking cares?
2002-05-04 13:40:02 – pinky
i just think randal and matt are really jaded. from all the women i know up here and at home dating people, they’re dating really wonderful guys. and all the really nice, wonderful guys up here are taken, yet, all the assholes are single. if by "dating" you mean "fucking" then yes, girls are just going for someone hot, drunk and single, which generally is some frat boyish asshole. so, i think it’s fine to think that it sucks that some men treat women like shit, because it’s quite true. i don’t think it’s fair to blame your lack of women on all the asshole me, though…maybe you just haven’t met someone who’s looking for a nice guy. besides the fact that most people our age are single and not looking for commitment (imo)…who knows. anyway, i agree with tore and matt…if you really have a problem with it, resort to women in magazines and your hand.
2002-05-04 18:01:13 – pinky
me!,1299,DRMN_15_1124346,00.html and christina, logan said you didn’t know if i was going to your wedding…of course i am. stupid bickering on randal’s site doesn’t constitute anything, you know.
2002-05-04 18:07:19 – t
On this subject, I believe I agree with what Tore has to say about women and assholes, that strong personalities are what appeal to women and that assholes get mistaken for this. My approach echos some of byrne’s idea of prudence. But not entirely, as byrnes has been to Australia for a woman, has been laid more recently than I have, and I know of 2 women that were attracted to Byrnes which were total surprises, one being brianna, aka breezy. That one still amazes me.
2002-05-04 20:06:29 – keener2u
I have to say that my post wasn’t an attack on Byrnes but I can see where all the bickering would piss him off. The issue is that what I see down here are really screwed up women who go for guys that will treat them like shit. My experience which probably doesn’t mean too much shows proves this. But maybe I just don’t have that strong character…..
2002-05-05 01:43:34 – Xaero
Techno is NOT an umbrella term. Techno is a genre, just like house, just like trance. Nobody calls all electronic music house, so why call it all "techno"?
2002-05-05 01:49:48 – rand0m
Thank you, "Xearo", I look forward to seeing your oh-so-knowledgable, pacifier-strewn body laying in the gutter after your next X overdose.
2002-05-05 01:57:06 – Xaero
1)research a drug before you decide to proclaim its limits and side affects.. or principal affects for that matter 2)dont do X anymore.. sorry for the disapointment
2002-05-05 03:13:11 – AZN-INVZN
2002-05-05 04:39:12 – Burnz
I realize it wasn’t a personal attack. It was a classification that I didn’t like. Said that my only redeeming quality was asshole. That was all the iron I was packing was being a big fucking asshole. But it be all good. You find some hunnyage. I wish you luck and agree that there are nuts ones that seek just victimizing bastards, and you can take that to the bank. They aren’t the ones you want anyway….trust me. And why do you fucking people change my goddamn name? Byrnes, Burnz, Byrnez….I don’t know who I am anymore. The point was to share how funny it was that rand0m said "your next X overdose". Like he has a string of them. This weekend? X overdose. And no, it is hard to overdose on, but causes severe and chronic depression in later life. Cuz I have researched the goddamn drug skipper. Step up to the plate if you care to take a narcotic swing on the carousel of learning that is my information on drugs. That is that. But I look foreward to seeing your pacifier strewn body after your first overdose on stupid fucking lifestyle. Bling bling!
2002-05-05 04:59:00 – Burnz
And for people with taste in television: Sign the petition to save family guy at
2002-05-05 05:14:40 – pinky
yes! save family guy and then come save the world from evil multinational corps. with me in denver on monday at 4oclock at the corner of 17th and welton downtown…it’s gonna kick some ass, seattle style (according to the news)…or actually, i just need an idea for a sign to take down there, so offer up, bitches.
2002-05-05 06:21:14 – Burnz
I would be there pinky dear, but I have work for an evil corporation…….pretend I am fighting the machine from the inside…..the man owns me. And techno is an umbrella term if you are one of the "real people". You can argue that techno is an offshoot of electronica all you like. In the end, to laymen, it is techno shit. So just shut up and find a group to fuck with that won’t pound you like ground chuck when they find you. And trust me chuckles, I will. You are a goddamn bloody stain to me. Sorry about this post. Craig, I see you, you fucking die. Period. Shiv or blunt force trauma I have had it with your whole little hive-mind group. I see hackerpat, I mail him home an ear at a time. Test my resolve. Oooooooooooo, drunk and pissed, not good. And think about a play with the term corp and corpse. That is the way I would go if I were coherent, Pinky. Think about a new post brutha, this cat is degrading into e-violence fast.
2002-05-08 00:36:26 – Reverend
Actually kiddo… that wasnt craig… that was me. And if the offer still stands for bloodshed with me as it did with craig… any time you want to, just lemme know when. 😉