Another day in the saga of rand0m

Welp, this news post doesn’t come as a super-duper good one, because there really isn’t that much happening in my oh-so-busy life. Besides being an undesirable #6 pumpkin, that is. From the top, Spring Break! wOo-wee was spring break fun. I did mostly nothing. Kind of sat around a lot. I got drunk mid-week with Emily and the housemates, which turned out to be not such a hot idea, because, well, going to work with a mild hangover sucks. Anyhow, she had some issues that required drinking to get over, so we did. That was fun. Break continued on, and … yea, that was about it. Oh wait, no, I got a scrumptious raise on Friday, along with 35% company ownership — rock!. And then Steve’s sister had a wedding reception, which I attended, and had a lot of fun at. Didn’t do much else on Friday night at all. I don’t think. To be honest, I don’t remember. Saturday started out pretty slow, but it got better around noon … cuz I went over to the local Honda Motorcycle dealer and signed all the paperwork for a CBR600 … hopefully I’ll get to ride my new bike home at the end of the week 😀 :-D. Umm … oh yea, went out with Laura & Michael Espinoza for some Old Chicago, which was cool — especially when Michael and I got our freak on. Then went home and chilled, until the ex rang me up for a quicky, which turned out to be a lot more bed-rockin then a normal quicky … got home pretty late, and slept like a baby 😀 Went to my parents’ place Sunday morning to help move stuff in [from Utah], which was tiring, but it was nice to see my parents. Was invited over to Steve’s place [see above] for Easter Dinner, which rocked, because I ate and ate and ate. That was cool until I left, which is where I, like a dumbass, ran my truck off the road and blew out my left side tires on a fence. :-/ Called up the rents and got home okay, then ate some more dinner (at rents’ place) and then went home. I seriously can’t believe the crap that comes out of some people’s mouths. For instance “if the media doesn’t cover it, it didn’t happen.” What kind of bullshit is that? Also, the whole ‘men should always make the first move’ thing … such shit – what happened to all this equality? Buy my fucking meal for a change, okay? Sheesh, some people. And I apologize to everyone for being an undereducated slob. I admit it, I [again], know absolutely nothing, be it simple math, how to have sex, or even how to stand upright. I am especially obtuse when it comes to women. But Matt Does. So ask him. Or, conversely, if you just want to get laid, because that’s all a sub-10 pumpkin can hope for, ask me. 😉 And, I just spilled rootbeer all over my laptop. Goddamn motherfucking peice of goddamn non-soda resistant shit. Grr. Oh, FirstMatt went out on a date [oOoOooh] with a chicita he met on Unfortunately, no tang. Moved a mattress around for another housemate, while simultaneously planning my next wild sexcapade (which I am told will be on Tuesday) on said mattress … I’m sure Shawn won’t mind 😉 Update – 2:20p – Just got a ring from mom, and Marla is coming out from New York to begin a new life as an entertainer … apparently she’s staying at the rents’ house (ugh) for 2 weeks prior … that should be fun for her [muhHAhaha]. Sucker. Headlines Of Note: Nvidia Buys AMD Linus Retires from Kernel Dev Google’s New PigeonRank System Wins Big Blizzard Adds Vicious New ‘Pandaren’ Race to WarCraft III

2002-04-01 16:32:39 – Da Mastah Ha-reed
Sheesh Randal, try to get URL’s right The real Nvidia Buys AMD link:
2002-04-01 16:37:38 – rand0m
what the hell kind of crack are you smoking boy?
2002-04-01 18:41:58 – keener2u
Yeah…I hate it when I talk to a tv all night long…bleh…I wanna….
2002-04-01 18:47:31 – keener2u
freaking a that just cut off my little html thingie….*starts singing* I wanna …the ….but the….won’t … me … me
2002-04-01 22:41:49 – bastard
fuck bitches bitches fuck fuck insert where appropriate to alleviate stress and acid reflux
2002-04-02 03:19:35 – Burnz
The ex as in *THE EX*? I thought she was under the supervision of that kyke….kike….I am not sure, someone help me out I hate to get my slurs wrong. What would my Aryan nation brothers say about that? Heavens.
2002-04-02 07:39:37 – Marla “the leather bag buying sister”
What the fuck? I am in noooooo way heading out to sorry-ass CO. Where does that whack-job (mother) get this shit from? And be it known that I would rather commit painful suicide then live with my parents again. Rand0m needs to fill me in ASAP. And congrats on the raise, the bike, and the flat tires,,,,smooth move. Makes me wonder how quick you’d kill yourself on a bike, if you can’t drive a truck. But hey with a face like yours… could only help. Just joking, at least your getting some ass. M
2002-04-02 09:15:59 – rand0m
Wow, it’s almost like you people missed the fact that yesterday was April Fool’s Day … 😉
2002-04-02 10:13:56 – Netheus
yeah, like anyone is going to call up Randal and petition for sex…. What really should have given it away is the whole "35% of the company," which although he deserves, would never get. And if Nvidia bought AMD, is my warranty still good on my K-7?
2002-04-02 12:32:04 – rand0m
First off, fuck you … I may not be the most super-hot guy in the world, but believe me, I’m not celibate. And no, short blonde women have been removed from warranty support.
2002-04-02 15:09:18 – Burnz
Oh lord. No offense there slick, but this post proves how little it is about your content and how much it is about commenting. Reading over the post it is ridiculous, but all I could think when I first read it was "blue comment link, fight, blue comment link, fight." I promise to try harder to pay attention. It helps that I am getting slower as I get older.
2002-04-03 07:24:11 – bastard
I’m gonna do a first here, because, I’m gonna actually post something relevant to the original post. Souvenirs and postcards will be sold outside the coliseum after the show! First, about women making the first move, I know a few guys that feel that a woman making the first move is aggresive. Now, I like that in a woman, because to me that means independence, free spirit, in other words, I don’t have some hug-a-bear hanging on to me all the time. Someone who has their own life. Unfortunately, some aggresive women are also psycho, so, that’s the risk you take I guess. Personally, I like to make the first move, I think it shows character, it leads. Talking about "it doesn’t happen if the media doesn’t cover it", I saw an awesome video over at the lindy commune entitled "Testify – Rage Against the Machine". An excellent video, and I believe Matt would agree. He watched it too. The two are relevant, because the video depicts how easy it is to manipulate based on subject matter. And what I mean there is that, if you see a topic, like "two different people acting as one", and then a video goes on to show two different people saying Exactly the same thing, then it proves the point. And somehow out of all the facts related to the subject, by showing only that which is relevant, we then know that there point is true. If you’re confused by these statements, just watch the frickin video. Also, on how to stand up straight, have not a worry because it is very simple: stand perpindicular (sic) to the gravitational surface of your current planet. 🙂
2002-04-03 13:39:06 – pinky
speaking of raging against the machine, or whatever, you all should come protest the ICC on may 6-8 in denver. although, i know you won’t, but maybe tore if he’s home, or christina. 🙂
2002-04-03 18:51:47 – Netheus
What is ICC? I am slow witht the acronyms, yo. And as for news, go to They go through Newspapers througout the world and get the best stories. And if you wanna get a good laugh, and have web radio, go listen to they rock.
2002-04-04 00:50:55 – Keener2u
[bastard quote]First, about women making the first move, I know a few guys that feel that a woman making the first move is aggresive. Now, I like that in a woman, because to me that means independence, free spirit, in other words, I don’t have some hug-a-bear hanging on to me all the time.[/bastard quote] Amen dude plus don’t forget that means that we don’t have to pay the 25 dollars on
2002-04-04 01:39:06 – realbighead
Issue with that is that there are a lot of aggressive guys out there too, esp. on a retarded campus like this, which means that women making the first move don’t exist. And hobbit women of the same sort are even less likely; sorry, tony, that’s just the way the ball bounces. Not to say that I don’t agree… just that it’s turning into a pipe dream rapidly… plus, "aggressive" behavior towards a relationship would tend to indicate a lack of independence; if they’re that independent, why are they trying so hard to get into a relationship? Then again, maybe it’s just paranoia setting in. Too much DDR can do that to a man.