yippee-ay-yeah, cowbow!

8:52am and we’re leaving Utah as soon as I post. I hope to be back in the springs around 7 — I know all you monkeys out there are just frothing at the bit to get your alottment of glorious me: all you need now is a little patience 😉

On another note, over there on the left hand side a the top there is the navigation section. You’ll note that there is now a Moving Out link — follow it for mysterious prize #2! No, seriously, it’s a page I whipped up so that you, yes, you could give me some reasoning on moving out – both good and bad. Take a peek, it’s good. And the code behind it is terrible, but it works fine!

Once I hit northern colorado, I’ll start calling you peepz to see what’s going on – Tore, you still down for LotR? I’ll be back soon!

2001-12-26 17:59:43 – Siaokh
That movie is all about whitey keepin the brotha down… DOWN I SAY. -Tim (no, i’m just bored)
2001-12-27 12:59:24 – realbighead
what, is sauron the black power ranger?