misc notes

Today was a good day, for a couple reasons. Primarily, I saw sunlight – at least 10 minutes of pure, unadulterated sunlight. It was glorious. I saw my brother, which was nice. Spoke to a couple people in the springs [via cell], and that was nice too. Yup, that was about it.

Depending on how things go in ~ 2 1/2 weeks, I’ll be selling my truck. Because of this, anybody who wants to go on a ride in the emobiment of my teen-age years needs to make sure they do so prior to me losing my license. I know you all don’t care that much, but I do. [sniffle sniffle] … kind of an end of an era, you know? Ahh well, like I said in the last post – approaching big bad 20, and I have shit to do.

I went Christmas shopping with family today. While that in itself is as close to hell as one can get, that’s not the important part. The important part is that Utah is full of fine ass bitches. Seriously, everywhere I turn, there’s another firm-bodied, hottt girl. At the store. On the street. In front of me, walking, bagging my sister’s purchases, helping little kids cross the street — they’re everywhere. And every single fucking one of them is married. Not kidding. Seriously, here in Utah, if you’re 19 and female, you are married. It made me sort of ill, realizing that every girl I looked at was another guy’s woman. Fucking whack. And the worst part is this – at any time, 3 out of 5 girls are wearing fuck-me boots. Yes, those calf-high, form-fitting black leather boots that make me want to perform vigorous horizontal activity with the wearer. The whole woman scene here is truly terrifying. I want to be back where the girls are not married at 19, where they are still young, single and don’t have 3 kids.

Update: Went to church today. That was crap. Except for the oh-so-plentiful hot married chicks in fuck-me boots. You want to woo me? Well, if you’re female, you’re mostly done already. But if you wear fuck-me boots, I’m sold.

Sometimes you just think yourself into a stupor. Anybody ever done that? I do it on occasion – It usually gets me really down. Being here in Utah away from comfortable-land isn’t helping::

2001-12-23 02:36:45 – tony
congratulations on your soon to be turning 20 and FUCK YOU for reminding me of ex-girlfriends… i’ve been doing fine without thoughts of girlfriends, current absence of or that of ex-girlfriends, but now, in my lulls from thinking where my mind wanders or lapses into thought, it’s about ex-girlfriends…. FUCKKKKKKK. seriously man, it wouldn’t be so bad if i had bad experiences with ex’s but shit, not the case…. this right now translated into the color spectrum is white, fucking grade AAA anger absolution
2001-12-23 02:50:53 – The Disco X
Continuing the last thread…. And let me give you some advice that I’ve never been able to take. She was your first love, forget about her, everything about her, don’t talk to her, call her, talk to her friends, have coffee for her, throw out all the pictures of her, anything, trust me, you’ll be alot happier, unless for some wierd reason she is willing to take you back
2001-12-23 04:47:56 – Burnz
I don’t agree with Disco on this one either really. My personal belief is that hiding from someone that meant so much to you, rather than being adult enough to put the past behind you and decide logically whether or not you want buddy Janelle in your life and realizing that you can’t have sex Janelle is a lot better than burning the bridge. This will most likely lead to not wanting to see her, because sex Janelle was much more fun than buddy Janelle, but at least do the hard thing and admit the feelings and deal with their reprocussions. Once again, this is only Burnz opinion, had this been a verified truth, you would have been given detailed instructions on what to do after the tone. Equipment that could keep Burnz on his high horse is being tested during this time. However, if you do see sex Janelle, drop her my number and make sure you find a way to slip in the phrase "good with his hands" or "amazing stamina".
2001-12-23 04:49:56 – Burnz
And why is everyone having ex issues right now? Tony, rand0m, me. Is this a fad? A trend? Will old navy be peddling these "funky retro-chicks" in a low cut style, or with flared bottoms?….mine could use a flared bottom now that I think about it. But my issues are good, so y’all be trippin….understandably though.
2001-12-23 12:41:42 – rand0m
I think Disco is wrong here, too — running away may feel okay, but it’s pretty weak. Believe me, if I see sex Janelle instead of Buddy Janelle [highly unlikely … (suck)], nobody is going to know about it. I don’t ask anyone [especially her] about their sex lives, and don’t intend to talk about mine. Or the horrendous lack thereof. And, just to clear things up – the ex issues for me are past :: this particular phase was a small clarification – although it might have been destructive if I was a sap, it hasn’t been. Seriously though, I try to conjure up some long-term rage and it just fails. I can’t do it to anyone, much less her. Oh, and I bet everyone is on an ex-trip because of the holidays – I know that I think about having someone to cuddle with fairly often, and gotta harden myself with the fact that it’s not happening. $.02 — best of luck with the ex, el-mucho-studo.
2001-12-24 11:50:51 – The Disco X
so Randal, think you can hook me up with your old tech support job? I want a night job while I’m goiung to school.