Oakenfold etc.

So yesterday, I’m chilling here at work doing my thing, and Emily IMs me and says have fun at the concert. I’m thinking ‘the concert isn’t until saturday … [?]’ … well … it turns out that the concert was last night, and not saturday. So I rang up Tony and met up over at his place and then headed to Denver.

Showed up right at 8, parked, and stood in line for 20 minutes waiting to get in. Not as bad as the Sasha & Digweed willcall line, but still annoying. Got in, and it was bumpin. It was a completely different crowd than the S&D concert here in the springs :: Much more nightclub-ish, zero rave-ish. There were a *TON* of older & married couples there, which was a little freaky. Anywho, the music was decent — I think Oakenfold is overrated; he didn’t seem to have any insane abilities, and he didn’t mix anything that didn’t sound out-of-this-world spectacular. His style of tek is way, way different than Sasha & Digweed’s: a *whole bunch* of melody on top of a medium bassbeat. Different strokes, different folks. I had a good time, and I would definitely go again.

At the concert, Tony found Laura and her crew from CU. That was pretty cool. She brought along Matt Hix, Brook, Garret [sp?] and Jeanne McCartney. It was hella weird seeing Jeanne there — I don’t picture her at this kind of event at all; she said the same thing about me, though, so I guess we all have hidden goodness 🙂 After the concert was over, we met up at the Denver Diner and chilled out till ~ 1:15, in which time I noticed that A) Matt isn’t so bad [;-)] B) Garret is quite smart and C) our waitress had a very annoying laugh 😛 I think everybody had a good time. Got home and passed out around 3:30, then woke up at 7 to pick up Ben Chapin [Denver Steve’s brother] and take him to school because he had no other ride. So, here’s me on little sleep. Here’s to a good day 😀

Update: My left ankle is tender again [sigh], and my back is sore. Also, just found out that the tentative xmas plans in Utah are 12/15 to 01/03 … two and a half weeks? No fucking way — Especially not with a web.dev contract in there.

2001-11-28 10:04:30 – The Disco X
Disco X > Rand0m And many women have commented favorably on my earrings, they are not gay damnit!
2001-11-28 13:35:37 – Laura
my opinion on oakenfold: i wasn’t looking forward to the concert due to lack of intoxicants. we get in there, and some dude buys me a drink and the people behind up let us have some weed, and it was a fucking amazing concert. then again, most techno sucks unless you’re fucked up. Also, Garrett fucking rocks, but you spelled his name wrong and Brooke’s name has an e 🙂 Garrett is also fucking gorgeous . alright, i’m going back to sleep, damnit.
2001-11-28 16:54:03 – tony
the club with oakenfold was excellent… anyone know of a good motherboard with nForce chipset?
2001-11-28 17:32:55 – red5
does html work in here? If not, go here randal: http://michaelhusson.com/mark/temp/rand0m.gif If you don’t want to use it, it wont hurt my feelings.
2001-11-28 18:00:06 – rand0m
Thanks for the effort, but that is tOoo busy.
2001-11-29 12:55:49 – Burnz
Try some soul coughing for the mp3otw. I recommend "Super Bon Bon" "disseminated" and "miss the girl". Methinks you will dig that shit like a mobster in the desert digs holes!
2001-11-30 03:14:02 – Laura
garrett sucks…ask me sometime when i’m sober…ack
2001-11-30 20:00:42 – red5
haha, i know what that means…
2001-12-01 02:22:10 – L-dawg
not like it’s any of anyone’s concern, but i am drunk again…i believe this make is the 4th night in a row that i have been wasted. yes, indeed, i am not too wasted right now…it’s all at different levels. people have left all their shit in my room…my friend chris ate all my cookies…fuck this. also, i am getting drunk tomorrow, as well, at ken’s house…that will make it five nights. this is a record for pinky…hehe. nighty night laura
2001-12-01 04:45:57 – Burnz
5 nights in a row huh? You are cute.
2001-12-01 04:55:30 – The Disco X
Laura, you are pathetic, I spent no less than a whole YEAR drunk in Korea.
2001-12-01 11:14:57 – Siaokh
And it shows
2001-12-02 19:01:15 – Master Ha-reed
hey laura, have fun in any riots this weekend?