Santa Fe road trip

So I’m headed off to Santa Fe either tonight or tomorrow, depending on if anybody wants to come. Road tripping alone kinda sucks … so … if you have the desire to go to Santa Fe tonight, get completely trashed and come back home tomorrow night, let me know. Otherwise, if you want to go down early tomorrow morning and skip the getting bombed part and then come home tomorrow night, likewise, lemme know.

Had one of those real conversations with Emily last night … wow. Boy, that sure felt good … like, not being stupid or being techy, but just talking about stuff that’s important [to me] and just getting through it. I don’t know what she thought of it, but hey, I enjoyed it. Also, I was talking to Craig last night, and we have come to the realization that MSN Messenger rocks. That’s some fat shit: application sharing, whiteboard, all kinds of stuff. And while we were at it, I realized that I really, really, really suck at math now. Simple calculus proved quite daunting. In fact, I looked over one of my higher level math portfolios and wanted to cry. I am dumb now, and it hurts to know that I have fallen intellectually. [sigh] I used to think that doing copious amounts of math homework was waay better than any english essay, but now, I’d write a full length essay instead of doing 1 hardcore calc problem. At least I know I can write. Oddly enough, I can program really well, I can write really well, but I can’t do math anymore. :-/ Well, that’s that. Let me know if you want to trip to see Tore!

Update: Fine then, you whores, don’t post any comments! On another note, I got those Paul Oakenfold Tickets from matt. Thanks matt! w0o!

2001-11-21 00:19:25 – tony
boy oh wooo hooo, i’m drunk
2001-11-21 00:22:44 – tony
seriously folks, i am drunk it’s about 1:15 am here in waco texas, just got back from drinking with cousins here and i am tired… unfortunately, not too tired to care about what randal spoke about. you see, i too felt what randal mentioned, and that is why i signed back up for college! no lie, i signed back up for college because i felt my mental powers slipping away. insert your ass hearted comments here you low grade excuses for college plebians! anywho, i think as one of the visitors of this here website i commend randal for being forthwrite here, and i suggest randal pursue college! yes indeedy! (belchhhh) now where’s that bud light (belchhhh)
2001-11-21 00:27:31 – Tony’s Fucking Alarm Clock
4:00 am in Tony’s Room beep…. Beep…. BEep… BEEp…. BEEP…. BEEP… BEEP (*SMASH*) Carlos: Well that makes me feel way better! Clock Disabled JP: Burn baby burn John: What the shit? Jean: THANK GOD… two days straight can make Carlos even go mad!
2001-11-21 03:27:14 – Burnz
As the other drunken poster…or person that posts on this site I must say that there are things to be learned before you lock yourself into college. While I can’t seem to come up with any but the most remedial sentences I say that before you can fully throw yourself into braincell development, you have to kill more than a few. The difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience. Now dance little monkys dance for me….
2001-11-21 03:29:40 – Burnz
Oh and good for the thing with Emily. You have found the other thing women are good for…they know how to listen…and some of them (the ones I will alllow to live) can cook. So that is nearly three useful aspects, good for that gender. I mean really, gold star!!
2001-11-21 16:40:54 – The Disco X
Lol, just noticed the "Y-pie" thing up top.
2001-11-21 21:41:29 – boredladyM
Rand, What’s your MSN calling tag?
2001-11-21 22:39:28 – The Disco X
Gonna tell us anything or are you gonna let us worry?
2001-11-22 15:19:01 – tony
happy thanksgiving all you miscreants!