coffee card, wired wednesday

Okay, so I go in to get some coffee at the perk the other day [which is absolutely not unusual :-P] and I go to get my coffee card. This time, it’s there. So I get it out, and as I’m looking at it, some sweet soul wrote me a little note on my card. That makes me feel so good … it almost goes back to message-carrying-pigeon days … but yea, someone wrote me a little hello on there, and it just made me feel good. Can’t really explain it.

Went out last night … played a round of LQ with James and Dave, and thoroughly got ass reamed. blah. Then we met up with Tony over at Wired Wednesdays, located @ Party Zone. The music was kickin ass, and there were a lot of hotties, but James brought a harsh realization to bare :: sub-21 chicks are not looking for anything. They don’t go out to a club with any intention other than hanging out with their girlfriends, then going home and having a slumber party. I mean … trying to find a woman among all the girls [especially with me being 19] is completely pointless. I’m thinking I’ll start hitting on 25+ year old women and see where that gets me. Probably not far, but hey, it’s worth a shot.

In other news, I am in the process of landing a web design contract :: proposing a bid of $9k in an e-mail right now; we’ll see how the buyer takes it and hopefully [!!!] get it. That would be awesome.

Oh! Another thing. First off strawberry-rhubarb pie rocks!!! and second off, hash browns topped with a country gravy / sausage mix is just fucking unbeatable. yummmm 😀

Geekpadite Update: OMG a double header!!! Two juicy things today. Through the grapevine, I heard that the Craigmeister quit his job at VoiceStream. I don’t know why, but I saw that one coming a mile away :: at least he struggled through the shitty jobness longer than I did. And another thing! Apparently Tim is moving out of TheGeekPad. That kinda sucks, cuz I probably won’t see him much anymore. Hrm. He has AIM though, so not all is lost 😀

2001-11-16 00:29:09 – Siaokh
Yes, yes… It’s true, I am moving out of the geekpad. A new place, closer to work… rent is slightly cheaper and the place has a hot tub… w00t. I’ll definatley still be around to pester and annoy everyonee… you think you can get rid of me so easily? HAH! I’m already in the process of building a computer to act as a file server for the new place, and plans of networking the house are dancing in my head like sugar plums or something. t’ll still have a geeks touch with a party atmosphere. But enough rambling, it’s time for bed. Damn the early work of corporate america. And if you brag to me about going to the digweed /sasha concert…. i’ll wash your eyes out with turpentine! (have fun at the concert whom ever got tickets… lemme know if there are still some available… i kinda wanna go, but lack the motivation to purchase tickets). -Tim
2001-11-16 16:33:43 – t-bar and the love-stain
going to see warren miller’s cold fusion tonight, get some free passes and shite… see some fine snow bunnies, although without the cold, not as pointy, likesay… get to see these wierd ass twins from wisconsin or something doing their yearly video of skiing down a makeshift ski jump… later
2001-11-17 02:09:18 – el nino y dos gardenies
so, went to see warren miller’s 52nd movie. it was the bomb. definitely fuel for my snowboarding fire. i decided i’m not going snowboarding this weekend, but probably mountain biking, and then it’s on to the sasha digweed show with randal y mike. after that, it’s off to sunny texas for 5-6 days of gorging myself on food sex and alcohol. provided by my grandmother. well, not the sex at least. I’m probably gonna hit up some deposits up in dallas i’ve been saving for a rainy day. tracy, mandy, natalie, and this fine ass chick amanda. tell you all about it when i get back. here’s to a fine ass time at the concert!
2001-11-17 04:24:21 – Burnz
Made up women and the names of centerfolds that you jack off to count not for sex.