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Okay, so I have this e-mail exchange with a person, where they say something to the effect of “how I treat people has changed” … and that’s all they say. So of course, my next question is “like how?” … how they responded to that is really unimportant cuz it’s obviously a problem on their part … I’m concerned about me :: Should I be so inquisitive? Like, if someone says something that is obviously something of interest to me, is it decent to persue that topic further? Or should I just let it go and make assumptions? I hate assumptions. They make people think waaay too much or not enough. I really like to have definition … so … good to be questioning, or better to let things rest?

Man, today is a good day. Drove up to denver [where I’m posting from] — the nice, warm sun, the open road, the tasty sounding drone of the engine. Quite enjoyable. Gonna go see “K-Pax” tonight with Steve up here — I’ll have a review when I’m done.

Today Steve had a wasp fly up his pants while I was talking to him on AIM. He had to take his pants off to get it out, then he Lysol’d it to death. Go steve! The second part is from a conversation with Tore — we were talking about how wit and sarcasm do not inspire conversation here, only hate and spite. That really sucks. Oh well. Because of that, you all suck and should all go rot in hell for your various downfalls. 😉

Update: Decided to stay the night in Denver — back in the springs in the morning.
Update 2: Yup, 3pm and still in Denver. I’m heading back soon though, so … if anyone wants to do anything, let me know. 964.4504

2001-10-27 18:48:02 – The Disco Nova
Ahhhhh, Randall, you are becoming well versed in the arts of the dark side. More like me you become everyday. Feel the anger and rage inside your heart, it makes you powerful.
2001-10-27 22:58:29 – Burnz
While I am overjoyed to be able to express my tumult of spiteful feelings, it would be nice for a hug. Please, one little one? Now you see, no one will say anything to that. But this: rand0m, I am tired of your constant questioning. It is like being in a goddamn inquisition to be around you. You should just save time, tie me to a chair in a room with a bare bulb and one-way glass and just fucking beat answers out of me….that was too clever and sarcastic wasn’t it? No, honestly you should question. It avoids later ambiguity on a matter, and furthers understanding. Not to mention people like me who have massive goddamn egos to feed then feel able to go on and on and on about whatever occurs to them. Keep it up and I will have to lie on a couch when I talk to you. And being a walking heartbreak does not a dark-sider make. But if you start keeping a litter of rattlesnakes, uncaged, in your basement we might consider an internship. (checks with the council who nods their cowled heads approvingly causing their fleshless spines to make a dull scraping/rattling sound.) And once again be specific about what my downfalls are, idiot, did I just not get done telling you that? I am off tonight and bored so this is what I do…*sigh*
2001-10-28 15:41:40 – rand0m
Okay Burnz, you can have a hug. But only one, you fuckhead. Seriously, how the hell can you get tired of questioning? It’s not like these are bonehead questions — these are introspective, makes-you-think-and-shit questions. And yes, much to clever :: more lethal spite is definitely in need. See, that’s my take :: actually getting real answers out of someone that are specific and to the point really clears everything up down the road. To be honest, I think that wanting to have things be very clear is pretty admirable; not only does it avoid confusion, but it also gives everybody the opportunity to share to-the-point information without a ton of bush-beating. And Burnz, I must say that your penchant for talking about attending regular psychiatric counselling is quite disturbing 😉
2001-10-28 21:05:47 – Laura
I think you mistake introspective questions for important questions…sometimes they’re the same, sometimes they’re not. for example, an important question may be "what is that 12 foot tall chicken with glowing red eyes doing on the front lawn?" this is not very introspective, yet is probably more important than figuring your life out. sometimes, i think you like to think the way you do things is honorable ("things to be very clear is admirable") all the time, not to say it’s not, but still, you do lot’s of things to confuse and astound people and make them give you wierd looks. i mean, you can all be as intellectual as you want, but it doesn’t necessarily make you smarter, nicer, hotter, or better people…it probably just gets annoying….whateva’. i’m tired
2001-10-29 08:58:51 – realbighead
wurd up wid dat, l-dawg. I think laura has it mostly right; you spend a lot of time considering yourself, without any real reason to. You went on a massive introspection trip like a year and a half ago and since then it just gets more difficult to converse with you, because you start making "deep" thoughts like your rand0m note in the sidebar. You’ve been saying that for a year. Get over it already. On a less-critical note, you still wanna come down for a coupla days around thanksgiving and give me a ride back to the springs or somethin?