s-a t-u-r d-a-y night!

Yea, so I tried to jazz up my saturday night by making the post title up there kind of match the song that goes just like that. Indeed, this saturday night is suck. I slept forever today … till like 4:45pm. Woke up, called around to see what people are doing … and of course, there is nothing. Tony is out of town, James is going clubbing, and craig & co are all baked out of their minds. This makes for not-so-much-fun for me on a saturday night. I think I’ll just stay home. Maybe. I might go somewhere. Don’t know where. Maybe I’ll smoke a cigarrette. Maybe I’ll jump off a tall building.

Haven’t quit Gateway, and I have resolved not to. I really need the money. I went through my financial status again, and although I have paid off the $2k to the bank, and paid off the $1.2k to the Stafford Loan people, I still have ~$650 of credit cards running about as well as ~$1.5k to my parents. Plus, I want to prepay my semester at wherever I go. So .. I still need about $5k before the end of the year. So, unless I turn up the heat on web design, or HPI lands a massive contract, I will stick with Gateway. Even though I hate it. I can’t afford to quit.

I’m just tired of so much, and so sick of so much. It’s weird … in high school, the faster things went the happier I was. Now, things go fast like once every 3 weeks. And that’s a lot to handle. You know what’s sick? I wish I had more personal time so I could have things move faster because I like the ‘go’ mentality a lot. It fits me. My life right now does not. :-/

2001-10-06 22:32:09 – Burnz
*Raises Glass* Here’s to everyone with shitty weekends and lives that jump between crawling along and sudden spurts of stress. *Drains Glass, and Keg, and then gets into the Nyquil.*
2001-10-07 02:10:13 – The Disco Nova
grrrrrrrrrrrr Just got back from my "clubbing" You know what? I would of rathe spent the night bS’ing with randcall like I did tyhur night, It’s much more entertaineing. Wow, drunk women want to take me homke. Clubs are so fun. Grrr where is the perfecxt woman I dream of. I ahd one once, but I did SOMETHING< Istill dont’ know what, I did to screew that one up. Randalk, nect time you call, me to do something, remoinds me of thius post, I will prolly listen to you. And fuck spell checxk, I ‘m drunk damnit. And iut’s hards to typ ein a a black light. . .
2001-10-07 03:07:17 – rand0m
wow Burnz, be proud — you’re rapidly decending into alcoholism! 😉 And Disco … what’s the problem with drunk women wanting to get planked by you? less booze, my friends … and please don’t listen to me. Although I may come across as wisdom-filled and smart [yea right], I’m not. Indeed … good women are hard to come by. And then you lose them, and wonder ‘wtf did I do?’ for the next hella long time. 🙁 Then [hopefully], you find another and move on. That usually takes a long time though, and is much easier said than done. :-/ From now on, please disregard everything I say. I suck.
2001-10-07 11:39:15 – The Disco Nova
Sheez, I get depressing when I’m drunk.