w0ot and another blah day

Came home to find my docking station waiting for me! WOOoooOoOOo! I’m posting from it right now … it’s shweeet. 😀

Don’t have much planned for the day ahead … I have a slight sniffle and an aching for p0ontang. Seriously, ever since that night, I’ve been a goddamn hornball. Oh well … [heads off to south nevada] Aren’t you going to KY, Bastard? Any idea when you’ll be back? Any word on the job? Anything else interesting happening to anyone else? Hrmm … apparently not …

This just in from Burnz’ site … [posted w/o permission]:
Randal – Another one of those people that I don’t know all that well. Always good for a chat discussion, always trying to bail out my software destroying ass. Someone who I totally disagree with politically but otherwise haven’t found too much ground that wasn’t similar. He also has been mangled by the tines of his relationship. A nearly year long gala that seemed to the casual observer to be nothing more than 364 days of having some bitch’s foot crammed in his mouth to force feed him his pride. A big time tech head that is friendly and naturally ordained to salesmanship. A closer, a people person. All that bullshit that Ben Afflek said in “Bounce”. He’s a goofy bastard, but doesn’t do anything to harm anyone.

He’s also got this hilarious conversation between him and a friend about this chick who’s really loose … extremely funny. Made me laugh till I cried at work tonight 😀

**Update** … Met up today with Janelle for some ice cream. Almost want to say it was a waste of time. I sat there, listening to her talk, which was nice, looking at her fine-ass body, which was nice also, and enjoyed the ice cream. Was anything of *any* value said or done, though? Nope. At least she was thoughtful enough to spare me the agony of hearing about her current boy-toys and her subsequent confusion. Good time, kinda … worthless. Maybe it’s just because it’s fucking wednesday, and wednesdays always suck ass. I just might quit Gateway today, too. Dunno about that, though. another update — just called in ‘sick’ to gateway … a night off — woOoOoOooo … i think i’ll see steve in denver. 964-4504, peepz!

2001-10-03 03:41:59 – Burnz
Damn it, you go there and didn’t post anything about that tiny ass story. If I had feelings they would be hurt. Input, need input. No disassemble number 5.
2001-10-03 08:01:52 – rand0m
oops … I guess I’ll read it this morning sometime and let you know … … … [fights desire to link burnz’ page] … well yea, off to work.
2001-10-03 10:08:20 – rand0m
kk burnz, YGEM [you got e-mail!] … I fully advise everyone to hit up his site … <a href=’http://home.earthlink.net/~burn53′>http://home.earthlink.net/~burn53</a> … sure, it’s not the spiffiest looking site around, but the content is just downright awesome. It’s better than this shitty site. hrmm … [thinks about that] … [some more] … [sigh]
2001-10-03 11:48:11 – Xeon
FUCK YOU BURNZ! Am I not good enough to be on your page? /me removes burnz from new top secret people page.
2001-10-03 14:36:05 – The Disco Nova
well randall, if your not going to denver tonight, I’m going to LQ. I just bought a new tongue ring that glows under blacklights. It looks pretty sweet, and I wanna try it out there.
2001-10-03 15:43:05 – Burnz
I can’t make things pretty, I just don’t know how. Thank you for the analysis of the story, I am hanging on to it for the point of looking over and revamping/ editing. Just to let you know, all the stories will eventually intertwine. And craig, I don’t know you for shit, I know Tore better than you and he isn’t on there is he? Good lord. And naturally I used my favorite URL forewarding service so http://www.burnz.ipfox.com will also get you to the promised land. Thanks for the plug and the props rand0m.
2001-10-03 19:12:07 – tony
Chilling out in the comp sci lounge finishing my homework before I have to leave tomorrow. Kind of wierd going to the airport tomorrow, some things different, like, can’t take my razer in my toiletries bag. Also have to be careful not to bring on "Anarchists Cookbook". Gone thursday to sunday in the land of bourbon and barbeque, and derby horses. Got a rental car, like an impala or some shit. Got my own hotel room. This means I don’t have to have my parents drive me around and I don’t have to stay at the house. Take note on this strategy kids! Also, mike lee makes some unfunny jokes sometimes. Like, it’s not funny to say, "Hey tony, I slipped some acid in your drink, ha ha". Or maybe I’m just not that kind of a humorous person-like-say.
2001-10-03 21:41:24 – Burnz
Mike can make funny jokes? Now that would be something to see.
2001-10-04 00:15:24 – tony
This just in….. ————– chicks rule!!! that and puppies! and cookies and milk! and miller high life!!!
2001-10-04 01:23:36 – Laura
tony, you made me hungry…fuck you. miller high life sucks. also, i am in town for the next four days, if you all want to take me out to eat, that would be awesome…if not, let me know what’s up anyway.