holy cow, 19 already?

Happy Birthday Tore!

Yup, today is Tore’s 19th birthday. Well wishes from the randal side — here’s to the past superb 19, and to many more to come. 😀

2001-09-26 01:44:29 – Xeon
Happy B-D U got any good presents?
2001-09-26 01:47:58 – realbighead
wurd… only an hour and a half later and it’s up… being 19 ain’t all that different, and I’m kinda depressed cuz I can’t fuck 15 year olds any more, but eh. So far, I’ve gotten nothing, but then again, it’s been my birthday for a whole 2 hours maybe, so you’ll hafta wait to see what I got. Oh, and btw, this site fuxxing r0xx0rs.
2001-09-26 03:12:37 – Burnz
I just changed the date on my calendar to 0019 AFL (After Fat Lenin).
2001-09-26 03:40:54 – Laura
happy fucking birthday. i hope you get sloshed out of your mind. also, you should email me your address so i can mail you some sort of late gift…snarf.
2001-09-26 04:03:59 – laura
i would also like to thank those of you (mainly mike, randal, tore and kinda craig) for introduccing me to l337 speak because, well, i totally pimped some dude tonight cause i said "mad haxxor" or however you spell that shit. and he’s not a freaky nerd either, he just plays CS, not like there’s anything wrong with that. okay, two posts in a row. me done forever.
2001-09-26 09:21:28 – bastard
When I turned 19 I’d already lost my virginity, partied my ass off, done some freaky shit on a new year’s eve. And then, the year I was 19, I went to Mardi Gras and raised my partying level to an all-time high which I can not hope to ever reach, without pushing the boundaries of medical science. Tore, go to Mardi Gras, do some stupid shit you will really regret when you start getting older. Do lots of bad bad medicine. You’re young, you can handle it!
2001-09-26 10:57:05 – bastard
just had my second interview at bd systems, looks like if i’m lucky i’ll be doing system admin work at peterson, woo hoo 🙁
2001-09-26 13:52:29 – FIGMO
"FIGMO" When you are about to leave a company, and someone asks you to do something, you say, no, i’m leaving, do it yourself. This condition is called FIGMO: "Fuck it, got my orders!"
2001-09-27 01:57:42 – /mark
Laura, you have leardned the 1337 talk, but may you never have it control your life. For a while, I was using the word "xx0r" as an adjective, noun, and adverb. aka, "Do you want to go xx0r? (go play Counter Strike)" or "That guys a fuckin xx0r" or " im gonna xx0r this Calc test" or "I just got xx0red." Also, do not add it as the postfix onto words that you shouldnt, like i have done, i.e. "Do you want to goxx0r?" or "lets order some pixx0r from gumbys" or "I should studyxx0r" Again, do not let the "xx0r" run your life like it has taken over mine.
2001-09-27 09:13:02 – rand0m
HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA, mark, yer a nut 😀
2001-09-27 17:31:26 – Siaokh
HAHAHAHA… Omg dude, that was way too funny. If you want a stern lesson in l33t… go read megatokyo http://www.megatokyo.com The prevous 3 comics have l33t in (i thinkxx0r 😉 -Tim