web updates, general blah

Okay, the webcam is now up and functional — just click on that happy little link to the left and it’ll come up. It’s running off my personal box, which is here at HPI. Yes, I know the quality sucks.

Played some counter-strike for the first time in forever last night. It was good. Um … what else. Oh yea, I went out with Janelle and spent an hour just talking & drinkin’ some mochas. It was quite enjoyable. Umm … not much else.

Here’s a quick discussion starter concerning Bastard’s employment situation ::
As some of you may have heard, I’ll be laid off from my job in 2 weeks. That aside, i plan on having a B.S. C.S. in 3 years. That means at age 24, I’ll have had 8 years working experience in Systems Administration/Web Development. I am faced with a question: Do I continue progressing in making money, or, Do I make a job switch after graduating.

Also, an official welcome to both BlackTaloN and Iceboxz — hope we don’t scare you away.

**Update**:: Alpine computer has the Slot A Hookups!!! Go there! They rock!

2001-09-16 20:05:16 – Burnz
Man, another person with the distinctive terminal "z" on their name, now I just feel cheap. What would you switch your job to? I usually advise people to do something different, but if you just love system admin, then why stop? Get a nice 401K and wait to die, I would probably do that.
2001-09-16 20:06:35 – Burnz
The webcam didn’t work, I am not sure if this is something you know or not. Just FYI.
2001-09-16 21:59:11 – rand0m
wow, rather caustic aren’t we? and yes, the webcam works. Try a little harder 😉 Tony … I don’t know exactly what you do, but I think going for a comp.sci degree isn’t a bad idea — only problem is that it’s a hella tough degree, and, having a comp.sci degree with your particular experience set, although indicative of unsureness, will no doubt give you many opportunities. Personally? I’d stay away from comp.sci — there are more financially, and to me mentally, rewarding fields like say, entrepeneuralship, straight IT, even just straight web development. $.02
2001-09-16 23:02:54 – The Disco Nova
Why would you want the webcam fixed? do you really want to see randalll’s ugly mug that much? On a side note, I look at the webcam at 10:58, and it has a picture of randall with a really goofy smile at 8:30ish
2001-09-17 01:12:23 – realbighead
yeah, the webcam appears to have frozen at 8:36… might wanna work on that. Also, I’ll throw in my two cents for tony: do what you want. If you’ve ever sat at your job and actually been really intrigued and wanted to stay late to work on something, then fuck yeah, stick with it. If, however, this situation instead seems to pop up more in your comp-sci work, I’d consider the career move there; because, even though I think the money should be irrelevant, it isn’t to many people, and the pay will be relatively the same (good) in either field. If you never get that kinda feeling either at work or at school, I’d start looking harder to see where your interests lie. But never, ever, ever do a classics program. Greek fucking sucks. Eat nuts, Sophocles.
2001-09-17 01:43:43 – Laura
yes, looks like randal got a haircut sometime before 8:36 today. wow. i’m tired….fuck driving to LA. yeah.
2001-09-17 08:49:33 – rand0m
Okay, the webcam is going to have certain hours — 8:30am – ~3:10pm, monday through friday, hopefully never on weekends. If it’s not up, it will either show the same image or the offline message.
2001-09-17 09:17:25 – bastard
well, it’s monday, and your favorite sysadmin/webdeveloper is in good spirits… i’m sporting a tie and my dress shoes, gonna get me some jobba leads hopefully!
2001-09-17 09:20:55 – rand0m
When you say web developer, do you mean actual HTML / graphics design, or backend only? Is there a distinction in job titles? just wonderin 🙂
2001-09-17 10:00:25 – bastard
i do design/programming/backend/database… and because i’m sysadmin, i do everything else too, except cleaning toilets, I REFUSE TO DO THAT!!!
2001-09-17 16:24:25 – Burnz
How do you know that Tom is wearing a tie, nice shoes, and looking for a job? I thought he was out of town… And woo hoo, the slot A hookups. Jesus, do you know how long I have been looking for the slot a hookups? I mean, ever since slot a hookups came out. I tried to mail order some, but they were all broken when they got to my house. What are they?