The day after

Well, it’s the day after the Attack on America began. I must say that tonight, here at Gateway, I cried a bit while reading the deluge of the harrowing last-minute-of-life stories of the victims. It just makes me feel small and insignificant. Almost helpless. Almost makes me want to feel apathetic, because why does anything matter now? The rest of our lives go on — yes, remember the fallen, the victimized, the essentially murdered, but remember also that we must pick up the peices, and while carrying them in our hearts, move on to the future.

Gateway is slow, as it has been since the incident. My truck is being fixed, my uncle passed away, my parents are gone, and my life continues. Oddly enough, nothing too dramatic in my personal life. I feel a little down about a couple small things, but nothing that I can’t handle now that I stopped sucking. Life isn’t super-grand, but it is good. Carry on.

*Update @ 1:22am* :: Man, I’m just feeling really down right now. Can’t seem to shake it — time to go to bed. But not before I give you this link to funny stuff — Tryin’ me, mothafucka?

2001-09-13 00:13:35 – The Disco Nova
And on a lighter note….. You stopped sucking?
2001-09-13 00:14:42 – rand0m
yup. you haven’t though. 😉
2001-09-13 02:58:19 – realbighead
I think down-ness is pretty much par for the course right now; I’m not so much down as exhausted, since writing 10k of inflammatory political discourse is cutting seriously into my sleep time, but yeah, it is indeed time to move on. From the tragedy, at least; America’s response is still in the air, and I don’t see high hopes for it now, but we’ll just have to wait for that one. And yes, randal no longer sucks. It’s this amazing new treatment whereby randal simply sucks less, resulting in a… lack of suckage, I believe is the proper way to say it. But that’s enough for now; 3.5 hours of sleep is not enough for a full day, and the 6 I’m looking to get before tomorrow aren’t very promising either. Oy gevalt, I feel so veklempt. Although my friends down here finally got their homebrew kit, and started their first batch of beer tonight; that’s something to look forward to. Yay beer.
2001-09-13 08:50:27 – rand0m
good beer, yummmmmmmmmm.
2001-09-13 19:01:27 – bastard
calculus 2 homework sucks i may be heading to the colorado music hall at 730 to see spike and mike’s twisted animation festival
2001-09-13 19:51:39 – bastard
make that 10 pm
2001-09-14 09:01:54 – bastard
okay, it’s official, we’re going to see the animation festival tonight, but don’t know what time yet!