oh, what to do

Woke up this morning with my head feeling like a cement slab. That was bad. Then I tried to make noise. I couldn’t … just a miserable squeek escaped by battered throat. So, I have almost no voice today. I have a rough, grating, no-high-pitches voice that cracks every other word. What a way to start the day eh?

Got to HPI today, and first thing Jef does when he gets in is sit me down and tell me they are looking at finances and that they considering ditching Henry. [I know all this]. He says that they will offer Henry’s Pay + My Pay for me to do the billing + network admin. Billing is hella easy. But, they want a guaranteed 40 hours a week, which I can’t do if I’m working at Gateway. So … the offer is on the table, and they want to know what I think. Thought it out [thanks Tony!] and have figured that: If HPI pays me $2,000 after taxes, I’ll quit Gateway and work here. That’s right around $2,500/mo, which is $15/hr. However, I’ll tell them first that I want 30k a year, and then accept the 2k/mo after taxes as a bottom end. Soo … that’s the plan. Thoughts? Questions? Opinions? Advice? Thanks 🙂

** Update ** Wow. Get this. 1:05pm, and I get this call from one of our clients, Matt Carpenter, from SkyRunner.com. He calls up just to tell me “Thank you for being so on the ball and ready to help at the drop of a hat.” He says that every other host he’s ever worked with has always at least a 6 hour turn around time, and he’s really glad that I am always ready, willing, and able to fix his problems extremely quickly. Wow, I feel special. He didn’t call to bitch, just called to say thanks. Wow. [warm fuzzies all around]

2001-09-06 13:31:50 – bastard
also, don’t necessarily ditch the gateway job. yes, you’re not going to school, so if you’re working 8 to 3 at hpi, there is no reason to say you can’t squeeze in 5 hours on the weekend to make 40hr/week! but, you’re holding the cards, so let them know that you don’t need their offer if it’s not what you want.
2001-09-06 15:37:54 – Burnz
Fuck gateway. Evil soulless capitalistic rapists. What you do is more important than what you make, so if you can live with less money, do something really abusive to Gateway and then walk. Don’t try to juggle that much.
2001-09-06 20:03:04 – bastard
burnz, if that’s the way you think about gateway, i wonder what you have to say about Sony which uses slave labor… or any other corporation that is actually using highly unethical practices. what does gateway, dell, hp, compaq, or any of the other computer manufacturers do that is so bad?
2001-09-06 20:43:50 – rand0m
they block ports 25, 110, 5160, 5190, and 3389.
2001-09-06 21:50:35 – Burnz
Exploitation of foreigners is just the nature of the beast. Sure, it isn’t kind, and no one can say that it is good, but as a consumer I have to say that it lowers my prices so until those countries can build there economy enough to allow actual pay, or gain sufficient political power or stability to regulate the working conditions then….how is it my concern from anything but a humanist perspective? It isn’t, so "poor kiddies". My problem is with the cookie cutter Americanized ideal of big market fish eat little market fish. As both a consumer and a humanist I have to disagree with this. It is economically darwinistic, eventually allowing no true competition in the marketplace except other big fish. Now as we have all seen with the stock market coups prior to the Great Depression when large corporations have a stranglehold on the market, they will eventually abuse that power by jacking up their prices collectively. This is bad as a consumer. As a humanist they are efficiency driven, creativity crushing, animals that have no interest in having employees so much as drones that are stupidly faithful and unquestioning. Randal will tell you they are Draconian Sheep hearders. That is the thesis of what is wrong with uber-corporate America scout.
2001-09-06 23:39:50 – realbighead
anyone up for a game of beat the commie? it’s fun, honest. and it might take away his pain from the tooth problems. However, on the flip side, capitalism in it’s current condition sucks too. Adam Smith (Wealth of Nations, the father of capitalism) invented the Invisible Hand, a mechanism which prevents capitalism from going corporate, where he theorizes (correctly) that it would fail. Capitalism, exactly like socialism, is a purely academic exercise; we should all just go back to feudalism. You can be my serfs if you ask real nice. Or, if you’re female, just take off your shirt. Either way.
2001-09-07 21:02:31 – rand0m
I like it when girls take off their shirts. I also like it when people put down an aggregate of more than 6 comments on one post. $.02
2001-09-08 10:51:30 – Burnz
I much prefer to force their shirts off while they cry and tug at the bonds that hold them. And I was wondering why the hell there were shitty comment numbers on this post. Rand0m losing his edge?
2001-09-08 16:09:14 – Likwidnyte
Dude, This is the first time I checked out your page, do you all not have anything better to do?
2001-09-08 16:13:52 – Likwidnyte
Oh, and that’s not a lot of pay if you think about it. This day and age, life is a heck of a lot more expensive and getting only $15/hr isn’t a lot seeing as normal people your age are having to pay rent and many other bills. Though, I suppose it’s not bad seeing as you’re 19 and college is some far off land you once visited.
2001-09-08 17:52:52 – rand0m
wow shithead, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine? And, I work with a *LOT* of people who consider $13 an hour good pay, and not just that, they support families on it. And, imagine this — $15 an hour is a monthly gross income of $2,400 — after taxes, right around $1800. If you think about it, $1800 is a lot of goddamn money. Assuming that you have a car payment [not likely] and your insurance is sky high, it’s $500 rent, $300 car, $300 insurance, and that leaves you with $700 to flush. That’s a lot of flush money left over. Yes, I know there are other bills, etc. but it leaves at least $350 a month just to blow. $15 an hour is good money — obviously, though, you are of such noble nature that anything less than $30 per hour is poverty. And thank you, Mr. I-am-a-pompous-ass-and-I-like-it. I seriously don’t see how people stand to be around your continuously poisonous, grouchy attitude — after only 2 posts you are already irritating.
2001-09-08 18:24:32 – Likwidnyte
Awe, that’s too bad. You consider me irritating. You have your opinions, and I have mine, is that not correct? Is it okay for you to blab on forever about your opinions but disreguard others? Possibly, afterall it’s your webpage. If you want to run your webpage like communist Russia, then that’s supa coo. That’s good that there are people that are out there who consider $13/hr good pay. I openly admit that I’ll treat that like a total snob and say that it’s not good enough for me. $15 isn’t good enough for me. Yeah, it’s what I have to deal with now, but that’s why I’m in school. I know that it won’t deal for me when I’m older. The only reasons I made those comments was because I don’t understand why you settle for that low of pay, and why you don’t go to school. Highly judgemental, yes, and I admit that I don’t know anything about circumstances that you have to deal with surrounding it all.
2001-09-08 18:38:19 – bastard
about the pay thing… if you all didn’t know, we have just entered a recesions, 100,000+ people are being layed off like every month, so, this is what is called a seller’s market… hence, hold on to your job’s for dear life as ray might say. as for LN’s comments, i agree, even the money i make is not enough for what i do. however, without a completed college degree, i have to live with sub 50K salary… but not for long!
2001-09-08 18:47:22 – rand0m
Wow, your last paragraph actually makes sense — why comment [condescendingly even] on people’s situations when you know absolutely nothing about them? that’s a good question. why don’t you, oh wise one, give us the answer? As for "settling", I dare you, right now, to go out and get a job based on your own merits that pays $15 an hour. I seriously doubt you could do it. Not many people who are 19 can. This particular pay structure is a temporary ploy to rack up easy cash to get out of debt, prepay for school, get a place, blah blah blah. Please don’t get all uppity and condescending about things of which you have zero knowledge. It makes you come across as a condescending, pompous, arrogant person. Oh. Wait. nevermind.
2001-09-08 18:48:54 – Burnz
1st – A person that throws down with "Don’t you have anything better to do?" and then pops up three multi-sentence comments is one of my favorite kinds of hypocrite. 2nd – 15 dollars an hour for a 19 year old white male is pretty damn good. I don’t make that much and I must say you do come off sounding like a preachy jackass who really has no concept of rand0m’s situation but is more than willing to talk out his ass. 3rd – Communist Russia was the opposite of oppressive. It was poor, sure, but there wasn’t a government to speak of that could excersize sufficient authority. If you mean the WW2 Communist Russia, then fine that is more accurate. I would say that is an undereducated remark though, if he wanted to be a fascist then he could just ban your ass or completely eliminate comments altogether. So my suggestion is that you get a little more schoolin’ there high rolla. 4th – No, today, I don’t have anything better to do. I can appreciate being negative, but this is juvenile inflammatory hostility that serves no more purpose than to incite a reaction. After this, I will have no time for you so please let the teacher back on the computer, it is Milk and Nap time.
2001-09-08 19:06:14 – bastard
yeah, let’s see LN get a job paying 15$ an hour? I can ask this because I do make more than 15$ an hour, and I AM going to college in the evenings. I’m not gonna get arrogant and play the old line "i went to school full time while working fulltime". But, I do work fulltime and go to school. I take calculus 2 and computer science 1, and I don’t have financial aid, or my parents or anyone else paying for my school. Everything I own I’ve paid for with my own earned money. I’ve gotten where I am through my own hard work. That’s why, matt hix, you irritate the fuck out of me when I hear your college student ass make comments like this. Must be nice, ass fuck.
2001-09-08 19:55:47 – The Disco Nova
Um, as far as I know, this board is for Randalls friends and associates. You are neither. no one asked to to post, so piss off. Don’t you have anything better to do? Randall, just block his IP, the best revenge on people like him is to make it to where they can’t say anything to us.
2001-09-08 19:59:20 – bastard
From what i hear, likwid nyte is matt hix, a liberal arts college student whose college is paid for by his parents. Before you go comparing him to tore, remember, tore isn’t making inflammatory comments like hix. Sounds like hix is venting from something in his life to bitch like this… any takers as to what that could be?
2001-09-08 20:33:29 – rand0m
could it have been … <a href="http://www.goatse.cx/giver.html">the beast</a> ?
2001-09-08 21:36:30 – realbighead
First, ewwww. Second, $15 an hour is plenty of pay for those of us who simply are trying to do what we want. For those who are unaware due to ignoring articles and just reading comments, Randal has incurred a lot of debt; $15 an hour is pretty good for his purpose of getting out of debt so that he can move on. $15/hr for me means that I can afford a year of school by working over the summer without ravaging my savings; it means I can’t have a car, television, or really anything except my computer (which I paid for) and my books (which I also pay for), but I don’t care because I’m doing what I want. Most of the people on this board are people who don’t feel the need to waste money on a stylish laptop, or on clothing, or hairstyles, or wasteful shit like that. $15 for any of us here (besides apparently Mr. Hix) means that we can do what we want: clear debt/ return to school/ keep going to school/ etc. But apparently, we should want more; life just isn’t worth living without a pretty laptop and a pair of cargo pants. Damn, hafta go make more than $15 an hour so I can sell my soul to satan, I suppose. I’m wearing all black right now… I feel kinda angry and dark. Gotta switch back to my earth tones.
2001-09-09 01:08:03 – The Disco Nova
Saw Lauren on Friday down at the theater. Randall, you’ll be happy to know, she is fat, and was there with some fat guy.
2001-09-09 01:33:39 – rand0m
no shit? I saw her mom over at the perk on friday … we talked for a couple minutes, and she knew about me having two jobs and school and everything … a little weird. Somehow, Lauren’s mom is being fed info 😉 One L … randaL … and I don’t think I’m happy to hear that; it’s not like I hate her or anything. I don’t have any malice, nor do I wish her anything but well … oh well, at least she’s hooked up, which is more than I can say for me.
2001-09-09 01:46:43 – Likwidnyte
Randal’s "friends and associates" might want to know that he spells his name with one l, not two. I don’t wear cargo pants, never have. I worked two jobs this summer, one paid me $14/hr, plus unlimited ot at $21/hr. On top of that I worked about 30hrs/week at a restaurant making about $400/week under the table. So, I was pulling in about $1800/two weeks, and we’ll say around $2700/month. No, it didn’t buy me cargo pants, but yeah, I got a lot of things I couldn’t afford during the school year, including a nice computer. I’m a 19 year old white male too (as though ethnicity has anything to do with anything). Had little to no problem finding the jobs. Unbeknownst to you all, I have a working knowledge of Randal’s situation, thoug I will not claim to be an expert of any sort, like the rest of you seem to be. The communist Russia comment was in reguards to dictatorship, not public wealth. You all need to realize that I’m judging these things merely on what is best for me, and what I want for myself. They’re comments directed as such. Not comments directed towards a population that is satisfied with working for that kind of pay. Any comments directed towards Randal specifically are because I personally feel that he’s better than the situation that he has himself in right now, and he could go much farther than where he’s at. I don’t have the slightest pitty for people like Bastard who, while being in college and working full time – which is something I openly respect – lack basica grammatical skills such as capitalization. I’m drunk now, so I better go. You all are taking my comments totally wrong, but I don’t want to explain myself. I pay for 90% of everything I do right now. I get a pretty lousy amount of money from my mother which goes 100% towards rent and then I still have bills and shit to pay. I still don’t have financial aid, and still don’t have a job.
2001-09-09 01:55:57 – rand0m
If I recall correctly, you were nicely "hooked up" with the $14/hr job … and 30hrs/$400 a week, under the table, is not only illegal, but it’s also only $13.30 an hour. Now, not to be a dick, but did either of those jobs require any particular skill set besides typing, filing, taking orders, etc? I’m sure it’s not easy work, don’t get me wrong, but I seriously doubt they were mental challenges. Now … $14/hr and $13.30 and hour vs. Randal’s current $13.50/hr and $16.70/hr … all of it based upon what skills I currently posess … well … I think I’m doing okay. Sure, it’s not *super* hot, but I think it’s better than what 90% of people my age could do. And while we’re comparing penis sizes … any fine-ass bitches out there that need some lovin? 😉
2001-09-09 02:53:14 – likwidnyte
you know what? a couple weeks ago you said something so totally ignorant about people in waiting positions. I’d really like to see you successfully take 15 tables worth of people when a co-worker decides not to show up on a Saturday night. I’d like to see you get over $100 on those 15 tables, and I would like to see you get no complaints whatsoever from those 15 different tables. I would like to see you do that with a party of 30 people, but instead of just $100 tip, I’d like to see you pull off getting a $150 tip. Then, I would like you to come back to me and tell me that it took no skill whatsoever to do such a thing. As far as the other job is concerned, a rather working knowledge of SHTML was needed, along with working knowledge of government facilites, acronyms, and government facility management. …and again, I will irritate the fact that I was looking at these positions you have put youself in as being something that I wouldn’t do myself. I’m sure that you’ll think it’s a "pompus" (as you have certainly over-used that word by now) comment of me, but you’re misunderstanding me. As far as me going to a liberal arts college that my parents pay for….you’re wrong. It’s strange that I couldn’t in any way think of who you might be without asking Laura, and yet you know that much false information about me. Have you heard of Colorado State University? Apparently not, I assure you, it’s not a liberal arts college. As far as blocking my IP, AOL gives a different IP whenever I sign on.
2001-09-09 04:48:42 – bastard
hypocrite <sic> example <sic> #1: "lack basica grammatical", note the obvious misspelling, and also the brushoff one line later as "I’m drunk now"… if your personality online has any similiarity <sic> to your presence online, i think i can speak for the other visitors to this site when i <sic> say, you are not wanted. you <sic> seem like you might be a decent person if you look past the arrogance, irritating personality, and total lack of any redeeming qualities. it <sic> is almost as if you are <sic> the classic snob in the movies, who is so arrogant, the audience expects it when your character is wronged in the end of the movie <sic>. <sic> is used to refer to misspellings in literature by liberal arts majors who end up getting jobs as proofreaders at companies to stupid to use spellcheck in work… which is matt hix in about… 3 years when he graduates 🙂
2001-09-09 04:50:05 – bastard
hey webmeister, can you change the pointy brackets in my previous comment to be parentheses?
2001-09-09 11:03:39 – Burnz
1st – This is fun. 2nd – I know you didn’t mean communistic according to wealth my illiterate friend. It bores me when you can’t follow what I say. 3rd – Race is a determining factor (thank you contract with America / Affirmative action) as is gender. If I was a black woman, I guaran-fucking-tee you that I could find a job with more ease, not to mention scholarships to avoid debt, than I could as a white male. A company has to maintain ethnic diversification (can you say diversification?) meaning that underqualified candidates can get positions simply on their skin and equipment between their legs. 4th – The Beast hahahaha. 5th – I worked in a restaurant, 15 tables is dick. Not to mention that any jack off can carry food as you have proved. 6th – I know I said I would leave it alone, but it is just too tempting, this is like a really good round of kick the faggot. 7th – I really like putting these long itemized posts. You should add a bullet feature. $.02. 8th – The beast hahahaha.
2001-09-09 13:04:30 – bastard
"the beast in me…. is caged by frail… and fragile bonds… restless by day, and by night… rants and rages at the stars… god help… the beast in me" nick cave and the bad seeds – the beast in me
2001-09-09 13:59:15 – The Disco Nova
Um, I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Matt Hix being a rather nice guy. Oh well, at the very least randallll (yes LN, I know it’s one L, I do it to mess with him), he is bringing the total number of comments p like you wanted. And you may not have any malice towards Lauren , but I do. I did not really enjoy all my friends ostracizing me because they thought I tried to force myself on her…
2001-09-09 14:50:47 – Laura
uh, hello. yeah, 15 an hour is good, unless you’re god. now, being me, i actually prefer to have a life outside of work, or whatever that usually means i need money to spend (unless i choose to sit around in black all day in from of my apple and pretend that i’m a non-conformist). to get money, one has to work. to support my lifestyle, or matt’s, or most regular people’s, they like to go to the movies, go to concerts, buy some decent clothing, date, etc. now, for me, my almost $15/hr job let me have a semi-lavish lifestyle and save half of it for tuition and spending money at school, but i don’t have bills or rent to pay…but i’m pretty sure i could have afforded it with my salary…. besides, i know you people don’t do as much as i do, or spend as much moeny, so what you’re making should be sufficient (except for maybe james and tony who have to support heavy drinking :-)). anyway, i don’t see why it matters. you’re all just trying to see who can piss further, and it doesn’t really matter. and, btw, burnz, "kick the faggot" is probably not the best term to use…just a thought.
2001-09-09 15:19:21 – realbighead
Hearing about kick the faggot brought me back… all those great childhood games like beat the goth, kick the fag, etc… ah, the good old days… oh, and I can piss farthest by default, so ha.
2001-09-09 20:56:00 – Cosmosmoon
From the liberal arts student getting the free ride and wearing the cargo pants: way to go EVERYBODY cuz you all have great jobs (pay at least 2x as much as mine) and you all have at least some sense of direction in life. Hmmmm….. maybe not so much about current place in life, but how you’re going to get there. Therefore you’re all right. Way to go. You’re the winners. This is honestly moving into REALLY sappy and sentimental, so I’m going to stop before it gets unbearable. Bye now.
2001-09-09 21:04:41 – The Disco Nova
OMG, Emily stopped lurking and posted, whoa. And trust me guys, once you get out of school, and start working, you will have more of a sense of accomplishment, as you will be much more marketable with a degree. That is why, after working in the real world for about a year, I’m going to go back to school. I don’t feel like being a junior engineer for the rest of my life. And no, the Army doesn’t count as "Real"
2001-09-09 21:07:29 – The Disco Nova
BTW randalll, what times are you available? Me, Crystal, Stephanie, and Dave all went to go see "The Musketeer" on Friday. I tried to get ahold of you so you could meet her, but you weren’t answering the cell. She went to the Beach Club afterwards, you could of gotten in with her (18+) and partied with her all night.
2001-09-09 21:23:42 – bastard
cargo pants, liberal arts, cell phones… what about the starving college students at Uzbekistanisky University? looks like there is a rave up north saturday after next, with sandra collins, so of course, i’m going… got my cell phone activated, sold the PS2 for 250$, sitting in my pockets, waiting to be spent… maybe i’ll visit lauren down on nevada avenue, after all, can’t be picky!
2001-09-09 21:31:34 – rand0m
hrm … when is randal available? … well … Saturdays, after 12pm, and Sunday, after 12pm. Why? Work, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am until 12:30am. Then I sleep for 9-14 hours per day on the weekends. So … yea, that’s when I’m available.
2001-09-10 10:27:45 – Burnz
1st – Don’t worry Cosmos, I have a shitty dead-end job for crap money and no other purpose in life. 2nd – How was the rave cupcake?
2001-09-10 10:44:22 – bastard
hmnmmm, how was the rave cupcake? well, strawberry shortcake, I didn’t go to the rave… randal and I went over there and as randal put it "I got tired just standing there looking at all the people"…. many scantily clad brownie scouts eating "candy" whilst older gentlemen of ill repute savored their delicate and innocent flesh. At least, that’s probably what was happening, I didn’t go… But i’m gonna see sandra collins in 2 weekends. 12 hours have gone by without me spending the 250$ cash, let’s see how long i can hold off on doing that!
2001-09-10 10:51:57 – rand0m
[sigh] … the malcontent generated by my site is depressing. Oh well, sure makes for a lively afternoon. 🙂
2001-09-10 16:02:35 – Laura
Tony, if you don’t want to spend the $250 then you can send it to me, and i’ll spend it….hehe. 121 baker hall. boulder, co 80310….yeah…i’m a poor ass college student.
2001-09-10 16:13:30 – Burnz
No officer, I have no idea how that incidiary (sic) device got in that package to Boulder, I don’t even know a Laura. And I would say that kick the faggot is the perfect phrase, right hix? (Humor – Look into it Burnz)
2001-09-10 16:37:32 – Laura
yes, but when i show them that i do know you, and then they look at a prior incident involving a knife, not good for you. although, if anyone wants to send me cookies (sans poison) you have my address….hehe.
2001-09-10 18:17:24 – bastard
I have a sister who was a student of art at the University of Dallas. One of her friends had a mother who at mid terms and finals, would send care packages to her son to enjoy and share with friends. This mother, a large jewish woman, would buy weed from boys in her neighborhood in jersey, and bake brownies for her son, then send them in the mail. The moral of this story is: Laura (Pink hair, Liberal) University of Colorado 121 baker hall. Boulder, CO 80310
2001-09-10 19:12:22 – Laura
hahaha. yeah. except dogs can usually smell pot, hence the reason they have the in post offices. cookies=good.
2001-09-10 19:13:17 – The Disco Nova
Oh my, Laura was actually stupid enpugh to post her mailing address? Come on Laura, how dumb can ya get, especially in this crowd. Randallll, we wanna see some new content. Just because we didn’t fillll this sucker up with 30 comments in two days is no reason to slack.
2001-09-10 20:29:27 – rand0m
I know it’s not a good excuse, but I’ve been pretty busy, and only a few mildly exciting / noteworthy things have happened. I updated the sidebar, though. 🙂
2001-09-10 20:47:42 – Master Ha-reed
Hey Randal, Do you use PHP to get a user’s IP? Or is that just good ol’ JavaScript?
2001-09-10 21:12:03 – rand0m
It’s php … it’s stored in the variable $GLOBAL[REMOTE_ADDR]
2001-09-11 08:43:15 – tony
WTC – PENTAGON – Attacked by planes I think we are at war!