how to? and phone

Okay, so here’s a problem. I am supposed to pick up the honda from the shop tomorrow. Problem with that is that I have only one of me. So, what I’m looking for is a kind soul who will follow me out to my house, then drive me up Fillmore and I-25 to pick up the honda. There is financial reward involved. Anytime after 4:30pm. Please?

Also, I went and bought a VoiceStream phone today. It’s the Nokia 8290 … check this number: 321-9988. Yup, just one digit off from my home phone number. I don’t know if I’ll keep it, though … the plan is $49/mo for 3000 minutes, roaming across a bunch of states is free and free long distance in those same states [CO, UT, WO,NV,NM, TX]. I have until sunday night to turn it back in if not satisfied. Please call me on it [321-9988] to check coverage etc — it works better than my sprint phone here at my house.

2001-08-23 22:43:40 –
Okay, so Janelle called my new phone, and then Tim called it! Two peeps on the phone at once, already! Holy Cow. I think this is cause for celebration 😀
2001-08-24 12:13:36 – bastard
sure, i call your phone panino’s,…. mmmmmm soooo goooooodddd lotsa motza with pepperoni and mushroom…. oooohhhh yeahhhh
2001-08-24 12:22:51 – dance_bush_dance
<A HREF="">Dance Bush Dance</A> Some musical happy fun republic slander fun time, yayyyy!!!
2001-08-24 14:04:25 – rand0m
what’s the word on the movie, tony?
2001-08-24 14:12:34 – bastard
that program is so funny, it’s a shockwave movie parody of el presidente… mui risa
2001-08-24 17:24:22 – Xeon
Hey I’ll take you whereever you need to go!