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Okay, so yesterday was actually not as bad as I made it out to be. Gateway isn’t horrible. It’s just not super-great. Also, I saw people last night! It was good — met up with James, Tore and Dave and went and chilled downtown. Next friday, though, I probably won’t do anything; everyone is leaving sometime this next week to go back to school. 🙁

Spent lunch yesterday talking to Janelle — that, surprisingly, went much better than I expected. Got out of work early, headed downtown and slaved away at fixing all the shit that Jef and Henry @ HPI broke during the day. [just got another one in the e-mail … sigh]. Then I went over to the perk and waited for people to populate my social life. I’ll tell you, when this is the case, the same things seem to occur: meet at perk, get food at downtown place, go home. Yea, kinda boring. Anywho, we were mean to Laura & co, and they tracked us down just so they could snub us. We laughed. It was hilarious watching her try to hookup with these guys playing pool … dunno if she knew them, but her obvious attempt at making us feel like crap failed miserably. We just looked at this other hot girl and her panties. yummmm, panties. [thinks about writing an article regarding panties] … so yea … um … [trys to stop thinking of panties] … I need a woman 🙁

And now it’s today. Came home, read a bit, fell asleep until 11am ( !!! ) and have done nothing since besides redo the top banner and change link colors. Anybody doing anything tonight? Or rather, anybody out there who doesn’t abhore me and who doesn’t want to succumb to the perk-food cycle desire to do something tonight? Maybe bowling? I could throw a party? please?

Update: link — pornolized

New #2 the above “i need a woman” combined with “please?” makes it look like I am a complete wimp. This is not the case. I am lacking good social interaction. I will get used to it; everyone leaves for college this week, so I’ll be spending weekends alone. I am seriously considering swearing off girls for a while. It seems like I meet them when I’m not looking, so I’ll give that a go again. Sure is a lot on my mind about who I am and where I’m going, and it’s not real pretty … I’m planning on rearranging my life to get back on track … seems like a never-ending process, no?

2001-08-18 16:52:26 – Xeon
The is always fun stuff at the pad! =)
2001-08-18 17:09:33 – rand0m
yea, but does it suck? and does it involve drugs? if either, no.
2001-08-18 19:09:34 – bastard
randal, i would invite you along on stuff i do all the time only, you never do the same fucker
2001-08-18 19:11:48 – rand0m
I can’t help that you live at a place I will not call. Plus, you are surrounded by ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ friends; undoubtedly you are always busy partying and what not.
2001-08-18 19:55:51 – Laura
Hey randal, we actually didn’t want to track you down…it was between denny’s and old chicago, so we decided to go to old chicago. and, we didn’t try to snub you, we did snub you. it’s no use trying to think i spent my time walking around downtown to find you. also, as for picking up those hot, nice, intelligent boys last night…we’re going out with them again tonight. i suppose it worked then. and what did you get out of looking at some panties? no phone numbers, no dates…hrmmm…just goes to show. and we weren’t trying to make you feel like crap. jocelyn went to bum a cigarette, happened to be from some cool people, and i went over to talk to her, and we ended up hanging out with them. i believe it was you who walked by to go to the bathroom and then turned around, looked, and rolled your eyes. i think it’s you who was pissed and obsessed with us. we forgot about you. eh, anyway. and, i’m sure you’re going to get a woman by hanging out with boys all the time. it just shows how many women want to hang out with you to everyone else. 🙂
2001-08-18 21:00:23 – rand0m
I turned around to look through the glass at the chick at the table across from where i was walking …
2001-08-18 23:21:13 – realbighead
cuz she was showing panties. (to complete randal’s sentence) Surprisingly enough, I don’t feel like shit that I didn’t compel some random female last night to go out with me again… in fact, I feel my normal warm-and-fuzzy feeling (partly cuz I am exhausted… just got back from Denver, where I was hangin’ with family all day) Oh, and randal, I do use mac ie 5.0. And I have now tracked down the error in your code: <font style=’font:7pt verdana;color:white;font-weight:700;’>::</font> <font class=’main-top’>last night, today, page</font> you close the font tag that would leave the titles white… dunno bout this "class" tag, cuz I don’t do that much css, but the style tag is closed after the colons, which appear as white in my browser, but before the title, which is black. So, I’d bet if you left that font tag open or added the "style" parameter here that made it white, it would function properly. Same thing for the time/date tags, which don’t appear and which are styled "text-decoration:none;". Ya, so take that, all you mac-haters, it was a code bug! peace out, suckahs
2001-08-18 23:29:17 – realbighead
Thoughts on this: First off, knock out embedded code in your comments if you could… the only person using it is craig, and he only looks dumber when he uses it… so for his sake, and so that i can send you code snippets more easily… maybe add UBB tags so people can still do links… you’ll hafta check some other bb code for help there, though. Secondly, I think I discovered a while ago that macIE5.0 only applies the most recent font style tag, even when there is no conflict between attributes. Thus, those font tags you put around the title and time/date knock out the white text attribute, leaving them invisible. Yup, them’s my thoughts for the night.
2001-08-18 23:54:28 – The Disco Nova
Do you guys wanna know what goes through my mind when yall are talking like this? Kill Eat Skronk Not in any particular order
2001-08-19 02:46:02 – Laura
Tore, I was talking to Randal. Anyway, I had an awesome night tonight. It was great 🙂 I’m so stoked.
2001-08-19 13:20:14 – The Disco Nova
Movie tonight anyone?
2001-08-19 13:29:34 – rand0m
what movie? when?
2001-08-19 16:02:36 – bastard
Wednesday night i’m gonna go see jay and silent bob strike back. Turn them frowns upside down.
2001-08-19 22:27:29 – The Disco Nova
Good news Randall, I trying to set you up with Crystal, and I’ve actually gotten permission to give you her phone number. It will be forthcoming when I find it.
2001-08-19 23:27:31 – bastard
yeah, just don’t tell her that her pu55y smells badlike burnz did… she sucks anyway, pretty good actually i hear
2001-08-20 06:06:09 – rand0m
bastard … one more time in none funk-i-nese?
2001-08-20 12:11:44 – Laura
hey, randal, you still alive? hey tony, how was your barbeque…and how are the new roomies. i hope they’re getting better…whateva’ and, i’d be up for going to see silent bob and jay because, well, they fucking rock…