and it’s friday — fly time!

Okay, so I’m in to work about 15 minutes ago — that would make it right around 10:45 :: 15 minutes early! What am I thinking. I seriously should not be so prompt.

I am leaving for Utah here in a about 3.25 hours. Gotta run up to some health place and take a ‘urinalysis’ … i.e. piss in a cup so I can hand a container of hot pee to some flunky chick. Because that’s how it always works. There is almost *never* a man doing the nurse job, which is kind of frightening, but a little reassuring. Seriously, would you want to have your urine handled by some gruff marine war-veteran guy, or a sweet, cute, nursey type? I just like the skirts. 😉

Okay, so I’m all packed and ready to go, and realized that for the first time [almost ever] I have *2* bags to take with me on the flight. I have a bag with a pair of pants and 2 shirts, 2 undershirts, 2 pairs of boxers some socks and a TON of my parents’ mail. They asked me to drag it along — and drag it along is what I have to do. I have about 30 pounds of mail in my bag. It’s volumnous, it’s gigantic, it’s an insane amount of crappy little light-weight white envelopes. Oh, and my spiffy new Laptop Bag. I should have a picture of it up as soon as I get the film from my super-shoddy came-free-in-the-mail-from-kendall-motor-oil-inc. camera. w3rd.

And on that note, have a nice day. 😀

2001-08-03 16:51:49 – Siaokh
What kind of laptop bag did you get? Best laptop bags in the WORLD… well maybe not, but they’re hella good. Have fun on your trip man, Safe Journeys. -Tim
2001-08-04 23:29:11 – rand0m
actually, I got a really nice Eddie Bauer bag [on sale, woOOo!] and snagged a computer ‘condom’ from CompUSA — it’s a neoprene-like holder that slips around the laptop so I can stick it in just about any bag. And the bag I have is really nice. I like the combo a lot.