bullshit and happenings

Couldn’t sleep for a damn last night. I stayed up till almost 4 am because I couldn’t sleep. At 1am, I figured I would be pretty tired as I hadn’t slept the night before. Nope, not tired at all. So I wrote some more of the php-conversion stuff for the site, then laid down. That didn’t work at all. Up at 2:30, a little more coding, then some relaxing reading, then finally, a little after 4am, I fell asleep. For an hour and a half. I awoke with a screaming headache and a hurting stomach. I didn’t drink anything last night, but I figure that’s what feeling hungover is like [minus the groggy-headedness]. It was complete bullshit.

Was getting dressed and popped the button off my cargo’s. Then I proceeded to find out that my sewing skills aren’t as poor as I thought; I actually got the button back on there, and I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Went to the insurance place to give them a copy of my driver’s license and found out that 1/2 my church congregation works there. That was irritating as fuck. But I was calm. Then I came to work.

Got a phone call from Jan McKinley this morning, HR @ Gateway. Assuming I sign the paperwork and pass both the background check and urinalysis I am hired there at $12.50/hr for training [5 weeks], 4pm – 1am, then I work the 3:30pm – 12:30am shift for a starting pay of $13.50/hr. I am pleased.

2001-07-13 13:34:46 – The Disco Nova
Not bad Randall. That’s about 28k a year if you work 40 hour weeks. Pretty good for an 18 year old.
2001-07-13 14:52:48 – rand0m
yea, it’s pretty good. However, I definitely got the impression from my interviewer that I should look elsewhere for a higher-tech job; he mentioned multiple times that I will probably get very bored working there. if that’s the case, then this almost-19 year old could be [and should be] making more. But for now, $13.50/hr, plus the HPI pay, will be good. A little over $40k a year if I stay at both jobs that long.
2001-07-13 15:23:58 – bastard
Working two jobs at the same time… While it can certainly be accomplished, you will feel exhausted and one of the two jobs will suffer. I tried it but stopped after one week, because, greed is less important than having a life.
2001-07-13 15:38:46 – Laura
Congrats Randal…are you doing tech support? I hear it gets entertaining…hehe. Yeah, two jobs takes up all your time, and 13.50 an hour is plenty enough for a young single guy. I agree with Tony on that one.
2001-07-13 16:19:17 – bastard
See you guys und gals at the party… <A HREF="http://rand0m.hpi.net/miscimage.php?file=misc/tony-map.jpg"> MAP </A>
2001-07-13 17:50:09 – rand0m
hrmm, I don’t see a problem with working two jobs. I have almost nothing else to do, to be honest. Not in college, everyone’s going back to school soon after I start, not really a whole lotta anything to get in the way. Sure, I may get burned out, but to be honest, I seriously need to overcome some financial issues. I’m looking forward to coming home and being tired.
2001-07-14 12:17:33 – The Disco Nova
Wow, you would be making about what I make then. Of course, I’m only working one job. <g>
2001-07-20 10:09:42 – mike
w3rd man, that sounds like a sweet job, like the exact hours and everything i was gonna apply for. You might be intereested in this other part time job prolly in about 30-45 days, this guy is starting a tech support company and he wants ppl good with any aspect of computers to answer calls in there free time at home. Could be pretty sweet.