So I chanced it and drove my truck down to the transmission place and told the guy what was happening [high pitched whine in second, horrible sounding third]. He said ‘let’s go for a ride,’ so we did. He drove, and he said ‘well, the second gear bearing is out, and the third gear synchros are about toast. Oh, and your clutch is dying a rapid death. I sat there aghast. He said it would cost about $1600 to have fixed. I told him that I had work done in december and that the tranny and clutch were replaced. He said ‘well, I’d take it back to where it was done.’ I said ‘I’m already here.’ He says ‘oh, you had it done here?’ — he said it with real, genuine concern: I was astounded. He asked ‘do you have the paperwork’ — pulled it out, handed it to him. He made a photocopy of it, asked for my key and said ‘it will be ready sometime next week. do you need a loaner car?’ I said no, but a ride to work would be nice. No questions asked, no hassle, just the paperwork and him being honestly saddened that the shops work didn’t last. I am thoroughly impressed.

On that note, I have no car. I need a ride home sometime today – free beer and rum to whoever gives me a one!

2001-07-11 12:45:20 – Burnz
Beer and rum, what time do you need the ride?