saturday already?

Well, I didn’t go to the lan party. In fact, I didn’t really do much of anything. I did my laundry, I mowed the lawn, watered, hedged, cleaned a bit. Made everything look good. It was good.

Went downtown to the party at the pad … lots of booze, lots of pot, lots of people abusing both. not really my style of party … so i left. went with tore and janelle to old chicago, ordered food, got it, didn’t eat it, and left to pick up my dad from the airport. spent the rest of the night [till 12:15am] talking to him. it was good.

Here is a *really* good article on traffic jams and what you can do to help — I definately recommend that everyone read it:

While we’re on traffic and cars, here is a hilarious picture:


2001-05-27 08:30:03 – Nell
"While we’re on traffic and cars, here is a hilarious picture:" FUCK YOU!
2001-05-27 11:24:01 – rand0m
jesus christ, what crawled up your ass and died? calm down …
2001-05-27 13:05:59 – Master Ha-reed
Oh come on Janelle, whats a little sexist humor here and there?
2001-05-27 19:02:28 – Nell
just so everyone knows (and nothing further needs to be said – by anyone), i was kinda joking there. i considered adding ‘tee hee’ after it, but decided it wasn’t necessary. maybe i should have…
2001-05-28 22:55:54 – laura
eh, i suppose it’s nice to see that people still find shit like that funny. don’t really know why. i think i’m going to go make fun of "fags" now. or not. hehe