Fire Fire Fire!

So yea, I narrowly avoided injury this morning. I get up and take a shower, and realize that the ‘hot’ water coming out of the shower is not hot at all. In fact, it’s quite chilly. So I finish my ice-shower and get ready for work, and decide to look into this phenomenon. Turns out that the pilot light for the water heater went out … It could have something to do with all the doors being left open with the house fan being on, but that’s purely speculation. So I get a long match and go about re-lighting the pilot light. So I get it lit, and the instructions say to turn this little knob to ‘on’ once it’s lit. So I turned it to ‘on’. Gigantic orange and blue flames promptly proceed to shoot out from underneath the heater in all directions. It was cool as hell. I’m lucky I didn’t catch myself on fire. Anywho, the flames are going all over, and I’m like ‘holy shit!’ … so I turn the thing back to ‘pilot light’ and let it sit for a while and burn off all the extra gas, then i turned it back to ‘on’. No flames this time. Just a nice, cozy blue glow as the water began to heat. I hope there is hot water when I get home.

2001-05-23 23:57:16 – 4:20
I know what rand0m was doing at 4:20 -=Happy 4;20=-
2001-05-24 17:40:24 – L
he was close to becoming flaming…hehe.