misc and rafting

Went to tony’s poker game last night, and lost my $10. Had a really good time while I was there, though. The guys there are in their late 30s and they were really fun to hang around with. After that, I swung by tore’s place, which is conveniently right up the street from tony’s, and talked to him for a while. It was cool — he is back in town for the summer, 100%. I am glad, because he’s really cool [ 3 of 8! ]. That was good.

Woke up this morning, got ready and headed to craig’s place so he, tony, janelle and I could go rafting. I showed up, and tony called and said he’d be there in 20, and craig had just woke up. So around 10:40, we made our way out to buena vista and went rafting. Aside: Once I got into the wetsuit, it hit me that i need to lose some weight. will get right on that. We went rafting and had an absolutely fabulous time — it was a little nippy, but the suits and the exertion kept us in good spirits. We had fun, and I am glad that I went: thanks tony!

On the map for tonight: nothing! Blissful nothing! Might go and lan with tony and craig; don’t know for sure, though. Might go catch a flick. Might just stay home. who knows.

Update: I completely forgot to tell about the saga of the crappy ford taurus! On the way back in to woodland park, this white ford taurus [plate 289-EFK] is riding us hard, passes us illegally, drives all crazy like, rides other people and is just being an ass. So we call the police and tell them about it; on the way into the springs, we see the bitch-taurus pulled over by these two cops. We pull in behind the police, and they tell us that they lady driving was on a revoked license — she’s in deep shit! They also told us what to do to file a complaint. it was cool. It made us all feel like we’re doing our part to be upstanding citizens of the community [grin].