burnt out

after this past week, I am completely burnt out. The work shit just doesn’t end; dial-up and dsl went down on monday, and on thursday wireless went down. it is awful juggling 2-3 really important things at once. it is a drain also, because people are still expecting other things to be done, and there just isn’t enough time. fuck me with a broomstick.

i don’t remember if I did anything on thursday night. seriously. tonight, however, i went out with janelle & tony to monument valley park and played frisbee. craig showed up after a while. we had fun. tony almost lost his wallet; went to his work and found it there [whew!]. then we went over to the geekpad, which consists of a 3 floor victorian filled with hormonal-hard-up young males and the smelly haze generated by pot. i think craig will fit in there, though i fear he will tire of the people much like he did @ uccs.

my parents leave early on the 16th [thursday]; my dad returns on the night of the 26th [saturday]. that’s 10 whole days to myself. it makes me feel free. makes me feel pressured to throw a party — i don’t know if i will. oh well. I have no plans this weekend, except to ditch church. /me tries to think of something to do …

happy note today:

Old Share Balance: $510.70
Share Deposit: $449.75
New Share Balance: