movie and mofo

Went out and saw ‘The Mummy 2’ with craig and matt byrne tonight after a long and extremely dull day at work. It was a good flick; not particularly choice, but enjoyable by all means. Prior to the movie, I picked up some nice brown skechers @ mervyn’s with matt — they are nice, and I like them. That’s about it …

I’m coming home from dropping off craig, and I’m coming up on the Fontanero exit ramp … except there isn’t a car exiting, there is a car coming onto the interstate. going north. the wrong way. head on into traffic. guy in front of me nailed his breaks, and I nailed mine … I ended up driving off the road and into the ditch on the right, and the guy in front of me had to swerve hella hard to miss the retard. The retard pulls off the road and turns around, and goes back up the exit ramp, and then pulls into a gas station. wtf. I am glad I have a truck and not some pos little car — at least I *could* pull of into the ditch. Some people just don’t know what’s going on.

nifty link: JP3 background