and we’re back

we got back from the lan in alamosa around 6:15 — we cleaned up pretty hardcore, and had a damn good time to boot! I won a razor boomslang and a t-shirt … ummm … the ride back was really enjoyable, what with the loud music, hair-blowing wind and the open road. Quite nice.

Steve went to RamCon and he and his clan [SOB] took first place in Counter-Strike. That rocks a ton! I’m thinking that Mike, Craig, Ryan and I, clan [cs], should play him and his boys and show them how it’s done [grin].

Went and saw janelle too — that was rather enjoyable. I made sure to savor every moment cuz I probably won’t see her for like 9 days. We will definately be seeing the play — it’s a good one, and she techs for it too! We are planning on doing some shit tonight … don’t know for sure. Have a great day!

Props: Steve! w00t! All the [cs] guys! WOOOO!

2001-04-30 13:17:20 – GrooveMan
You tried to call? Give me a call back and I’ll tell you about the worst day of my life so far 😉 Laterz.
2001-04-30 15:23:03 – SuperDave
If you were a cowboy, would you be wanted Dead or Alive?