and it’s another day

been a little while since I posted, so here’s a recap. Uhh … monday … came to work. boring. went home, got computer, went to craig’s, played CS till like 4am. Came home, passed out, woke up around 9. Came to work at 10. boring. left work. went to craig’s. more cs till about 11:45 [yes, I know, dear]. Went home. Crashed. Woke up at 7. Dropped off truck @ firestone. got honda. came to work. boring. …

Now that that is said and done … I am going to alamosa this weekend to participate in a lan party there, instead of going to RamCon. RamCon sent out a waiver sheet that has some absurd requirements, that you have to accept to go:

[ ] I understand that there will be minors at the event. I will not bring alcohol, tobacco, or adult-oriented material to the event with intent to distribute them to minors. I understand that should I provide access to any of these to any underage attendee of the event, I will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.

[ ] I will not participate in the illegal copying of any copyrighted material.

Now seriously, what good is a LAN if you can’t spread p0on and if you can’t leech the hell out of everything in sight? Oh, and the other ‘great’ part about RamCon — a 10mb network! That’s right! Despite having access to *TONS* of 10/100 switches & routers, the admins decided to go 10mb to stop the spreading of porn/warez and to stop internet traffic. Oh, and don’t forget that 3Com donated a lots of shitty-ass 10bT hubs for use … with the stipulation that if 3Com is going to be a sponsor, those hubs have to be used! Way to sell out, RamCon execs!!!

On another note, I saw this hilariously funny quote today …

It isn’t pre-marital sex if you don’t plan on getting married.

It is definately going on the quotes page.