The things you see

So I’m coming to work today on the interstate, I look over and I see this business man. No, not just any business man — a business man in suit, and more importantly in a mini-van! I wanted to laugh out loud. My personal take? A man in a minivan is a crime against humanity. It was wrong. I wanted to say ‘come with me and buy a SUV or a car … please!’ I thought it rather degrading to see such an obviously high-power individual in a soccer-vehicle.

On another note, my day has gone pretty well; no major screw ups or anything, other than that Jef Ferguson [my boss] may be quiting. Would suck to lose his experience, but hey, no problemo.

Update: Tony Anzelmo is a wonderful guy.

2001-04-10 14:52:45 – Captain Spectacular
i like men
2001-04-10 17:03:11 – Dave
Fix your damn links or remove them before I am forced to kick you in the shin and laugh at you crying on the ground like a little girl. And what the fuck is up with all the sickos who sign your page? Bastards. Communist Bastards. Red Pinko Communist Bastards.
2001-04-11 00:06:47 – rand0m
whoa whoa whoa … fix my links or get rid of them? Who are j0o to tell me what to do on my site? =) hehe … anywho, yes, I’m glad to see that the comments actually work.
2001-04-11 09:02:56 – Communist Bastid
Who are you calling a pinko huh?
2001-04-11 14:54:58 – Trackmark Terry
I like men too… and smack… i really love smack