And a Sunday

So I didn’t get to sleep until 4:15am, as usual. [on a side note, I should really get to sleep earlier] Woke up at 8:52am, not really ready to face the world. Got all ready for church, ironed some clothes and called Willianne Burger to make sure she was going — no one answered, so I left a message [10:30am]. Call Jody, told him I’d be there at 12:10pm. Futzed around for a while, called Willy again, no answer, futzed, called again at 12:00pm, then left. Didn’t pick up Willy, but Jody and I had a good time getting up there.

We were early so I decided to take a detour to go say hi to Janelle. I ran inside, gave her a big hug and she dropped the hermit crab she was holding. I felt bad — can those thing survive five foot drops? I hope so … felt kinda stupid about making her drop the crab because of my hug, but hey, the hug was good 😉

Church was okay. I zoned for a lot of it. I seem to be doing that a lot more — I don’t sleep, but I’m not really awake. I just kind of tune out everything. It’s relaxing. Anywho, church didn’t suck ass as much as it could have, but it wasn’t anything to rave about. Came home, dropped off Jody, am here.

I think I’ll eat something for today … I’m not hungry, but I think a cheese stick or taquito is in order.