My my my we’re jaded

A real conversation that just occurred while watching a Discovery special on Eathquakes, the 1994 quake in Kobe, Japan in particular: Person 1: “Man, god must hate slopeheads.” Person 2: “These are Japanese, not slopeheads.” Person 1: “Oh. What are slopeheads” Person 2: “I think they’re Koreans.” Person 2: “Hey, Person 3, slopeheads are koreans, right?” Person 3: “I thought those were gooks?” Person 2: “No, those are vietnamese” Person 3: “Oh right” Person 1: “So what are Japenese?” Person 3: “Nips!” Person 1: “Right. So god must hate nips.” It was humorous. Laugh. Although I’m sure none of you will. Ha! I laugh at you in lieu of you laughing at the above!

2004-02-23 00:45:51 – WC
Rachael: "Those people are going to hell." LOL!!
2004-02-23 01:05:50 – Master Ha-reed
[L=]Slopeheads are any asian[/L]
2004-02-23 05:19:28 – pinky
dude, that’s messed up /$.02
2004-02-23 10:54:59 – RANDAL’S PIMP
hmmmm slopeheads are all asians? lol
2004-02-23 11:28:30 – Matt K.
Question of the day: Is it wrong to pay prostitutes with counterfiet currancy? I mean after all they aren’t going to go tell the cops and all are they? I don’t think that I would really have any qualms about ripping off the ol’ local pot dealer with a few fakey greens ay. I wonder if they both would like a big tip to prove what a nice guy we are. HA HA!! That opens a whole avenue of illisit shoping to the average guy. The black market is open to those with enough dough to buy what ever they wish to indulge in. So I ask is it so wrong if you spread some snake money on these thugs. Technicaly if they did somthing wrong they broke the law and shouldn’t profit by it and if they use fako-bucks and go to jail for counterfiting, doesn’t that mean you are doing society a favor? Or does it just mean that we are mean ass pranksters with a load of new goodies. My the wonders of a two sided photocopy machine. By the way I believe the proper term for asiatic people to be zipper heads because of the way their skulls come apart when you blast them. This term originated it the vietnam war but I think has now grown to incompass all peoples of the Islamic persuasion. In that case, open licence on all those @##$%%$$% arabs and ^%^&% camel they screwed to get a ride into town. Seriously, if you want to get a real sick feeling in the pit of your stomach start looking up info about ^&^&%( islam on the web and see what a threat those #$#&$&$)%*^( pose to the U.S.A. Look up a site Linked to S.H.I.T.T. com. Anywho- Happy Mardi-Gras everybody and may the power of alkee-haul be in you. (Except for raghead/zipperhead arabs. They can go eat bacon and choke on it.) God bless America!!! Long live the Christian crusaiders and down with the infidel islamists. Have fun and good hunting!
2004-02-23 12:53:30 – Chester
2004-02-23 14:30:35 – rand0m
I think Matt receives the "Off Topic post of the week" award. Where’s tony when you need him ?
2004-02-23 16:32:49 – realbighead
need tony? what’ve you been smoking?
2004-02-23 16:53:11 – rand0m
Nothing but pure, delicious crack.
2004-02-23 20:10:45 – Netheus
Dude. I don’t know what to say. Started out with happy petty racist non-sense, then became…. evil…. Anyway, you shouldn’t rip off prostitutes. How would you like to get paid in counterfeit for doing your job? I mean, you wouldn’t tip a waiter with fakes, would you? It’s just wrong. If you want to try to pay a drug dealer in counterfeit, that’s fine. Your the one who has to try and hide for the rest of your life.
2004-02-23 21:27:19 – Paulie
Hey Matt, the term for arabs is no longer ‘ragead’. The new vogue term is ‘Hajji’….
2004-02-24 09:58:49 – rand0m
*takes that down for later use* Also, check out [L=][/L] – The Racial Slur Database – fun for you _and_ your friends!
2004-02-24 19:27:24 – Master Ha-reed
If "Hadji" is at all derived from the old Jonny Quest cartoon, that’s not much of an insult, since Hadji kicked ass.
2004-02-24 19:50:17 – Netheus
That is the funniest page on the whole entire internet.
2004-02-24 22:01:04 – Paulie
Hajji is arabic for Pilgrim. It is a term of respect used for those who have made the pilgrimage (the Hajj) to Mecca. Ironically, it is an insult akin to a slur if used for those who have not yet made the Hajj.
2004-02-24 23:24:23 – keener2u
Matt K., Never use that screen name again:) Thanks, Matt Keen
2004-02-25 10:38:19 – Manny
Thanks for clearing that up Keen. I thought I might have to take a day out from DLX to come down there.
2004-02-29 07:20:38 – keener2u
I see how it is…you should come down anyway…btw when is DLX?
2004-02-29 09:13:41 – Manny
19-21 Mar, but I probably wont have a car, so you should come up there bro.
2004-03-01 12:24:59 – Paulie
Hey I should be home before DLX….I’ll see you there (if our demobilization stuff gets over in time..)
2004-03-01 12:25:01 – Paulie
Hey I should be home before DLX….I’ll see you there (if our demobilization stuff gets over in time..)
2004-03-01 13:13:29 – Matt K.
Hey Keener, Sorry man I got stuck with this name when my mommy and daddy gave it to me. So now IT’S ALL MINE! MINE I TELL YOU!! MINE! MINE! MINE! GIVE IT TO ME NOW!! HA-HA! AAAAALLLLLLL MINE!! NAA-NAA ALL MINE! PS. Yea I would tip a waiter with funky muny. Most (let me be discrete, I’m not saying all) waiters give you such shitty service that I’d like to give ’em a few blasts of the ol’ scattergun as they run back and forth behind the bar like a friken goffer. Haven you ever noticed when you really need some actual service (HELP! I’M CHOKING!) that there dumb ass’s are out back swagging a smoke or jacking off or somthing. Also anything that it remoatly racist towards arabs; let me please apologise by SENDING YOU A BAG OF PORK RINDS AND A PICTURE OF GROUND ZERO NEW YORK!!!!!! DIE YOU FUCKING ALLAH LOVING PIGS! (Sorry.)sort of got carried away. Anyway-IT’S MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE MINEMINEMINEMINE!!!!!
2004-03-01 14:25:08 – Manuel
Dude that would be awesome. See all you jokers at DLX. Drag keen up there while your at it.
2004-03-03 13:09:30 – Netheus
A friend in school was just telling me that the majority of his English class doesn’t know what is meant by Bourgeois or Proletariat. Problem is, they are all around 40 years of age or older.
2004-03-03 18:56:31 – Dice
Is this the same site I glanced over a month ago? Wow. Reminds me of my racist Grandma. She’s pretty damn stupid, God bless her. Not only did she tell me not to go to a certain park because of the presence of "Gooks", that wasn’t enough. She had to slant her eyes upward while she did it. Not only was I stunned that she did that, but I was also stunned that any asians actually lived in Wisconsin. Go figure, and Go Cubs…(pretty much none of you know me)
2004-03-03 22:08:46 – Amanda
Hey boys, it sure would be nice to see you all there at DLX. I’m going to be there, I won’t let a broken leg stop me from that! See you there!
2004-03-04 00:58:49 – realbighead
also DLXing. sorry to whore out the comments section.
2004-03-04 11:14:51 – ‘just the way your mother likes it’
-i’m pretty sur that ‘gook’ is korean for ‘people,’ so gooks are koreans. or so the korean kids i hang out with claim. at any rate, you’re a fucking racist. my ass got rejected at yale , so it looks like i’ll be spending the next 4-6 years in lovely boulder,CO–though i guess seattle is still possible, they are sure are taking their sweet fuckign time in getting back to me. i’ll probably be back in CO over my spring break (3/20-3/30 ish). this, incidentally, means i’ll be there for my birthday. yes yes. that’s all i’ve got for now. this is jordan, bythe way.
2004-03-05 01:31:38 – Jackauls McBlackelbey
Hahaha. That dialogue seems like something that should be in a Kevin Smith movie. Nice. =P
2004-03-05 11:18:26 – pinky
hey jordan, coincidentally, i will be in boulder for the next year as a super senior. yay! beer when you show up. pinky
2004-03-06 01:55:31 – WC
Is it bad that you hate your birthday because of your parents? Hmm I think I need a pysch evealuation if that is so, because I am really not looking forward to tuesday. Where’s my free pot and beer? –joking But I could go for some beer. 🙂
2004-03-06 16:15:53 – Netheus
WC- I just avoid them like the plague on my birthday. Last year, my mom jumped in front of my car in traffic on my birthday to hit me up for cash, and my dad left 10 messages on my phone telling me how much of a failure I was. Fortunetly, I unplugged the phone and ran to Manitou for the day, so it didn’t bother me.
2004-03-08 11:05:30 – Matt K.
Hey Dice, you aint’ one of them thar’ islamos’ is ya? We aint’ racist at tall’. We just like our lands sort of "heathen-free" if you catch my drift. Not sayin’ you aint’ American or nutten’ but might seem to be suffren’ from some kinda’ "patriotism deficiency" there buddy. Kinda like three thousand of our fellow countrymen who are suffren’ from "being dead like." Small hint, why don’t hop on the wagon, support the home team and come on in for the big win. Start playing from the same sheet music and reading on the same page son. I got a nephew in law that is taking morter fire in that God forsaken hell hole over there right now, and I bet if you asked him for his opinion right this second he could really tell you where to stick the whole middle east.
2004-03-08 11:29:03 – Matt K.
Hey Rando, time to update the site. What’s going on man? You all right? You haven’t updated since Febuary. You arn’t sick or somthing are you? Worried about you. If we don’t have more entertainment in three days, we’re gonna’ have the fire department break in and start looking for a corps. Don’t make me start my own sick site full of poop-jokes and Choc-o-meal general aplications. (Free beer to the first 100 site posters!)(Just joking, although we have plenty of prepaid prostitutes to go around. At least till they figure out all those 100$ bills came from the photocopy machine. Suckers.) P.S. Hell bent Rob, Drug dealers who actualy pay for the little stamp tend not to, lets’s say, have the best management skills. Thus getting picked off rather quickly by the ever prevalent Federal preditors. So no, they don’t pay taxes.(At least not for long.) P.S.S. Wow! I found a great use for new Super Iradiated Choc-o-meal! My kid found it actualy by mistake. Some how he got a little smear on a piece of paper by accident and then later a piece of steel got set on top. The next day the paper was superglue bonded/ welded to the steel better than any other adhesive I’ve ever seen.!!!! I bet I could stick the cat to the wall with this stuff. This is better than flubber!
2004-03-08 11:41:22 – Matt K.
YAAAAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Super Iradiated Choc-o-meal! Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. I’ve eaten to much Choc-o-meal, should be renamed Choke-o-meal! Buy it cheap, it’s a great deal, even if it’s not a great meal! Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Let it sit to long and the top will peal. Something even crack addicts won’t steal! Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Use it like liquid steel, glue on that old boot heel. Tastes like a rotten slimmy old eel! Just try it, an your thoat tighten up and you will squeel! Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal. Choc-o-meal.
2004-03-08 14:36:58 – jordan’s sorry ass
hey. it’s me again. is there any way i could get someone to pick me up from the DIA on saturday the 20th (and if saturday isn’t the 20th, whichever saturday is close to the 20th)? i’ll pay you for gas, parking and buy you lunch. i haven’t bought the ticket yet in hopes that i’ll be able to work out a good time with whoever is nice enoughto pick me up. you ca email me at or give me a call at 773.480.0582. thanks loads.
2004-03-08 22:53:55 – Netheus
Not taking the bus back? 😉
2004-03-09 08:46:05 – jweil
2004-03-09 12:47:12 – realbighead
okay, so no one use the "b" word anymore. and if anyone can figure out what word sets New Crazy Matt off, don’t say that either.
2004-03-09 13:41:14 – Dice
"Small hint, why don’t hop on the wagon, support the home team and come on in for the big win." I hate bandwagoners. "I got a nephew in law that is taking morter fire in that God forsaken hell hole" You think that’s bad? My ex-roomate’s thrid grade teacher’s first love’s brother (my cousin) is living in Florida. Do you have any idea how many Spics live there? "…he could really tell you where to stick the whole middle east." I like the Middle East stuck just where it is: way fucking far away from here.
2004-03-09 15:04:32 – WC
"Small hint, why don’t hop on the wagon, support the home team and come on in for the big win." The bandwagon here in Denver is full of pretty white boys that make me wanna pound there face in when I see them. So I’d rather walk. "I got a nephew in law that is taking morter fire in that God forsaken hell hole" –Not my fault. It was his choice he signed up for the military. "…he could really tell you where to stick the whole middle east." I agree with Dice.
2004-03-10 01:06:53 – WC
OK I’m pissed. I wanna rant about something because I am irritated at a ‘female’ but don’t wanna share. So, all I have to say is RANDAL POST SOMETHING NEW! GRR. P.S. This is the alcohol talking. 🙂
2004-03-10 01:09:02 – WC
Anybody wanna try and get this comment thread to 50 comments before randal posts again? then we can nag him on aim about it 🙂 Maybe if he doesn’t notice we can get the comments to 75 posts. Such a slacker. We are at 45 posts with this comment.
2004-03-10 09:10:24 – Netheus
I have had insomnia on and off for about a week now…ergh.. 44
2004-03-10 09:10:25 – Netheus
I have had insomnia on and off for about a week now…ergh.. 44
2004-03-10 23:06:39 – Master Ha-reed
Randal doesn’t post anymore. He must hate us. *sniffle*
2004-03-11 14:18:01 – WC
pure, simple, hate. 🙁
2004-03-11 16:05:57 – Netheus
Maybe he has new friends and he doesn’t need us anymore