Totally worthless buddy list post

Here is the buddy list changes I made today. Please note that if you’re listed here, you’re either doing a good job and have moved up in BuddyListValue, or you suck ass and have lost points. [b]New[/b] New Group “EGC” Made [b]Migrations:[/b] DiscoNova has been upgraded into the “Team Weberstreet” group Wonderfish19 has been downgraded to the “misc peepz” group insaneblackdog has left “Team Weberstreet” and is in “Misc Peepz” anubis452 has been moved from “Peepz” to “Misc Peepz” fallabella3 has moved from “Peepz” to “Misc Peepz” flair4fire has moved from “Peepz” to “Misc Peepz” xxxjoeyinsanexxx has moved from “Peepz” to “EGC” ufogmng has moved from “Peepz” to “EGC” SilentKid1783 has moved from “Misc Peepz” to “EGC” Ross86 has moved from “Misc Peepz” to “EGC” GZDoka has moved from “Peepz” to “Misc Peepz” [b]removals:[/b] prezlis (misc peepz) thefascistrag (peepz) aberjoiner99 (weberstreet) clubbel (weberstreet) megfoot (peepz) digtalabys (misc peepz) plasticchips (misc peepz) psych028 (misc peepz) nobody (misc peepz) dcartman22 (misc peepz) akamc17 (misc peepz) JeanUST (misc peepz) kurty757 (misc peepz) linecipha (misc peepz) traveler422 (misc peepz) jerang111 (misc peepz) MstrPrgmmr (misc peepz) SACool073 (misc peepz) Vanyel1027 (misc peepz)

2004-02-05 03:06:43 – WC
-) o0! I know some of those ppl that got removed. Hmm you beat me to removing them off my list :-). -) Horray for shopping at Viki See’s. Cuz helping girls shopping for underwear knowing that in a few hours you get to help her try it on and off. 😀 -) Ok, so James you should goto SPLAT with me on Saturday. Call me if you wanna but its all day saturday and I’d be coo if you came. Randal has my cell #. -) On the BF1942 front, I totally can pwn you randal 😀 -) I think that is it, other than I really hate it when windows 98 computers stop doing DNS.
2004-02-05 03:53:03 – pinky
i remain unchanged. woo woo woo. or you could create a totally new category for me called "la fabulosa". yes, that sounds good.
2004-02-05 08:03:57 – yourmother
OOOH! OOOOH! I wanna be on one of your buddy lists! (this is jordan, by the way). i have an AIM account, and my screen name is atomuc. ADD ME!!! ADD ME!!!
2004-02-05 08:20:14 – The Disco Nova
I’m definitely thinking about going. My cell is 2011104
2004-02-05 10:49:40 – Joey
wow now randal is ranking his friends, lol ok but when is the next laun-dry story?……… the world waits….
2004-02-05 11:22:48 – Netheus
yeah, I just cleaned out my aim list too…. so depressing…
2004-02-05 15:47:39 – Siaokh
Interesting to see some of the same names on your buddy list that are on mine. I really need to prune mine down. Kind of makes you wonder about the whole 7-degrees of separation thing. Livejournal kind of has something like this, and there’s some aim thing (where you upload your buddy list). Fancy Fancy. So Randal… How do you know Brett *MstrPrgmmr (misc peepz)*? -Tim *PUNCH* has returneth
2004-02-05 16:39:28 – rand0m
Honestly, I wish I knew. I don’t think I know him in real life, but somehow he got on my list. I don’t think I ever talked to him, hence the removal :-/
2004-02-06 04:30:01 – Dice
Was surprised to get an instant message from Sir Rand0m a few days ago. I guess it had something to do with the clean out (and slashdot being down). I’m guessing I’m one of the many fodder filling up misc peepz, just where I should be. ROCK! Surprisingly, not ONE of the people that you upgraded or downgraded are on my buddy list. That’s a coincidence in uncoincidence.
2004-02-08 07:29:13 – Netheus
Sorry, I need to whine. I hate Media Hysteria. Because of the bird flu and the mad cow scare, and some super freeze in the lower latitudes, I paid $11 for 4 chicken breasts, $7 for a marinating stake, and $1.70/lb. for apples last night. But, the salmon stake was only $2.00.
2004-02-09 16:41:02 – WC
wo0 seems to be running faster omg! hooray for deleting 498787 rows eh?
2004-02-09 16:42:48 – rand0m
Yea, did a bunch of DB cleansing – the site should be running noticably faster.