Huzzah, drunkeness!

I went out with Keen tonight. We went to Phantom Canyon, played pool and got drunk. Tatum, the waitress chick who is a junior (Economics) @ UCCS is the shit. Too bad she’s a waitress and probably hates men / meeting men on the job. Also, I ran into Jennifer Berkbigler (sp?) from highschool. (Thanks for the name, Tore! God, I abuse him when it comes to me getting people’s names …) She is fine-ass, and doing well to boot. Regardless, we played pool, it was good. And then Keen started thinking about *his* ice queen, then decided to drown his sorrow in alcohol, so we went over to Tequila’s on the way home and he had a backdraft. (To the uninformed, a backdraft consists of like 2 mid-proof liquors and a shot of Bacardi 151. You light the Bacardi and put your hand over the top … the results in an emulsified cloud of Bacardi + Oxygen, which you then inhale. Then you drink the remaining alcohol, and recap the glass with your hand, again emulsifying the remaining alcohol, which you then breathe again. Results: 1 shot of Bacardi *in your lungs* (which means you’re breathing almost pure alcohol), and then 2 shots of hard liquor. Plus breathing some more liquor.) Then we stumbled over to 15C, where Keen said that someone named Janelle wanted a cigarette. I was like “WHAT THE FUCK!?” because I thought Janelle, you know, The Janelle, but instead it was some random hotty. Gave her a smoke, and then Keen and I had a martini. And then we came home. w0ot. I know now is not the time … or shit, maybe it is. There is nothing like a good fuck. I miss good, ol’ fashioned fucking. *sigh*. This past Saturday was the balloon glow … keen and I both have some memories of the balloon glow, of which I will not delve into, but they are not-so-much-fun. Also, I spoke to Emily the other day while she was really trashed. I don’t know what to make of it, besides that I am now classified as one of those people you don’t talk to while drunk. meh. Tony walked into the room the other day and tells me “Janelle is coming over Monday night to play Trivial Pursuit.” Me: *blank stare* … what. the. fuck. That’s all I have to say. Again, I need to decide if I’m going to pussy out and “have plans” or if I’ll ram a blunted broomstick through my chest and meet up with the girl that I’m totally falling all over myself about. [b]Update[/b]: quote of the day, from Space Ghost Coast to Coast: “welcome back, stupid viewers! you’ll watch anything. Go ahead, change the channel, you’ll be back.” Hahaha. I just realized that this is post 404, you know, “404 Not Found”. Heh. [b]Update 404 (LOL)[/b] – I talked to Sammi about how I kissed her on the cheek when we went out after my birthday. She’s totally cool with that sort of thing between friends, which is pretty neat, because now I’m not some sort of freakish deviant … but … you know, I just don’t hand out to kisses to anyone. I’ll need to think on this. And why the FUCK am I putting this on my webpage?

2003-09-01 19:15:57 – Master Ha-reed
More from the "why the fuck am i putting this on my webpage" dept, isnt there a chance that Janelle still visits this site? In which case you would look pretty fucking stupid if you said you "had plans"? Or am I missing something?
2003-09-01 22:21:08 – randal
I think she stopped coming here a long time ago. $.02
2003-09-02 00:25:30 – Master Ha-reed
For your sake, I hope you’re right 😉
2003-09-02 09:54:35 – rand0m
well, honestly, I don’t know if it matters. So I say something on my website which is the entire truth, and somebody who is mentioned in that truth finds out about it. Yippee skippy. Although I may not have actually volunteered such information face to face, I surely would express the truth if I were to be asked. Sure, point-blank bluntness might offend someone … but if they are the take-offense type, they probably wouldn’t read this site much 😉
2003-09-02 11:19:07 – WC
After knowing you Randal for many years now I say put whatever you want on your site. Your an American. Freedom of Speech baby. If girls or other people have a problem with what you have on your site. FUCK ‘EM. I had a few problems with some of the shit you put on your site, but I got over it. Besides if a girl that you likes comes here more often to find out about you more than just asking you, that seems kinda creepy. People need to respect your website for you. Don’t waste your time on insults. "…And don’t forget to wear sunscreen." -Baz Lurman
2003-09-03 11:38:58 – realbighead
You’re putting it on your website for the same reason you have a website. You’re an exhibitionist. This means entertainment for us, and security/pleasure for you. So continue writing whatever you want. P.S. For any ex-PHS types, the yearbook-by-phone service has been permanently directed to my cell. Should you need names, I have a perfect track record. Just ask Randal.
2003-09-03 21:16:12 – Master Ha-reed
Speaking of exhibitionism and entertainment, [L=]this picture[/L] is the best picture ever taken. Mad props to Tony, Tore and Laura. Steve Jobs will use this picture to boost Apple’s sales in the age 13-99 male demographic by making Apple’s new official slogan: "Buy a Mac, Get a Blowjob"