Man, Starwars Episode II: Attack of the Clones was insane. What a great movie. I’ll have a good review up once I see it again [probably thursday, maybe friday]. While I’m at it, I realized that the Matrix: Reloaded trailor wasn’t on our cut of the film! So, I went out and downloaded it off the net, and have handily mirrored it at … not for the faint of bandwidth, it’s 24MB. Update – 5:42p – Found this hella fun link: … I got up to $3,206,280. Rock!

2002-05-16 03:52:19 – pinky
that movie kicked my ass….i’m going to go see it again and again and again… wooo!
2002-05-16 08:45:32 – Disco Nova
Hey Randall, I just downloaded blade 2, want me to upload it to your file server?
2002-05-16 09:00:36 – realbighead
enough about this movie jazz… Robert Plant opening for The Who on August 24th in Chicago… who’s with me on this one?
2002-05-16 09:52:05 – rand0m
Disco, definitely, just drop it into /upload. who? 😉
2002-05-16 13:51:43 – t
Robert Plant, you mean, of Led Zeppelin fame? hmmm And, it’s official, work just gave me two more CISCO routers. Yeap. I have 3 cisco 2500 series routers just sitting around not doing anything. Gonna buy the CSU/DSU module for one of them, so it can handle the T1 at the new house. Anyone know of someone selling a washer btw?
2002-05-16 16:43:35 – Disco X
I got about 58 megs downloaded when I got a permission denied error. I got around to watching it, it’s not the greatest quality, but it’s pretty good for a divx.
2002-05-16 18:07:19 – siaokh
Punch. Mace Windu = megabadass. Yoda = Super mega badass. Randal is such a drug fiend. -Tim
2002-05-17 02:25:47 – rand0m
w0o! $5,719,789
2002-05-17 02:40:49 – basstard
damn, i been sitting here on the couch sobering up for the last 2 hours listening to the soft tap tap of randal on his laptop… dude just finally collapsed from exhaustion and if YOU think this is bad, wait till warCraft III comes out oh yeah, i didn’t know it but matt keen is a pimp turning out tricks like david copperfield on speed also, heard from craig young that their may be a sys admin job opening at colorado college, and if craig doesn’t luck out, i’m gonna try for the work their
2002-05-17 04:50:43 – Burnz
I am going to have to say, I like housematt, but he is sounding like a major fucking ass pirate. I mean, I can hit anything warm, that ain’t hard, but that little cockgobbler is working some bad fucking mojo. Manners are nice things too. Hey, slick, how about you enjoy what little you can get. OtherMatt advise is that you realize you are a fucking bitch and just stop bothering people around you. Because I have had a couple compaints in the last few days. You might want to think about manning up my "pimp" friend and not fucking people around. It pisses me off, and I can kill your punk ass. Thought for the day.
2002-05-17 07:54:48 – Disco X
hmm, isn’t burnz a skinny little shit? I think I’ve met him before… And Rand0m, I tried to upload blade 2 again, but I got the same permission error. It’s about 700 mb by the way.
2002-05-17 10:28:35 – rand0m
I don’t know why Burnz dislikes housematt so much all of a sudden — you sure seemed okay with it [although it’s whack] the other night … why the change, oh hormone-driven & leashed one? 😉 Disco — I’ll setup a private account on my servar for you to upload to — just e-mail me a uid/pwd to w3rd!
2002-05-17 11:06:53 – Disco X
I could burn it to CD and you can pick it up when you pick up your laptop power thingie.
2002-05-17 12:16:11 – rand0m
sounds like a plan 😉
2002-05-17 13:23:28 – Disco X
I’m having a BBQ at my house on sunday, wanna come? Me and dave just got this really nice gas grill for free.
2002-05-17 14:39:58 – Disco X
ack, next week that is.
2002-05-17 15:03:33 – Burnz
Drunk. No idea what the hell I was talking about. And I could sure take your fatass Disco.
2002-05-17 15:10:54 – Burnz
Oh, and still hormone driven and free agent. Haven’t signed on with anyone yet, bitch. And it is whack. Or something. Fuck you all.
2002-05-17 16:57:38 – Master Ha-reed
That link’s nothin Randal – havent you ever played Dope Wars?
2002-05-17 17:51:30 – Disco X
Please bring it on 🙂 I promise I won’t break you like a twig ;-p
2002-05-17 19:18:14 – pinky
i’m thinkin burnz heard something a few nights ago from someone who had no idea what was going on, but felt it was his business to talk about….and tony, there is a line somewhere, you have gone over it, so shut your mouth.
2002-05-17 23:46:32 – CrazedVisitor
You are all bitches mwuhahaha
2002-05-18 01:33:13 – Burnz
Anytime sugarplum. I’ll be around. And yes, I seem to think it is my business to yammer on drunkenly about whatever is going on with you stupid people and your emotional bullshit. So unless you want drunken posts about it, don’t tell me.
2002-05-18 13:15:47 – realbighead
on my way home…
2002-05-19 09:32:11 – pinky
randal, your page is all fucked up on my computer (wayyy more than usual) and burnz it was good seeing you for four seconds last night.
2002-05-22 22:05:11 – fourdegrees
ok, gonna catch hell for this one… this movie sucked! for crying out loud…i even went into swii thinking i would be disappointed (which is usuallly a sure-fire way to be pleasantly surprised) and was completely turned off. i couldn’t stand this ridiculous, contrived, pathetic attempt at film-making. and i’m not just saying this b/c i think it let down the sw fans, i’m saying it b/c it was a perfect example of ego-driven film-making gone horribly wrong. lucas has shown himself to have no business writing (much less directing) movies. he should have sold the rights to the story to a studio and quit while he was ahead. the dialog was awful (read ‘the worst, i mean worst, on-screen exchanges i have ever seen’), the humor was transparent and groan inspiring, the ‘love story’ was adolescent at best, and the characters were about as well-developed as full-color panoramic film at wal-mart. i’m sorry to sound so negative – wait, no, i’m really not – but this was an insulting installment of the sw series. the only thing that made it tolerable for me was that melissa was there and matt and i spent the whole movie trash-talking how cheesy it was. especially the scene where padme falls out of the ship, tumbles through sand, is left there for an intervening scene, rolls around and groans as if in agony for a few seconds, then is asked, "are you hurt badly?" jumps up saying, "no" and then carries on as if nothing had happened to her. i used to respect portman as an actress, but that one scene just left me saying "what the fuck?!" and more than a little empty inside. another ding is the diction of the actors. it’s as if lucas wanted them to sound natural in their ‘conversation’ but negelected to explain that they needed to pronounce their lines clearly. i couldn’t believe that even samuel l. would slur so terribly in an attempt to sound ‘natural.’ any actors out there care to stand with me on this one? how lame, especially when compared to the dialogue of the first three films…i could choke on a piece of popcorn and still get my lines out better than some of the deliveries in that flick… ok, i’m just about done. ha ha. yoda rocks. that’s the only, i repeat, the only, thing positive i have to say about this movie. even getting to see a bit more of natalie portman doesn’t lighten the cloud of obnoxious, base, cheesy doom shrouding this pathetic flick. don’t even get me started on episode one…