holy shit

Sometimes, you wake up and it takes a second to realize where you’re at, and then you think about your weekend … and then, sometimes, if you’re lucky, the only word that comes to mind is “whoa.” And then, at 8:15am, you stumble home, mumbling “holy shit,” and prepare for your “real” life. Such are the weekends that make life worth living. Update – 9:20p – I really can’t put down exactly how crazy this weekend was, so I’ll put a synopsis up front here … a more indepth, albeit slightly biased view of things is available in the articles section — direct link is here. It’s kinda long. Anyway, the gist is that there was Christine’s wedding on Saturday … I got drunk prior, then was fucked up at the reception … met a great girl named Rocky who is yes, 33. Made out, went and saw live music, went home, got more fucked up. Woke up on Sunday, went swing dancing for the first time [woo!] then met up with Laura, Carolyn, Christine, Rocky and Matt at Denny’s … went back to my place, got fucked up … I walked Christine and Rocky home, things kinda got how they go, and I left there right around 8:15a and went to work … Just read the article … it’s not 100% and is totally biased … I’m so tired, but goddamn, what a weekend.

2002-05-13 13:18:21 – DIsco Nova
You are becoming wise in the ways of the force young one.
2002-05-13 14:16:03 – rand0m
hrmm … [determining if that’s good or bad]
2002-05-13 15:14:16 – LindyBetty
It usually takes me a good 2-3 minutes to realize where I am….
2002-05-13 16:06:46 – pinky
i just realized i’ve woken up at randals house for three nights in a row. i think i won’t do that tonight…lol. and also, this weekend was definitely the shit.
2002-05-13 22:44:49 – Netheus
yeah so my wedding was the shit, and some of you little fuckers didn’t wanna come 😛 um yeah…. Rocky is pretty cool…. went back to her shit head 45+ boyfriend in LA (hasn’t had any sexual activity with afore mentioned ass in 2 years), and didn’t want to leave except her animals were missing her (i.e. dogs, cats, etc.) and we are trying to get her to some back again because her environment is not healthy for her. Anyway, yeah, night night time for me!! (past 4 days= 9 hours sleep, um, fuck that….)
2002-05-13 23:40:17 – Disco Nova
Randall, I’m having another party at my house in a couple of weeks, wanna come?
2002-05-14 00:43:34 – rand0m
LOL, didn’t even consider that there might be some mofo in LA who’d come and kick my ass for hooking up with his woman. HAHAHA. If she wants to come back … umm, yea, that’d be cool. It was the best. Hella good.
2002-05-14 01:22:16 – Burnz
Yay for rand0m. And someone should tell the ass about all the ass (rim shot) because I haven’t broken anyone’s knees in a good long while, and he sounds like limping material.
2002-05-14 02:03:30 – rand0m
I don’t know if telling mofo man in LA is such a hot idea … I mean, sure, she’s incredible in a lot of ways ( 😀 ), but I don’t relish the idea of interfering with her life anymore than being her first one night stand in a couple years … I kinda miss the fact that I didn’t get to see her before she left. :-/ I’ll see if I can round up some pictures of her at the wedding … definitely want to remember this 😉
2002-05-14 02:33:07 – Disco Nova
Wow Randall, you’re turning into a total Slut! And to think, I’m so sedate ever since I started going to school….. And you never answered about my party. You left too early from the other one, noone had showed up yet. I’m making Jello shots again.
2002-05-14 14:22:40 – LindyBetty
Heh… jello shots…mmm sounds like so much fun… its been a L-O-N-G time….
2002-05-14 15:49:52 – Master Ha-reed
2002-05-14 16:06:01 – netheus
yeah, so like this fucker in L.A. insults her, tells her she’s worthless, etc… And you see, I could care less that you got laid, I’m incredibly ecstatic that she got laid after an extended period of celibacy.
2002-05-14 16:36:32 – nurseboy
You suck…. I’m really jealous now, you studboy you. Now imagine how much smoother you’ll be when you learn to dance.
2002-05-14 16:37:29 – nurseboy
BTW, didn’t I tell you that you needed to get it on with this chick?????
2002-05-14 18:19:00 – rand0m
hrmm, thanks for the warm fuzzies neth. heh. I’m glad I got laid … I hope she doesn’t regret it at all … she is really good — best ever for me. And yea nurseboy, I guess I’ll have more than just horizontal moves then 😉 and yea, you did tell me to get it on … and there was me, capitalizin’ 😀
2002-05-14 18:39:47 – nurseboy
Oh course she was awesome! She isn’t merely a girl, she’s a mature WOMAN!!!!!! And experienced to boot…
2002-05-14 19:24:59 – Siaokh
2002-05-14 21:30:12 – pinky
yeah, the weekend rocked (mine ended at like 6 am this morning! wooo!)
2002-05-15 05:56:54 – pinky
uh, so, MATT KEEN IS A FUCKING ASSHOLE. hey, matt, FUCK YOU. wow.
2002-05-15 10:30:59 – rand0m
[ — this space reserved for my dirty laundry and inane ranting — ]
2002-05-15 11:04:15 – Netheus
yeah…… freshman year….. high school….. laura and Carolyn and Matt Blum……. hmmmm….. same situation, new Matt…..
2002-05-15 15:12:44 – pinky
actually, it’s not the same situation at all because i was going after jon daigle (is that how you spell that?) and the only reason he’s a jerk is because it’s not real cool to hit on one of someone’s best friends while you’re there and in lieu of other things. i mean, can’t there be like a two day waiting period or something? fucking bullshit.
2002-05-15 15:31:56 – Girlie
hmm, this makes me think i missed a *whole* lot after i left this morning.
2002-05-15 15:45:05 – rand0m
mind moving that to a private place? thanks! and yea, a lot. 😉